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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Siddar, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. Siddar Augur

    Now that you have improved auto follow please do two more things to make boxing .

    One reverse the stacking of multiple account into on icon on desk top so people can tab faster.

    Two give us a hotbar for each character that can be tagged as always visible and usable no matter what account is tabbed in front.
  2. Iila Augur

    Check your windows settings. There should be something about combining icons on the taskbar. It's not baked into EQ.
  3. EnchFWO Augur

    If you google 'Window's Taskbar Tweaker' you can easily do it as well with a lot more functionality. It's free to use.
  4. Siddar Augur

    Thanks that's two out of three now just need to have the hotbar for tabbed acounts overlay.
  5. Kobrah Augur

    What happened to the banning boxers thread !!! That was an awesome thread !
  6. Reht The Dude abides...

    it got banned
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  7. Vdidar Augur

    This is what I was wondering. I bet that dude that started could use some advice from Klak. Go to
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  8. Rumblerum Augur

    Maybe you boxers need to "get gud."

    This is an mmo, not some single-player game after all. Wouldn't you agree?
  9. Rumblerum Augur

    It's a shame they decided to delete that post.

    It was legitimate, and I've obviously hit a chord--with players and complicit DB alike--although that was not my intention. Regardless, after it became apparent that most of you had nothing to add but insults, inflammatory personal attacks and stupid arguments, I couldn't help but laugh.

    In any case, I'll add my two cents to this thread: if this game revolves heavily around boxing (which obviously it does), and you want to make it easier, here's a tip: outright sanction and encourage it.

    1. Build a single pseudo-client that allows up to four separate accounts to run simultaneously.
    2. Have it create a seamless PIP under that one client, with each window assigned per account. This will allow uninterrupted mouse movements between Windows without tabbing or any other delay.
    3. Allow those windows within a window to be resized to the user's requirement.
    4. Allow keystrokes to be mapped per window.
    5. Allow keystrokes to be mapped to multiple windows.

    Why not go all out? People want to cocoon themselves in their own party, so be it, build tools that easily allows and encourages this.
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  10. snailish Augur

    You make a pretty good pitch here for a preferred (premium sub only) server ruleset. I say this as a non-boxer.

    Give that server FV loot rules and Phinny load balancing + instancing... would it be huge?
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  11. anvil Elder

    the game is too old and the coding is too old to make those changes. plus they are not necessary since u can play with more than one computer or tab between windows or use 3rd party software to play more than one client. i prefer the 3rd party software so i can use my g13 game pad.
  12. anvil Elder

    i went to phinny to play just one char and ya know what? it's quite boring playing just one toon when ur used to playing 3-6 at once. so us boxers are already quite good or we wouldnt be playing so many
  13. snailish Augur

    I've seen other games adopt features that were clearly "inspired" by a 3rd party software, usually one that had been banned. At times, these even become selling features of an expac.
  14. Rumblerum Augur

    Why not embrace it?

    DB has buried its head in the sand for so dang long, more or less turning a blind eye and accepting it, may as well sanction and encourage it.

    Like others have so eloquently pointed out: they spend more (insecure Whulfgar). Well here's your chance to bring more into that fold. It's economically justified. I'm sure our anecdotes can be bolstered by real numbers you posses.

    Making this pseudo-client would open the doors to more boxers, more money.
  15. anvil Elder

    i didnt mean to sound like it wouldnt be nice to have those features in EQ i just dont think that the coding would allow for them to happen. we are talking about 1999 coding for the most part
  16. anvil Elder

    DBG has accepted it and encourages it since it legal to even use some 3rd party software (within reason) and not be banned for doing so. with the strength of computers these days running more than one client per machine is way easier than it was in 1999. when i just started boxing i used 6 pc's. had to build my own desk to handle all those monitors and keyboards.

    but to build those features into EQ now would be using way too many resources that could be making TLP servers better and expanions for the live servers. i just dont see the point to put those features into a 17 yr old game ( as nice as they would be)
  17. anvil Elder

    Rumblerum if you really dont like boxers then you really should go to phinny. yes there will still be some boxers there but not nearly as many as on live servers and grouping is very much encouraged.
  18. Thraine Augur

    Really? so you trying to get DBG to cut their revinue in half only to collapse EQ in the process, you think that was a legit post? lol im glad they deleted that crap, it was asinine.
  19. Rumblerum Augur

    In addition to what I mentioned earlier, why not add the capability under one account or one master account?

    If a user wants to add additional clients--under the pseudo-master client--they could easily add it. It would greatly simplify things and make it more user friendly. This way one person can reap any benefits of the total amount spent versus having dollars spread across many accounts. Any benefits gained can be applied to whichever sub account/character he or she chooses.

    Maybe offer percent discounts off of gold memberships and expansions. The more sub accounts you have, the greater each discount becomes. 10% off the first up to 25% off the fourth.

    This will encourage it even more IMO.
  20. gotwar Augur

    Any internal client changes tend to break xyz, which is why DB rarely does them. Unless it's an essential upgrade messing with any major hardcoded systems is usually a bad thing.
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