Make 2 Aradune & 2 Rizlona Servers then when population decreases combine them!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Pwetti Durn'Stwung, May 28, 2020.

  1. That0neguy Augur

    Sounds like you had an opportunity to put it in motion and you chose to voluntarily log off? LOL. GG
  2. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    See zoned and disconnected 312m Q's BS another server is needed
  3. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    Q time 312m time to watch 2 movies Est dinner , walk the dog and maybe I can log in
  4. Trevalon Augur

    I agree, they should launch a second server for Aradune.
  5. Rotlust Augur

    no need for a second rizlona.

    The 20 people and their 30 boxes hop into the game without a queue just fine on prime time friday/saturday.
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  6. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    I know right
  7. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    It appears DGB doesn't want to make money
  8. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    Maybe so Johnathan
    Yeah on a whole level
  9. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    Again this should be the main factor
  10. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    Waited 2+ hours in A player for 30 min cast a spell game crashed back in for another 2+ Q.....
  11. vJack New Member

    Also it would help if they would actually track down the 3-6 boxers on Aradune, I have seen a dozen or so 3-6 box trains in one night. And as some one who has mostly been in queue I can only imagine how many people are actually 3-6 boxing on Aradune, assuming I didn't happen to see them all in a single zone/pick.
  12. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    See I told everyone from the get go. This will not stop off quickly. People are homebound and are willing to invest time like they did in 2when WE first came out. THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY for all people that didn't afford the time before to play BUT can now. Make Aradune Servers
  13. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    Help and respond pkz
  14. Healiez Augur

  15. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    There's a simple way to combat that. 40 slot bags go right back into your /claim and are emptied. 1 toon with only 8 slot bags will have a tiny effect on the economy. Or items in these bags are just plain emptied.

    Krono are usable on Aradune. The economy is already broken.
  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    There was a level 50 on Thursday. /shrug
  17. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    Someone there put their man pants on ..maybe we should focus the attention on them?
  18. Tweakfour17 Augur

    So..make it so some people can't play the way the want to until enough quit that it stabilizes? Sounds like thats mostly what they are doing already, they just let the ones who are in continue to 2 box.
  19. Cydonia Elder

    I do not really know the ins and outs of merging servers, but I feel like if they set up two servers with the active intention of merging them at some point down the line, they could put things in place from the start to make it that much easier when it came to it.

    Anyone who actually knows what they are talking about, feel free to dispel me of this idea.
  20. Cydonia Elder

    Yeah, I suspect that’s not why Aradune is so popular (at least not the only reason)

    The sad fact is, aradune is counter intuitively the better server for the krono farming crowd.