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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Iyacc, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. Iyacc Augur

    Major is a casual raiding guild on Mangler. We did the full run on Agnarr then outlasted most guilds on Selo. We moved to Mangler a few weeks before PoP and have been clearing all content in era in an efficient manner and having fun along the way.

    Our goal is to have one solid raid crew that learns to work as a team and can keep up with content while maintaining a schedule that we can plan our lives around. We raid for DKP three nights a week and for those who wish to do more, we do off night raids for free loot as well. We don't require you to raid but that is our goal and our DKP tiebreakers do favor those who raid more often. New members usually scoop some new gear fairly quickly, depending on where we are in the expac cycle.

    WED 8pm EST
    FRI 8pm EST
    SAT 8pm EST
    SUN 8pm EST

    Class breakdown/need - exceptions can always be made for the right player but some classes have more room to grow in our group than others.
    BRD - 1 to 2
    BST - 1 to 2
    BZK - 1 to 2
    CLR - 1
    DRU - 1 to 2
    ENC - 0
    MAG - 1 to 2
    MNK - 1
    NEC - 1
    PAL - 0 to 1
    RNG - 2
    ROG - 0 to 1
    SK - 0 to 1
    SHM - 0
    WAR - 0
    WIZ - 0 to 1

    Contact any officer in game for more info - Iyacc, Tildoorf, Zyliex, Paanarin, Ledgin
  2. Iyacc Augur

    Still chugging along and still room to add a few people who want to explore the end game content of each expansion on a predictable relaxed schedule. We take raiding seriously but also take advantage of the AoC scheduling feature. :)

    We're clearing content with around 40 people right now but as always in this stage of the TLP process - if you aren't growing your roster, you're shrinking it.

    Come hang out with Major and have fun while blowing up the bad guys. While doing this you can also join our somewhat ongoing discussion of how WE might just be the bad guys since we always seem to be invading people homes and destroying and pillaging......
  3. Iyacc Augur

    All classes open. We're looking for people who want to raid and also improve their character outside of raids when necessary. We're a small crew and have spots open in our raid for progression raiding as well as off night shenanigans.

    We're not looking to triple split all the content, rather keep one good solid crew geared up and happy with shinies.

    Hit one of us up in game or shoot me a PM here.
  4. Iyacc Augur

    All classes currently open. Current raid force is 35 to 40 toons and we're looking to push that back up closer to 45+.

    Working through TSS on our 3 night schedule while still doing Demiplane one of those nights.

    We're planning to stay on Mangler and resist the call of the new shiny TLP next week. :)

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