Majestic cockatrice - you gotta be kidding me

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Galliana, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Galliana Elder

    This isn't even a raid mob, it's an insanely OP mob that clearly no one tangled with during the beta. It procs a dot on the tank so he does no more damage than 1600 while procing a dot on casters that make them chain fizzle. RC doesn't cure and there's no resisting.

    Who thought this beast was suitable for release?? This thing is unkillable.
  2. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Killable, even on Vox (why do I keep saying "even on Vox?" Because I want people to understand that you DON'T need to be EoK raid gear equipped to do RoS content). Did it last night, and been done numerous times before our group hit it. Dropped a whip and Rk II spell. Figure out the mechanics, and you will get it beat. Talk to others that have beaten it. Once you do, you will facepalm, then go on to beat it.
  3. Issk Journeyman

    We killed it and didn't even realize we had a namer in camp...
  4. Ryanxp Augur

    I'm pretty sure the DoT brings all your stats to 0

    I'm a Berserker so my input is pretty invalid, but I did find it strange that I was maxing around 3.5k damage every swing.

    Someone had an invaluable, ingenious piece of advice for casters with this named a few days ago, but id be far pressed to know how to attempt it from a tanking standpoint. As far as ZAM's statistics on it, the DoT reduces ATTK, stats, and , yes , reverse dmg. shield. Fire your heeler.
    ZAM also states it a PB AE spell with 150(?) range.
  5. Febb Augur

    Have you tried placing your dps out of range to its AE and having a spell shield up on your tank the whole time with the healer using quick long range heals? I mean these are simple strats that most people use with caster mobs. Try thinking outside of the box before saying something is unkillable.
  6. moogs Augur

    Killed it with 1 group (1 merc) last night. My gear is 4-5 expansions old. Adds killed us at 1% the first attempt but we got him the second time. Wasn't so bad.
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  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I'm not saying it is unkillable.
    But are you suggesting you need a "perfect group" for this, specifically made up for the purpose?

    I mean...
    I've been with a trio of wizards the other day, in a group of 6 live players.
    That would probably have done it.
    But the BER who posted above?
    Or me with my "usual" SHM+BST players and/or my other WAR friend?
    Guess we'd have issues, not matter how we'd place ourselves to kill this.
    After all, we'd not have a single spellshield for example...
    And i think BER ranged DPS isn't that much better than WAR ranged...

    I've not encountered this yet and i am SURE it's killable.
    But from the looks of it:
    It'd have made more sense to me if that would've been a single target effect or a smaller-radius AE rather than a PBAE one with such a range. Somehow i feel that "ideal groups" are too rare to actually design events/nameds around.

    I am content though to withhold judgement until i actually encounter it.
    Lots of stuff i encountered in-game was, i found, exaggerated on the boards.
  8. Lufraki Elder

    Killed it on Vox, 108 Sk tank not even close to raid gear... wiped 2 times, finally turned it into a ranged fight. Only thing that would land was AA's and combat abilities... maintained agro and after a few close calls, we prevailed....
  9. Sissruukk Rogue One

    *wave Lufraki* I was watching when you killed it :)
    The group I was with (Shadrack, Rootin, Toohot, Nathanial, Mojito, myself) downed it later that evening. I was on it melee at first, but that reverse DS was kicking my butt something fierce because of how fast I attack, so I backed off and ranged it, leaving Shad up there to tank.
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  10. Lufraki Elder

    The key to tanking it was not to damage, but to keep agro so ranged could do their work.... luckily, SK's have nice AA's to agro with! Thanks for the supplemental heals btw!
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  11. Mavvy New Member

    Killed on Vox also after fresh ding 106SK with 106 rogue from guild and my box bard 105 . Dropped whip - Burn hard and fast. To be fair SK 220k/5.85k self/merc buffed

    Did wipe previously, or Bard did trying to pull it and ate the stun.
  12. Siddar Augur

    There is an AA line that makes you not fizzle spells. It only works on up to level 105 spells when max at level 110. So you have to use older spells.
  13. Moege Augur

    Mastery of the Past: Need to max that out.
  14. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Wait u mean a named required you to actually use a bit of thought in how you engage it instead of just tank/spank burning it like every other trash mob?

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  15. IblisTheMage Augur

    I want to kill it now :-D
  16. fransisco Augur

    There is a HUGE difference between tanking this with raid gear and group gear.
  17. ShadowMan Augur

    So I didn't just watch someone molo this mob?
  18. Tucoh Augur

    I haven't tanked it with raid gear but having killed it three times with zero failures in group gear (and the first couple kills being at level 107) I feel like this may be overstated. All you need to beat this chicken is a healer who is capable of standing over 150' away from it and a tank who can pop their cooldowns, hold aggro and not kill themselves on the reverse DS (I ignored the reverse DS and tanked it dual wield style all three times, oops).

    Though if a motivated tank who had both group and raid gear and wanted to compare damage taken while Itching Poison is up with the same cooldowns popped I'd be really interested to see the results.
  19. fransisco Augur

    Perhaps I should have been more clear Tucoh, I didn't mean to say you need raid gear to kill it (just like you don't for the named cactus).

    I stated that because some people say its super hard and others say its super easy. I was attempting to pointing out that comments stating something is easy are not that meaningful when there can be a vast difference in gear level of the group.
  20. feeltheburn Augur

    its doable.