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  1. Tweakfour17 Journeyman

    How does your guild handle main swaps?
    Are they time limitied to new classes unlocking? New Expacs unlocking?
    Can you do it whenever you want? As many times are you want?
    Is there a cost? Does DKP transfer?
  2. jeskola Augur

    Mine requires a wife swap
  3. Xhartor Augur

    Some methods:
    Restrict looting rights for a short time.(like they are a recruit).
    Charge a DKP fee for the swap.
    Limit how often they are allowed to swap. (Once per expansion).
  4. Gremin Augur

    Main Switching
    • The class you are switching to is at a need state of Medium or High
    • Your current class is not listed as being in need of Medium or High on the recruitment panel
    • The potential new main must be level 70, have relevant AA, epic(for those necessary to that class) and all required raid spells.
    • You are willing to forego your present main's pursuit of an epic and turn in any/all tradable raid loot received
    • DKP penalty of 25 DKP for main switching.
    • When main switching you must wait 30 days before you can receive class specific loot unless its going to rot.
    • 3 expansion minimum time before main switch allowed unless asked by guild leadership
    • We understand that as a player, you wish to have fun playing your class, and we really do hope you are. Please contact the Recruitment Officer or the Guild Leader if you are considering a main switch and we can see what we can come up with together that benefits you and the guild as a whole. Thanks!
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  5. Iyacc Augur

    DKP transfers.
    Two week loot lockout for bids on the new class. (on Selo - we did longer on slower server)
    Must meet minimum level for raid attendance.
  6. Jaera Augur

    Non-DKP guild perspective.

    Main swaps are allowed, as long as the swap is to a class that isn't closed. There's no hard and fast rules on when a main swap is allowed, but requesting more than one a year without serious reasoning will meet with high resistance. We prefer the character being swapped to to be immediately available for raids (swapping from a level 85 with capped AAs to a 63 with only autogrant is going to be denied). We often require the former main character to be played on raids along with the new main, if possible, and the old main is treated as an alt.

    Once swapped, new main starts over on their RA and are considered at the alt/app/inactive level for two weeks. After that, it depends on many factors like RA, loots everyone have gotten, contribution, etc. Main swaps can and do get loot the day they swap, sometimes even good loot.
  7. LittleBrumski Augur

    If you are an officer you can swap to whatever class you want.
    If only one person is in charge of loot distribution and its a closed bid system, you might notice that certain people always win having bid 1 dkp more than you on those heavily contested items, every time. (alternatively: You don't get to bid on an all/all item if its an upgrade if its more of an upgrade for another class)
    You don't get to spend dkp on high krono items so that they can be auctioned to supply the guild with pots...err pay for the officers/leaders box army or convert to $$.
  8. yerm Augur

    You prevent a main swap if the former class is medium or high need? That sounds absolutely awful. Want to play a berserker? Better not roll up a much-needed cleric or else we will chain you to it until you burn out. Oh, you've spent months selfishly playing a shadowknight when we already have a dozen and they are all bitterly competing for plate, and now aren't even sticking to it? Awesome, by all means go berserker!
  9. Gremin Augur

    Yup, not fair to the rest of the guild if you abandon a class we are already short on. Your example of having a dozen SKs does not fly because we limit our class numbers also. With exception of Warrior/Cleric, we pretty much keep our numbers at 3 of every other class. There are, of course, exceptions to this with classes like bard where I wont say no. But, I have had pretty much the same cleric core in my guild now since Kunark, same with my warriors, heck same with my whole guild. Around 30 players have been with us non stop since the start of LJ(Now RF since we server moved. We do our best to make sure our players are happy. We have had plenty of folks move classes, some even moved into cleric to help the guild when asked. DHS is about having fun and hanging out with people we enjoy being around.
  10. Aegir Augur

    Shouldn't make it too hard for people to mainchange before you are in the mid era of EQ. From there on, a mainchange from a fully raidgeared char with his/her collections of Augs and AAs to a brand new max lv char, will have a much longer time gearing and AA'ing to get back on raiding to an acceptable level.

    Some classes also changes a lot in the way they are played on raids. If you are already sick and tired of Complete Heal Rotations as a Cleric, maybe play another class and mainchange back to Cleric on a later stage where it's much more diverse and varied how you heal on raids.

    But if you have a couple of players who wants to mainchange every new expansion, you may want to regulate it a bit or have a good conversation with the individuals. But your long term goal for your guild is to keep people happy playing the game. As mentioned earlier in this thread - Yes, losing a good geared class for a new one to build up sucks, but if the alternative is that person quitting you will end up with a bigger loss.

    One thing for me personally that is a no go is people gearing up a class, mainchanging to another and then sells their old Raid-geared account. That should be a perma-ban from the guild and the individual should look for another guild to abuse.
  11. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The reality is you can't stop people from playing a class they don't want to play. They'll either quit the game or the guild. Best to find middle ground where maybe they transition over time.
  12. jeskola Augur

  13. jeskola Augur

    There is always room for negotiation in smaller guilds that don't have 300 players and 3-4 split instances.
  14. yerm Augur

    Let's say hypothetically I want to play a berserker when they release in god. What class should I play in the meantime? When god releases, if I am playing the class you answered last sentence, am I going to be allowed? If I instead played a lower need class would I be?

    Or another hypothetical - let's say I am a cleric (or insert whatever your highest needed class is here). I tell you / the officers that I would like to instead play a medium need class (maybe wizard or something). I am considered a good and reliable player. What is your answer to my main change? Can I be a wizard?

    If your answer to the above is no, keep playing a cleric, what happens if an unknown wizard (or whatever "medium need") applies to the guilf. Is this new and unproven person going to be allowed to app?

    You have a situation where someone who wants to eventually swap mains has to avoid being too useful now, or someone who decides later they want to change (unplanned) has to emulate a stereotypical bad corporate environment where the best way to get promoted is to leave the company via lateral change and then reapply.
  15. Ceffener Augur

    Most guilds would allow the cleric to become a wizard to keep the good player. But, there would be a DKP punishment for all the gear you took from other clerics and making the guild lose a high need class. I think that’s a decently fair way to handle it, for BST/Berserker you can have a slightly different policy. But switching mains every month or two hurts the guild more than keeping a single player helps, there has to be a middle ground.

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