Mag's beam kiteing

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Booger, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Goth Augur

    simply make the spell cost so much that a mage can only cast it 2-3 times before being forced to med.

    or do like what they did with wizard beams and limit he target count to 8.
  2. Baramos Augur

    For those that want a "fix" to the issues caused by beaming - namely lag, XP gain, and OMG the Mages are power-mongers (I love that one) - I wouldn't worry too much at this point.

    With all the hoo-hah surrounding this and the absurd number of posts, angst, and hand-wringing, the devs are surely going to do something. In fact, they already have. Though their summon idea didn't fly, when the crowd yelled, they reverted it.

    But they tried to do something about the beam, is the point.

    So, unless they threw up their hands in defeat and despair, that means that they're looking for other solutions. The fact they're not currently commenting does not mean they are not thinking. Likely they just don't appreciate the constant barrage of pies-in-the-face.

    They'll change (something). And if you don't like the change, make some more pies.
  3. Loratex Augur

    Who cares?? Let the mages do what ever they want
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  4. Sinestra Augur

    I agree. This is not much different than the stupid crusades against SK swarming, HS, and bard swarming. Yes it's current content, but the only real issue is zone disruptions and the ignorant way that customer service is handling it.
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  5. Ammeren Augur

    This thread makes me lol as a Magician.

    Beam spells are working as intended, otherwise there would have been a fix.

    Obviously they don't want to nerf the spell, nor implement summoning mobs because they know the problem is on THEIR SIDE. AKA SoE Servers.

    All I see is sore people who have class envy and maybe a few people annoyed by lag, a lot of people are just using the lag as an excuse to jump on the bandwagon, when in reality they are just upset they can't mass exp like a Mage.

    Well while we are at editing the Mage class, I'd like to be able to tank like a warrior, I'd also like to be able to heal like a cleric, while having mind candy like a chanter and being able to mez.

    Oh I also want to run and cast like a bard and TL like a wizzy or druid..

    Those abilities and spells should all be nerfed along with all the classes they belong to, just because I can't do it! /sarcasm
  6. Battleaxe Augur

    I don't think we're allowed to request that a class be nerfed on these forums. It's probably OK to ask for Warriors to be improved but not ok to ask that Mage pets be reduced to tanking like Warriors.
  7. Ammeren Augur

    Really? Because I'm pretty sure this ENTIRE thread is about nerfing a class and their abilities.
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  8. Goth Augur

    Some of you Mages are ignorant and or protectionist.

    Every single time a class had an ability to kill in mass and gain mass exp the abilities were nerfed.

    Wizard Beams - nerfed
    Bard AE dot swarming - nerfed

    just 2 of the biggest nerfs that come to mind. both of which where the same level of ability and disruption as current mage beam kiting.

    the bard nerf was even before the servers would lag after 30+ mobs. so that nerf had little to do with actually dragging an entire zone to its knees.
  9. skien Journeyman

    I don't give a monkeys' poo if a member of a class has the ability to generate a good/excellent/amazing return on XP using a class ability. I DO get a lot peeved if that member deliberately pushes the hardware/software platform beyond reasonable capabilities to invoke excessive lag and write off any other players XP'ing pleasure in that zone. This is a denial of service attack in my opinion.
  10. Tharrg Augur

    Did anyone forget the Warrior nerf? Those who used Earthshaker and the lag it created when used with disciplines for PBAOE swarming? Nerfs occur when the abilities are used in a way that SOE did not intend for. If Mages were intended to Lag out entire zones causeing disruptions to all other players then they are OK.. but if the spell was never intended to be used the way it is by Bot Mage armies.. then they will Nerf it. We just have to keep up the request to fix the issue.
  11. Ammeren Augur

    I guess the post made by GM Piestro saying beam spells are working as intended was a mistake then?

    Or maybe you're just the ignorant one.
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  12. Falos Augur

    Zone lagging with big exp based pulls existed long before mages were utilizing beams for exp...and no the keeping up on the issue is no longer required people have gone way beyond overkill on screaming for mage nerfs as of late.
  13. Sinestra Augur

    Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

    SK swarming was nerfed a few times, but is still for the most part present.

    Headshotting was nerfed as well, but is still possible.

    Originally snare kiting was considered something they didn't intend either. They did nerf it for a while, but they put it back in.
  14. Tharrg Augur

    yes.... but did they cause zone disruptions through lag? Abilities that cause zone wide disruption for other players is the problem.
  15. Goth Augur

    GM's said the same crap about wizard beams and bard AE doting at first.

    Hell bards AE dotting was around for I think 5 years before they finally decided to nerf it. We are talking a lvl 2 spell was able to kill mobs in mass back in the day.

    Just because one GM says its intended yesterday don't mean its going to remain intended.

    I don't think GM Piestro is really in charge of nothing more than passing information on to the forum. So until an actual developer/designer comes on here saying something official about it than it don't hold much water.

    If Mage beam kiting is truly intended to be used as a form of mass killing of current content mobs for mass exp then every single other mass exp ability in the game should be un-nerfed.

    Don't sit their and act special because your ability is still active. Your class was not the first or the only class to have had abilities to kill in mass.
  16. Sinestra Augur

    The original swarming by SKs certainly could. Headshotting certainly could (especially since many didn't ever loot corpses).

    As for kiting, well that is a matter of opinion. There were a lot of people who would complain that people were running mobs over them while kiting very often.

    Bard swarming certainly could.

    Regardless, SKs usually do most of their swarming in instances because they already got hit more than once by the nerf bat. They only do open areas when the people in the group are too low to get into an instance which will be changing a lot soon. It is actually slower doing a live zone than an instanced zone for a good SK swarmer.
  17. Falos Augur

    Yeah mage ability hasnt even been around that long, for years mages were one of the slowests exping classes in the game while knights and rangers had YEARS of their fantastic exp methods.. people determined ton to even give mages a year of peace lol (and i dont even use the ability for exp but the whole thread is becoming ridiculous all the same)

    Not sure why so many tanks are out to get mages though cause if beam gets target capped a lot of information on no time to bleed is gonna geed to get closely looked at, it may not be an EXP based ability but anyone that knows what the ability is capable of knows how OP it is, maybe it's time we start looking at that ability rather than non stop spam targeting mages.
  18. Sinestra Augur

    I think you should take a deep breath.

    Piestro isn't a GM. Piestro is a lot of things, but most importantly he is the go between for the dev team and the players. He doesn't make changes, but he is often aware of them and is very in the know about where the dev team stands on things and why as it is part of his job.
  19. fransisco Augur

    Tell that to SKs Tharrg.
    Heck, even Paladins and Rogues (they just have to wait 15 minutes between swarms).
    They can all lag zones out, but no one complains about them.
    It just shows, this is about mage jealousy
  20. Langya Augur

    Mages need to disappear. That is one conclusion to be taken from this whole monkey poop fight going on lately.

    Its what these threads want, correct? Most of the traffic on this area of the site is about how mage abilities/spells/pets need to be nerfed or the game will implode. Which is crap since the cry sacks will just find some other class to vent their vitriol on and the sickening process will begin anew. That is EQ for you though. The place where drunk driving is outlawed by making cars illegal since they can't/won't pay for police officers or intervention programs to solve the real issues. The funny thing is that these boards are very well regulated with policies uniformly enforced, but the game itself is just the Wild West. If you hold players accountable in game like they are on the MBs than these multitudes of threads that are mainly spawned by individuals acting the fool...since they can get away with it...will disappear.
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