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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Fluid, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Fluid Augur

    Just messing around on Rizlona I decided to revisit the level at which Pets can Dual Wield a bit. Procedure was pretty simple, just hand the pet a non processing or known effect weapon first followed by a Dagger of Dropping(DOD). That order of twinking forces the DoD into the off hand.

    All tests were done in Splitpaw as that is my source of DoD. Minimum level for the DoD to process is 15. In my experience Pets do follow the level to process restriction and you can see the "to low" message when it fails.

    First run was with a level 45 Magician with a level 37 focused Pet. Pet was beating on level 25-30 MOBs so naturally the DoD was going off a bunch since he seldom missed. It was going off about 1 in 2-3 fights and I noticed a one to one correlation between the Pet swinging with its left hand and Weaken Icon appearing on the MOB's health bar. That is it didn't always go off and probably didn't always stick, but when it did the Pet was swinging left handed.

    Next was a level 26 Magician with a level 26 focused Pet. Pet was seriously twinked with armor too, stuff like a Giant Lord's Tunic so it would survive. MOBs the DoD processed on were maybe 1 in 12. I figure this was just because the pet was wiffing a lot and was of such low level compared to the MOB, the spell wouldn't stick.

    Conclusion is Pets Dual Wield at least down to level 26 focused pets and it looks like a simple test to see if your Pet is capable of Dual Wielding is to just watch its left hand. I *think* the lowest Pet we can have is a non Focused level 6 Pet summoned by a level 2 Magician. I may look around and see if there is a server I don't have a Magician on yet to see if the starter Pet Dual Wields. Not a real personal priority since level 2 to 20 is so quick and weapons that process down to level 6 are a little tough to come by. I'll probably just look for the Pet to swing with the left hand. Strategy for using this tidbit is up to you. I mean you certainly can put a processing weapon in the off hand, it just isn't a good strategy if you only have one weapon. In the time it takes to get two weapons that process, you could probably get to level 26!
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  2. Fluid Augur

    Quick correction, ran up a level 2 Magician and the first pet you get is level 5 water pet. Non focused and I never saw it swing left handed. I'll try to make less mistakes like this.
  3. Chaosflux Augur

    Give it a crush and a slash or pierce whatever 2 different weapon types and if it does the offhand weapon type it dial wielded.

    Offhand i remember my enchanter pet on phinny dual wielding at 4 or the 7 animation.
  4. Zanarnar Augur

    This is from memory so it might be a tad off but

    Mage pets DW at the level 12 pet spells (10-14 these days)
    Necro pets DW at basically the same point
    BST pets DW with the level 15 spell

    All of these will double attack with their main hand from the first pet spell; and will start to double attack with their off hand around level 30 pet summons.

    Pets will honor level requirements for procs; however they seem to ignore the LORE tag, which is nice if your looting weapons that make ok pet toys but are lore. Pets will NOT take any NO-DROP items.

    Sorry if any of this is off.. its been a long while since I tested myself

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