Magician "... of Many" line.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Briano, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Briano Journeyman

    Not sure if it's the older version or the new version that may or may not be bugged. On Phinigel we are heading in to RoF and the HoT version of the spell is still the one to use. It beats out the VoA version and also the RoF version (from what I have seen on Test). I'm not sure why, but it doesn't seem like we should be using the version of the spell from 2 xpacs ago.

    I am truly hoping that it's the newer version that have something wrong with them since if it's the SoF/SoD/HoT version it will severely cripple current mage dps on TLP if they are nerfed.

    I'm really hoping that the VoA + newer versions will be brought in line with the older, however I feel that is not going to be the likely outcome.
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  2. Sancus Augur

    The pre-VoA of many line is definitely broken. It was updated during EoK to have one growing line of damage where each line is mutually exclusive. It looks like the pre-VoA spells didn't have their logic updated to be mutually exclusive (e.g. "Decrease Current Hit Points by 9619 if Between 15 and 19 Pets on Hatelist").
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  3. Evil.Iguana Elder

    The post HoT way certainly makes more logical sense. The problem is that the line is pretty much garbage when working "properly." Solution: Fix the the faulty logic but double the damage. Problem solved.

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