Magician: Fire pet in Kunark+?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by c313, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. c313 Elder

    This question is mostly directed towards the TLP servers pre PoP.

    Its been a while last I played. Phini to be exact.

    During those times Fire pet was the go to pet for Kunark + mainly for its nuke. It is stationary and casts a nuke, however if you can either position it so it always melee + nukes the mobs, or have the tank fight in its melee range, thing is an absolute beast. With this, even the Fire Pet was the go to pet over the Epic pet, unless the mob is highly fire resistant.

    Curious though if this is still the same. I know there was a time where classic era Fire Pets were bugged and nuking for Kunark+ Fire pet damage, and it was "fixed" dunno if the Kunark+ version was also "fixed" or not.

    Just curious how I will be planning on my play sessions for Kunark on Aradune.

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