Magician duo on true box

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Spyte, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Spyte New Member

    What is a good class to true box with a Mage for doing non raid content such as farming gear, getting AAs, dungeon crawling, ect? I would almost say another Mage, but splitting camps may be an issue? Any thoughts?
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Shaman or druid
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  3. Nykara2 Elder

    I'd actually go with a chanter.

    Druids can only split animals and there aren't many actual camps that are animals. Not sure about Shammies.

    Chanters can calm to single pull. They can mezz adds. And for later on with new xpacks and harder hitting mobs - slow them so they don't hurt as much. Plus perm crack so you can dps more.
  4. Sethiroth Augur

    If you play chanter, the chanter will become the main and the mage will end up as a dps bot. Though yes, chanters are super powerful at those lower levels.
  5. Masaki New Member

    Duel box with MAG,I would choose SK or Bard first.

    --Melee+Caster is fun(caster+caster is powerful but no fun).
    --SK's FD+MAG's CotH could single pull most of the camps
    --Bard could pull AND increase group's ADPS(MAG's spell DPS+pet+swarm pet),kill faster but boring.
  6. Sauro New Member

    EQ noob here, what's splitting camps mean when your in the same group?
  7. Corak Elder

    Splitting camps means using some kind of single pulling tricks so that the first time you kill the mobs in a camp of multiple mobs packed together, you are spreading out the time of death for each mob. That way, on the respawn you only have to deal with singles.
  8. Sauro New Member

    Gotcha, thanks for the reply.
  9. OldRodKS New Member

    Is Harmony animal-only now? I'm using it to split gnolls (are those considered animals?)
  10. Scorrpio Augur

    Pretty sure Harmony is outdoor-only, not animal-only.
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  11. KateL7 Lorekeeper

    You could take a Cleric for the pacify, that way you can pull anything. Also they get rez far earlier. And also Shammy and Druid healing is super weak until late Kunark or beyond, but it levels out later on. But all of them have their strengths and weaknesses. With Cleric I'd feel happy that my pet could kill any named. With Druid I would feel happy I can evac if things go wrong and rarely die, and port saves a lot of time even with PoK. And with a Shammy they do quite a lot of damage and the slow is OP until much later expansions. Chanter would be good too, Mag can heal its own pet so living without heals isn't too bad, but knowing you will never have to fight more than one mob at a time is a nice advantage. And their slow helps. And mana buffs really speeds up the grinding.
  12. IblisTheMage Augur

    Beastlord is also good.

    You will have to focus on the BL, making some macros for the mage.

    You will get a lot synergies, dps, FD later on, some mana regen, and heals.
  13. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I love watching streams with chanters that pull quite easily with their skillset\spells in ROS content. They are great pullers. Can manage so many situations easily.
  14. Ruggar Lorekeeper

    I tend to always use a shaman, currently i am maining the shaman with a use the mage as DPS, having slow and heals makes life pretty easy. If you make a Troll Shaman worshiping inny you can do the quest to get the snare neck

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