Magician 2.0 Quest - Reset to Killing Primals

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dahaman, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Dahaman Augur

    After turning in the 4x primals, if you hand the 1.5 epic back to the NPC Iilivina (in Dranik Scar), it resets the flag and treats you as not having turned in the parts. Bantil will then not accept the 1.5 epic and globe when he should.

    I got this text when I turned in the primals:

    Iilivina says, 'You work so fast! Amazing work you have done.' She looks at the 4 essences for a moment, 'Yes, these can probably be used to bind to your staff, but we'll need some sort of binding. Something that can be used to keep large amounts of energy bound together. I have no idea where you'd find such a thing, but if you do bring it to Bantil with your staff, and he'll be able to finish your journey.'

    If I hail her now, I get this text:

    Iilivina says, 'Hello again. So, you are looking for the Primal Elemental essences? That has a nice ring to it Transon has always had a penchant for the dramatic. I do not believe that you will find these beings in Discord however, if they exist at all. I do believe that your staff will resonate when you approach the creatures, so travel the world you know. Elementals tend to gravitate to areas that reflect their element best, I don't see why the [Primals] would behave any differently.'

    Bantil now doesn't "trust" me when I go to turn in the epic and globe.

    It should be a pretty easy to duplicate flagging error there. Doing searches on the issue yields this exact issue happening for a long time now.
  2. Dahaman Augur

    Since there has been zero response to this...

    If anyone in the future runs into this and has this happen, the "fix" is via petition to reset the flag. I don't know what flag the GM set, but it worked like a charm. Bantil took the 1.5 epic and globe like he should have been doing.
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  3. Derd Augur

    Well if they "fixed" every "bug" to fix players doing incorrect things, I dont think we would ever get a new expansion ever :)
  4. Dahaman Augur

    That's why I came back to write a resolution to the issue to the future player.

    It's not a pretty resolution, but it is what it is.