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  1. Tankz Lorekeeper

    <Magic and Mischief>
    A Mischief TLP raiding guild

    Welcome Adventurer!

    I am excited to announce that Magic and Mischief will be playing on the new Mischief server. While we are not officially partnered with Magic and Melee from Mangler, you will find our roots to be the same. As a founding member and co-leader of <M&M>-Mangler, I have decided to launch a new guild with other long term and since retired members of M&M. We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as we start this adventure.

    Knowledgeable and dedicated leadership will be here to get you started on your new or repeat adventure through the early days of EverQuest. There are leadership opportunities available so please reach out to me if this is something you may be interested in!


    Guild Mission

    Magic and Mischief is a TLP Eastern Time Zone raiding guild on Mischief. Our mission is to be family friendly, while maintaining a competitive streak. We will create a tight knit family who will raid efficiently and effectively.

    Guild Highlights

    • BRV DKP System utilizing OpenDKP
    • Open bids in guild chat
    • Split Raiding
    • Discord text & voice chat
    • Companion (2nd main/preferred alt) program**
    • Family friendly raid schedule
      • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8pm to roughly midnight EST
      • Saturday night plat raids (as content becomes available from past expansions)
    **Companion program will be launched at a later expansion to be determined by leadership.

    Guild Environment

    We are all adults and will speak and type as such. Don’t expect any policing of language around here. We will however police any discussions involving politics, racism, sexism, or any isms, they are not welcome here. This is a game and we all log in to enjoy the game and not bring the real world issues with us. Drama and outright toxicity will not be tolerated.

    Guild Objectives

    • Clear current content effectively and quickly
    • Compete for server firsts
    • Utilize lockouts through the Agents of Change
    • Numbers pending, we will be split raiding in typical M&M fashion
    Guild Requirements

    Obviously as we’re all starting at level 1 again there aren’t any major requirements, but as we move past the Classic era the following will be expected of you. These requirements will adjust as Mischief evolves.

    • Maximum level
    • Reasonably geared (No empty slots or “cloth” slots)
    Any applications sent in before server launch and within the first week of Mischief launching will be accepted automatically and full membership will be granted to you. After the first week we will begin conducting applicant interviews and you will follow our applicant guidelines.

    Where can you find us?

    For this server we will utilize Discord for any and all information and guild communication purposes. In this day and age of technology we find that members don’t frequent forums and a website nearly as much when Discord is involved.

  2. Hoss Beefcake Gnome

    Good Afternoon fellow Norrathians!

    We would like to make clear a disclaimer that the above endeavor is not affiliated with the official <Magic and Melee> guild of Mangler server.

    While the similarities to our guild's handbook, DKP system, and raid policies are apparent, we're sure that Remloch has a new and distinct culture in mind for his raiding guild than <M&M> of Mangler. We wish all adventurers the best of luck and the new Mischief server sounds like a lot of crazy, mischievous fun!

    Officer of <Magic and Melee> on Mangler
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  3. Hoss Beefcake Gnome

    Fact #1: Gnomes rule.
    Fact #2: M&M regularly fields the most gnomes on raids.
    Fact #3: Non-gnomes are low-key harassed and encouraged to delete their toons to become gnomes.
    Fact #4: M&M gnomes intend to play TLP until it merges with live, at which point the takeover will go viral.
    Fact #5: For the glory of King Ak'Anon!
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  4. hjkrdie1 New Member

    Be nice kids !

    Welcome to the server MnM2.0
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  5. Tankz Lorekeeper

    This was appropriate Hoss.. I have made an edit to how it opens to clarify this. I apologize to anyone I may have upset.

    The similarities are there because, well, I 100% had a hand in creating that handbook. All rules that I agreed with or created. Why wouldn't I want to carry that over to the next adventure.

    Keep kicking butt on Mangler folks.
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  6. Tankz Lorekeeper

    Anyone out there still play clerics? ;)

    Come join <Magic and Mischief> for all tons of fun as we walk through the early days once again!
  7. Tankz Lorekeeper

    Getting a few new apps everyday!

    Still plenty of room on the team. Specifically for Clerics and tanks! Come check us out!
  8. NImxat Journeyman

    Join the magic and ...
  9. Heloisa New Member

    Such fond memories of M&M at launch on Mangler 2 years ago. <3
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  10. Bleepblob New Member

    Join the magic
  11. Hirbow Elder

    <3 MM
    Good luck and get those buffs !! ;)
  12. Bleepblob New Member

    The team is rounding out nicely, join the fun
  13. Tankz Lorekeeper

    Desired Classes:


    All classes still open to apply and join though! Raid force is looking good and we're all super excited to get started.
  14. Bleepblob New Member

    Raid force is looking good and we're all super excited to get started.
    Join today!!!
  15. mini_at_large New Member

    Come join the hype, 12 days to go
  16. Crabman Lorekeeper

    10 days, lets go!
  17. mini_at_large New Member

    Join up before the launch! Active, and looking for any solid players.
  18. Bleepblob New Member

    All classes still open, apply today and join the fun!
  19. mini_at_large New Member

    Active and counting down the days. Join up before launch!
  20. Bleepblob New Member

    9 days to go! All classes still open, apply today and join the fun!

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