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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Culan, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Culan New Member

    What is best to focus on? I found some very old forums saying it was between evocation and conjuration. Has anything changed for this? Is one clearly better now?
  2. Mintalie Augur

    Evocation with conjuration as your secondary.
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  3. Culan New Member

    Okay thanks
  4. Orablast Lorekeeper

    I have to agree, evocation as primary with conjuration as secondary is working great for me at 95. It was helpful for me to setup an audio trigger for gift of mana proc, which I often use for RS.
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  5. Piemastaj Augur

    Comes down to what spell types do you cast the most? For Magicians that is between Evocation and Conjuration. Then the deciding factor is which of those 2 types do you cast more? Evocation is the spell type of all of our fire nukes, which get cast much more then our Garg pet or our magic nukes. So, you should be going primary spec of Evocation and secondary of Conjuration.
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  6. Porterz73 Augur

    For myself the choice of specialization comes down to the spell type which you can not afford to fail in emergency / combat situations.
    (Eg ...a cleric does not want heals to fizz and have a tank drop, so Alteration is the specialization)

    A Mage uses conjugation a lot but if you fizz in lobby when summoning a bag of pet weapons there is little impact.

    I agree Evocation is the best choice for Mage Specialization.
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  7. Mintalie Augur

    Yes, GoM AT is a must have for RS.

    I also recommend getting Tweyne's Stone of Evocation & Stone Guardian's Conjuration Shard. These are $$$ and better than all other augs for mana savings.
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  8. Falos Augur

    I actually disagree. GoM proc's are more of a "nice bonus" for me. I don't alter my casting at all around it I just stick to my highest DPS spell weaver and burn burn burn, I find it is actually usually faster to just burn full time even in a group setting then OOC med as needed rather than take the time to slow my dps for the sake of saving a little extra mana from a GoM proc on a spell that costs only slightly more mana than another spell I happen to be casting.

    Also the mage servant line is no longer the highest base mana cost spell that mages dps with,Spear of Molten Steel actually has a higher base mana cost than Ruthless Servant does - though I suppose if a mage specializes in evocation primarily (and yes evocation is the spec of choice) then I suppose ruthless servant will cost slightly more mana than spear does - either way the mana cost would be very similar and not worth altering your maximum dps potential just because of a GoM proc.
  9. Orablast Lorekeeper

    I agree with this, too, for raid burns, which is maybe 1% of my playing time. As for the other 99% of my time working on group content, I will use RS with gift of mana.
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  10. Piemastaj Augur

    Since in most groups we can not afford to go with our 4 spell weave (2x spear, garg, bolt) generally Garg gets left off in groups. Normally I use garg on GoM procs simply because the mana cost is not already factored into my normal grouping so it is a bonus cast so to speak. Other then that, IMHO GoM should not have an ounce to do with how you cast.

    Just my 2cp.
  11. Orablast Lorekeeper

    I suppose when I reach 80K mana and I am still level 95, then I might see things differently, too. As of now, GoM is more than just a bonus to me, it allows me to cast RS x2 per pull and not go oom after a few kills.

    Another factor could be the type of groups we are use to. On good days, I will find myself in a group killing yellows in less than 30 seconds. Often, however, I am in groups that take slightly more time to kill yellow con mobs. Perhaps that slight difference is why I use RS more often to kill a single mob, and feel the need to use GoM for that spell.
  12. fransisco Augur

    I actually cast surge on most GoM procs, since it does way more damage than gargoyle does. Surge lasts into the next fight, but gargoyle doesn't last between pulls.
    If I have a second GoM (assuming surge is still up) while mob is over 30-50% I cast a gargoyle, otherwise a nuke with my GoM.

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