Mage pet levels at 110 with different EM

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    Just did a quick test with a 107 Water pet, to see how the EM effected the pets level. Thought someone might be interested.

    No EM- Pet level 105
    Didn't have an EM18/19 but I assume it would be level 106
    EM 20 Pet Level 107 (Bonespike Earring)
    EM 21 Pet Level 108 (Summoner's Trinket of Insecurity highest group focus TBL)
    EM24 Pet Level 109 (Compressed Cooper stud)
    EM25 Pet Level 110, even con (Summoner's Phlogiston earring)
    EM27 anyone know?
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  3. Micker Elder

    Oh Nice yellow con pet!! Won't be able to get my hands on and EM27 for awhile probably lol.

    Just tested the HPs for the 110 Earth pet
    EM21 earth pet has about 334k hps
    EM24 earth pet has about 354k
    EM25 earth pet has about 366k hps
    Both give or take some hps, not an exact science, but after many many healing tests, that was what I got every time. So adds about 10% more hps from 21 to 25. Definitely more than I thought it would add. I heard the EMs weren't adding much, but that's a lot more hps. (No EM I think was like 266k). 12kish from 24-25 is more than I thought it would be also.
  4. Micker Elder

    Air Pet
    EM 21 261900 hps(262k)(104784 was the critical heal amount to go from 60%-100% every time)
    EM 25 294750 hps(295k) (117910 was the critical heal amount to go from 60%-100% every time)

    Water Pet
    No EM (195k)
    EM21 235772(235k)
    EM25 265307(265k)

    So looks like the EM25 water pet has more hps than the EM21 air pet.

    *All these test, are without any added items to the summoned pet.
  5. Micker Elder

    So if you add in the 4% more mitigation from the cloak of enhancement(XXI-XXV)the higher damage per hit/backstab/spells and the higher pet level(makes a difference with spells landing/hits and getting hit) and fairly large HPs gained, I would say that the EM levels DO make a decent difference. Some people have been saying they don't affect the pet much, but I think that's a pretty big difference from the highest group EM21 to EM25, not even the highest(EM27).
  6. Sancus Augur

    They do in this level range, which sees significantly more scaling between EM levels than those from previous level ranges. A lot of the posts/discussion about EM scaling occurred after the CotF pet nerfs (which significantly reduced scaling) and during TBM/EoK when pets weren't seeing much in the way of improvements without level increase expansions. For reference, here's the HP for air pets for the max group/raid EMs from previous level ranges:

    Shard of Air:
    EM 16 - 155914 (max group in CotF)
    EM 21 - 164471 +5.5% (max raid in CotF)

    Convocation of Air:
    EM 18 - 186488 (max group in TDS, TBM, and EoK)
    EM 23 - 193576 +3.8% (max raid in TDS and TBM)
    EM 24 - 193674 +3.9% (max raid in EoK)

    Innate Defense (the effect on their cloaks) wasn't added until mid EoK, and there were no parse-able changes in average hit between different EM ranks before that. The RoS pets also weren't tuned until a day or two before design lock in beta, and went through re-tuning (which further increased their scaling) a month after launch. Beta is usually when people do the most parsing, so there probably wasn't much (at least public) data on stats at different EM levels for 110 pets.

    It's fair to say they do make a notable difference at this point, which is nice to see. Expansion to expansion, which is the more common progression than group to raid, is smaller (~6% increase in HP, 2% increase in mitigation). Unfortunately, the nature of the system makes it difficult to increase expansion to expansion gains without making the group to raid gap massive, so I think the current scaling is a decent balance.
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    Thanks Sancus! That was interesting. Just got my mage to 110, had been dusty for awhile and wanted to check out the different EM levels and their effect on the pets. There should be a good improvement between EM ranks. I agree that it seems like a decent improvement now. I'm glad they changed it back, its something all pet classes look forward to getting and enjoy seeing the improvement. If it did little, it would take a lot of fun out I think. I remember getting my encyclopedia necro focus from hate, back before RoK and it summoned a skeleton that hit for 57 instead of 55 and I was sooo exicted. Of course you had to cast a bunch of pets, to finally get the 57 hitter lol.
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  8. Micker Elder

    Did some tests with EM 27 pet focus
    Pets were level 111

    Air Pet
    EM27 311182 hps(about 16.5k more than EM25 air)(50k more than EM21)

    Earth Pet
    EM 27 Couldn't heal the pet to max from 60%, even with a lucky heal crit of 142k. HPs seem to be around 400k or so! Huge jump from EM 25s 366k hps and about (70k more than EM21). Monster for sure!!

    Water Pet
    EM27 280075 hps(about 15k more than EM25)
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  9. Petalonyx Augur

    Micker thanks for posting these stats. I had been curious how the different current exp pets compared at max lvl/em.
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  10. Micker Elder

    Oh BTW, I don't have like the last 7 levels of Companion Fortification(like 148 out of 155). Not sure if the next levels add any more hps or not.
  11. Micker Elder

    Well I decided to check my BL pet with the new EM27 focus.

    Level 108 BL pet
    EM 21 325k hps
    EM 27 376k hps

    Now you have to add in Mage summoned gear and weapons, so that's like another 10k hps or so. BLs also get a defensive/offensive line of buffs for their pet. So add another 14.4% hps to the 376khps and the gear and you have over 440k hps for the EM 27 warder!! That's quite a bit more than the EM 27 earth pet. Now add in cleric/shaman etc buffs and you have one mega HP tank!!

    With the better beast pet heals, slow, innate heal proc buff for the warder etc.. I think it would be a better tank then the Earth pet. Earth pet has a defensive proc and a bit more mitigation with the cloak, but this kinda dispels the Mage pet>BL Pet for tanking. Yes, the mage pet would be better DPS(Water), but for tanking, the BL with pet, looks better than the Mage with pet.

    The defensive one adds:
    3: Increase Max HP by 14.4%
    4: Increase AC v2 by 149
    6: Decrease Chance to Hit by 33%
    7: Increase Hate Generated by 23%
    11: Absorb Melee Damage: 12%
  12. kizant Augur

    Just FYI it goes up to 75% increased HP.
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  13. Skewert Lorekeeper

    What level is the pet when it is summoned? 111 like the Mage pets?
  14. Micker Elder

    Yes, it's level 111 also.

    Well I have 150/155 for fort on the beast and mage now. I guess it sounds like I will get another 3-5% hps when maxed companion fort aa. So I'll check when I finish them.
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  15. Skewert Lorekeeper

    Do you happen to know of an alternate source for AA listings than raidloot? That site is generally great, but they don't have TBL AA listings for some reason.
  16. kizant Augur

    I really don't think there is another site. The problem is that the data isn't easy to get and they depend on players with high level characters to help them out by sending a network capture. But the process for doing that isn't really that simple.. But actually I could probably help them with that for mage. Maybe soon.
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  17. Brohg Augur

    last time I attempted it for war/brd/cle I was hit by a hiccup based on the autogrant or something? that kept me from rebuying all after /resetaa
  18. kizant Augur

    Hmm yeah I think that's harder now that they don't let you camp if you're over the limit. But I maybe if I just buy the class specific AAs they're missing they can work with that.
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  20. smash Augur

    I am one of those people who have the best pet focus for beastlord AND magician and can say without a doubt that magician earth skins the cat.

    Tried to fight against same mob with both classes, using coh to get away. There the earth pet had the edge and were handling the mob better. Using off buff the difference were even bigger.

    When i go against nameds and have no tank, my earth pet wins the day, and bst warder is backup. I always have 4 pets ready.