Not A Bug Mage Pet Does Not Taunt in Raid

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Fanra, May 15, 2024.

  1. Fanra

    As reported here I'm starting its own thread.

    There are a number of threads about pets not getting aggro over other melee in missions. Those thread, I believe, have the pet taunting but the taunt is not getting them more aggro than melee.

    This is different, the pet is not taunting at all even though they say "Taunting as normal", however, there are no "Pet has captured Mobs attention" or even fail message to do so.

    This is different. Even casters some distance from the mob being tanked by the pet are getting the mob leaving the pet and coming after the casters. Because the pet is not taunting at all.

    Taking the same pet to the guild hall has the messages that the pet has captured the combat dummy's attention but the same pet in The Plane of Mischief: Bidils the Quickhand raid has zero messages about taunting.

    Usually on missions, the pets DO taunt but they cannot hold aggro against a player meleeing. That part is "normal". What is NOT normal is the pet not even taunting at all.
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  2. fransisco Augur

    I assume this is live and not tlp with motm. You should specify that
  3. NyteShayd Elder

    That's not at all what's happening in missions. If a PC is on the hatelist, no matter how much agro the pet has, the mob will attack the PC instead, despite the pet spamming taunt.

    I would love for this to be a feature instead of a bug, or a setting the raid leader could turn on. Pets are not meant to tank raids, and around once a week, our raid leaders need to remind somebody to turn pet taunt off.

    That's probably true, but logs would be good.
  4. Fanra

    Bertoxx server. So, yes Live.
    Again, this is NOT where the pet is taunting but PC nearest getting attacked. This is where the pet is NOT taunting at all and PCs 15 feet away from the mob are getting attacked.
    Logs of nothing? How can a log that has no message from the pet they are taunting do anything? The absence of something will not show in a log.

    Right now, there is a simple test. Take a level 125 mage with pet. Spin up the The Plane of Mischief: Bidils the Quickhand raid instance. Go inside. Tell pet to taunt a mob. See if there is any message that the pet is taunting. Should the pet be taunting and showing the message they are taunting, then I need to provide further information, like the exact pet (including pet focus) used, etc.

    All I know is we went into the raid instance to farm luck augs. The pet would not taunt. We left the instance and went to the guild hall. The pet taunted the combat dummies there. We want back to the raid instance and pet did not taunt. Should we need to try again to confirm this is happening again? It's kind of a pain to troubleshoot this as a player since every single time we kill a mob we get a loot lockout and cannot try again for 4.5 days. Also, it takes 6 players to get a raid instance.
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  5. NyteShayd Elder

    - Turn logging on
    - Click the pet taunt toggle until it reports that pet taunt is on (or use /pet taunt on) to record that the pet is supposed to taunt
    - Sic your pet on something
    - Reproduce the behavior
    - Survive (optional)
  6. Fanra

    Unfortunately, not my pet (or mage) but a fellowship member. Also, need 6 players to get instance.

    I'd really like Darkpaw to just create a level 125 mage and spin up a The Plane of Mischief: Bidils the Quickhand raid, go in there and see if their pet taunts. Should it work for them, then I can take some time with my buddy and try to get more details.
  7. Meeko Developer(Code)

    This is not a bug. If a pet is attacking an NPC that has been flagged to have special pet aggro handling, no taunt success/fail message is given.
  8. Zenn-La Journeyman

    Question are you using earth pet, mob being rooted? Rooted NPC's always hit who ever is closer disregarding taunt or aggro list.
  9. Lodestar The Undefeated

    So it sounds like many missions and raid mobs are intentionally coded to not interact or respond to pet taunts.

    The last group mission in which pets could successfully taunt, was Vulak'Aerr, Sleeper's Tome (Claws of Veeshan).

    Thank you for the confirmation.
  10. NyteShayd Elder

    @Meeko - Is any information available on whether NPCs in missions throughout the last three expansions are improperly flagged in this fashion? As brought up by Fanra in the original post in this thread, see this bug report still flagged Need Info.
  11. NyteShayd Elder

    Also, it would be awesome to have that info in the /con description, the way that raid mobs, weaklings, and rares are. Maybe something along the lines of "This creature looks particularly bloodthirsty" as counterpoint to "This creature seems particularly weak."