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  1. tyler Journeyman

    Mage squared

    Returning to eq for Teek. Trying to avoid the RMT route for gearing out a melee duo so i want to farm platinum for a bit before beast lords drop.

    Thinking about doing a mage mage combo for ease of boxing and maximal output. However i know they made some changes to pet agro and whatnot.

    Anyone break down the strength and weaknesses of this combo and also their ability to make cash?

    Like farming cashing mobs vs hunting named with a stronger duo as a concept..
  2. fransisco Augur

    Pets are worthless on anything considered a raid mob. They won't be able to hold agro. As well, pets are nerfed at start and don't become "normal" until after pop. This isn't to say that pets are terrible, but if you played old eq, pets will under powered compared to what you remember.

    If your just farming group mobs for drops, them have fun with your mages though. OOC is coming soon, which means you can spend more time playing your character instead of medding.
  3. Zansobar Augur

    Pet agro changes only affect raid bosses, not normal group content.
  4. tyler Journeyman

    I plan on maining an Sk/sham or beast lord/cleric-or-druid. So i really just want something that’s going to mindlessly farm plat til luclin in October

    Edit: I’m open to suggestions here!
  5. Twistingtime Augur

    I have found necro/mage to be a lovely combo. Necro gives you a ton more options for CC and splitting mobs which greatly expands what you can do. I use the necro to manage the situation, typically. They pull, snare, mez if needed, fear if needed and the mage brings a bit more dps. I usually have the necro tap tank, the pets are wet paper bags. It's a nice synergy, though I do die a lot, mostly from trying to push to see what I can do.
  6. Appren Gnomercy

    Mage + mage is easy enough to play, but you get pretty much close to the same limitation as a solo mage - inability to handle adds, break camps and so on, when not in group with others.

    Mage+nec = (necro "main" driver char) gives FD, snare for splitting camps, the option to fear kite or aggro kite, and later on some rez and limited mez options. Incredibly much more versatile than just two mages.

    Mage + enchanter = awesome CC and lull for splitting camps, mana regen. Charm without heal is a bit risky, but certainly doable, for extra dps.

    Mage + druid = Snare, transport, heal support, some buffing.

    Mage + Shaman = Slow, great heal over time, some CC with root. Not super awesome at earlier expansions.
  7. Ultrazen Augur

    mage/druid is top for me.

    1. Fire debuffs from druid
    2. Snare
    3. Heal
    4. Ports
    5. Evacs
    6. HP buffs
    7. Harmony pull outdoors + root for cc
    8. Druid dot's land on anything.
    9. Sow

    Down the road, you get teleport to bind, which is amazing when things start really being a pain to get to. Teleport to bind + CoH is just such a great quality of life combo.

    Druid/Mage has as much DPS as mage/mage and a lot more utility. People sleep on druids, but they are fantastic if you actually use all of their kit. One of the best things about druids in that duo, is that the swarm line of dots has -100 resist on it, and will land on stuff your mage won't be able to touch.

    Bonus points, make money with teleports for a while.
  8. Fluid Augur

    I've done Mage-Mage-Mage for spitz and giggles. MOBs drop fast enough that if you can single pull, you will have no problems. It means you have to lean on non-social MOBs that aren't naturally aggressive. Things like the Crocs in South Ro aren't social so that will take you at least to the high teens. I think that is the bulk of it for success with only two Mages, non-social single pulls. There are spots like Timorous Deep that have 2 pull skeletons that drop rawhide and vendor loot that is good for cashing up. You don't have to worry about snare since they fight to the death.

    From the mid/low 20s there will be plenty of options. You should be able to find a healer to go with you too.
  9. Damezza Augur

    i find the druid pets to be just too weak to rely on for taking. its a dps race before your pet drops...

    what expac do they start to get tankier?
  10. Appren Gnomercy

    Druid charm pets? Charmed animals are as good as other charmed pets, for the most part.

    If you mean a regular pet, the druid pet Nature walker's behest at 55 is the only "normal" pets they get, and that is a joke for combat, and mostly a tool for someone wanting to roleplay, and doesnt get updated ever.

    Maybe you were thinking about shaman pets?
  11. Twistingtime Augur

    Maybe he was talking about mage pets? They are wet paper bags until they get un-nerfed with LDoN. And then they are dry paper bags until 75-ish.
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