Mage Epic 1.0, how long is it useful for?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by KermittheFroglok, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Hi, I got my epic 1.0 for my mage. At what level will a typical summoned pet be more powerful? (Assuming I don't have any pet focus gear.)

  2. Brohg Augur

    There's tradeoffs as soon as level 61, but at 66 epic's obsolete. There really can't be "assuming no pet focus", though. That's like warrior saying "assuming I don't wear armor" or rogue "assuming I use my own index finger for backstabs". A magician who doesn't have a pet focus has only one job in game : get a pet focus
  3. Silver-Crow Augur

    For the pet, the simple answer is, it's useful for as long as it can tank. As soon as it's dying faster than the standard pet it's obsolete. The sceptre itself follows obsolescence just as any other piece of gear.

    As previously said though... get a focus item. You can even buy an earring with built in focus from the loyalty vendor in POK
  4. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Totally agree, really just wanted without focus to help give me a consistent baseline.

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