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    Can anyone toss me a link to some good clickies for a mage?
  2. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    Sorcerer's Blade* (CotF TS made) - 3h reuse mini disc
    Tainted Forcestrike Silk Robe (SoD robe) - 10 min reuse pet disc
    Glyphwielder's Tunic of the Summoner (OoW robe) - 5 min reuse pet disc
    Blazing Orb (mage summoned) - 12s reuse 10 charge instant fire DD
    Bottled Essence of Vex (anniversary quest) - 5 min reuse 20k frontal beam (max 4 targets)
    Memento of the Ungod's Suffering (CotF quests) - 125 spell dmg bonus

    Summon Pets:
    Cloth Cap (anniversary quest) - 10 min reuse summon 5x baby drakes
    Rune of Tallon* (PoWar) - 20 min reuse ranger pet
    Summoned: Exigent Servant XXI (mage summoned) - 5 min reuse ward pet
    Summoned: Exigent Minion XXI (mage summoned) - 5 min reuse ward pet
    Amulet of the Drowned Mariner (TDS TS made) - 5 min reuse pirate pet
    Vicious Rabbit (Loyalty) - 5 min reuse bunny pet

    The Lady's Entreaty (PoShadow) - 3s cast Tash
    Terror's Juju (RoF CC) - 3 min reuse reverse DS
    Staff of Viral Flux (ToR quests + missions) - instant P/D debuff, useful for pulling
    Earring of Living Slime (Marcia Attamilgad) - 4s cast root

    Crown of Clarity* (CotF TS made) - 3h reuse mana return
    Chandrok's Robe of Darkness (RoF) - 30 min reuse mana return
    Kiss of Erollisi Marr (LoN) - 20h reuse mana return
    Polymorph Wand: Plaguebringer (SC) - 14 mana regen buff
    Harnessed Flame Dirk (Ssra) - DS useful for PLing
    Archaeologist's Automated Antiquity Analyzer (DH) - Pick Lock, Sense/Disarm Traps
    Clairvoyant Orb (RoF Kael) - Bind Sight
    Lingering Essence of Cazic-Thule (RoF collectibles) - 1.6h reuse fade
    Worlu's Windcloak (cauldron summoned) - 1 charge SoS, can fade early
    Armguard of Purity (VT) - 15s cast cure poison
    Duennan Shielding Ring (PoSky) - 1 charge Harmshield
    Feral Guardian Channeler (DoDH) - 8h reuse DB clicky
    Totem of the Wurines (DoDH) - 8h reuse DB clicky
    Ruaabri's Fist (Evantil) - 750 HP/M buff
    Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch (CotF) - HP/M/AC/mana regen buff
    Miniature Horn of Unity (anniversary) - HP/M/End/DS buff

    Ancient Hedgewizard Brew (TDS TS made) - 6.5k dmg bonus on DDs (10% chance)
    Arx Mentis Medicine (TDS TS made) - 2.5k mana return
    Alliance Elixir (RoF TS made) - 1h reuse 1.2k mana return
    Distilled Mana Tonic (TDS TS made) - 5% mana pres buff
    Planar Overdose (RoF TS made) - FD potion

    *These items share a recast timer
  3. Brohg Augur

    Great list!

    Section needs:
    Path of Fire Nimbus (LoN cards) - 40 bonus damage on fire nukes
    Butterfly Nimbus (SC Marketplace) - 40 bonus damage on magic nukes

    Cold version exists but isn't relevant to magicians.

    These stack with Memento if you you click the Nimbuseses first. You'll have to remove the Memento's effect to rebuff with the set of them.
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  4. Silv Augur

    Duennan Shielding Ring is rechargeable which makes it more appealing IMO.

    Some others:

    Shield of Immaculate Light - Instant cast "Abolish Disease" (35 Disease Counters) from COTF T2 raids (ToRot)

    The Chief's Influence - Buffs "Invigoration of the Ry'gorr", a 650 HP buff that stacks with all HP buffs (Self buff, Ruaabri's, Surety, Skin, Focus, etc) except Brells/SV/Ranger HP. Drops from Chief Ry'gorr in Tainted Eastern Wastes

    Overflowing Urn of Life - Heal over time clicky (2k/tic, 5 min reuse) Rare bonus loot from Katta Deluge named.
  5. Mintalie Augur

    Amazing list, wow, thank you! Now I have a few items to collect. :D
  6. Tweelis Augur

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  8. Brohg Augur

    there's actual anti-point, since the AA sees the super-hidden guys like in Hills of Shade crypt
  9. Tweelis Augur

    @ Mintalie

    You can get the clay bracelet at level 20 and it's a fun quest to boot. The AA isn't available until much later.
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  10. Necromonious Augur

    I can't believe that SoD robe flew under my radar, was only using the cotf robe clicky for just damage. AC I guess couldn't hurt. Any other "must have's" in that list for the TDS content? (non-comsumables) Most of the effects seem a bit dated
  11. Brohg Augur

    I was wrong about the stacking part. They'll all stick but only highest mod works, which is Memento. Sad.
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    Clay Bracelet, Temple of Sol Ro quest, instant click eye of zomm. Perhaps more useful on TLP than live, but who doesn't like instant click eyes of zomm?