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  1. Ryanxp Augur

    Again, I've decided to venture onto a new server with a new box set-up: Beastlord and Mage. My beastlord is 47 and mage is 40. But, as this is a new server, I am constantly strapped for $

    Are there spells I should buy, whereas others shy away from?
    • Phantom Armor sets I like buying,
    • 1h weapons,
    • DD nukes (steering away from AoEs),
    • all the new pets (literally 1+ per level),
    • Any useful utility or spells....
    What pets should I buy? I've used fire pet once, air pet once, and usually use Earth or Water.

    Pets: Air = backstab?
    Water = stun?
    Fire = damage shield?
    Earth = root
    So should I stick to buying Earth and possibly Water?

    These are not very important as I'll work around things as I level, but it would definitely be helpful for me!
  2. kthehammy Elder

    Air = stun, water = backstab.

    When lvling i usually only buy air pets as they do decent dps and the stun helps them tank and stop runners/caster. When you are lvling you are mostly just fighting easy trash mobs so air works well vs those types.
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