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Discussion in 'Casters' started by DillyBar, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. DillyBar Elder

    I have a mage alt finally hit 100 so I'm ready to start paying for her account and spend her pooled AA's. Priorities for mage's and AA's? Thank you
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  3. Mokumara Elder

    You went all the way to 100 without AA's and Auto grant?? Was it difficult?
  4. Nylrem Augur

    If have a crew to do it, can PL any alt to 100 in a day or two, with zero difficulty heh.

    That link is pretty old :)

    After auto grant enabled, and gaining all those...

    It kind of depends on how you're mainly using your magician...

    If pet never tanking, then don't need pet tanking AA, as an example...

    I would focus on passive nuke and pet DPS stuff, and after get those decent, some activated stuff is pretty good.

    All AA have fairly diminishing returns, the higher the tier you get in them. So, leaving one line before it's maxed, and moving to another that has much lower tiers, is sometimes more beneficial in terms of AA count spent

    From that linked post, is a few corrections:

    Companion of Necessity is not near as good as it used to be, IMO. I'd hold off buying those AA...

    Divine Companion's Aura is also not what it used to be, hold off buying that.

    Pet cannibalization IS viable again, and is used with new Monster Summoned pets.

    Leadership AA is gone, no longer have to worry about gaining those.

    After getting a fair amount of the passive DPS , can look at increasing activated 'burn' AA.

    Passive AA you should look at, and get, mostly, prior to activated stuff:

    Destructive Fury
    Fury of Magic
    Extended Swarm
    Gift of Mana
    Quick Damage
    Spell casting Mastery, Reinforcement, and Subtlety
    Theft of Essence
    Companion's Fury (I know, is also activated, but passive effect is good by itself)
    Elemental Form (Is technically 'activated' but since buff stays up, I'm gonna add to passive list)
    Conjurer's Efficiency (if sustaining mana is an issue & going to pet canni)

    Activated stuff to look at (not in any particular order, because tiers will vary, on which is 'better' than which, depending on tier count).

    Companion's Fury (activated burn, FBO and VT on pet is good stuff, besides the passive effect boosts)
    Companion's Suspension (at least buy enough of this AA til pet can receive mass buffs)
    Companion's Aegis (add this AA to multibind spam social)
    Force of the Elements (add this to multibind spam social)
    Companion's Fortification (if pet tanking)
    Heart of Skyfire (activated burn)
    Host in the shell (multibind spam)
    Drape of Shadows (magician fade)
    Spire of the Elements (activated burn)
    Improved Twincast (activated burn)
    Summon Mod shard
    Malaise (if not also boxing shaman)
    Thaumaturge's Unity (because remembering to cast chaotic - keeping/swapping spell gems for it every 15 min is dumb)
    Summon Companion (I think this is autogrant, but unsure)
    Companion's Discipline (until, at minumum, get pet ghold and swarm commands - add swarm to multibind, to 'control' where swarm pets go)
    Call of the Hero (memming spell sux)
    Host of the Elements
    Servant of Ro

    *edit - Pet canni is fairly simple... Summon your highest mana cost pet (Monster summoned spell) then 'eat' it, with reclaim energy clicky or aa. With maxed Conjurer's Efficiency AA, you can gain ~30k ish mana per each pet cast and reclaimed.
  5. Cindayen Elder

    Depending on how you play, I always did my pet AA first then dps. After I moved into the raid scene I switched it around and did my dps first then pet. It depends on what you want to do.

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