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    On 05/15/2001 LiLOLMe posted an introduction to macros and provided some examples. This tread grew very quickly as more people asked questions and add information. For over two years the thread was bumped and more content was added. For what ever reason the thread was purged completely from the forms around October or November of 2003.
    A few days before Macro 101 dropped off the face of the earth I saved all the pages to my hard disk. My intent was to clean it up and use it has an offline reference for myself. A few days later after I saved the information, I went to bump the thread and it was gone. For some time now I have been going through the information getting rid of the bumps and trying to trim the information down and organize it.
    Thank you everyone that added information to the original thread or just bumped it. My hope is that this thread will continue to be useful.
    ~Ten ("ok, enough yapping on with the show")
    ...Macro 101...

    -- posted 05-15-2001 12:23 PM How about a thread for everyone's favorite macros and any tips/tricks to creating them?
    Macros are a sets of commands that can be run with a single button click. They work (almost) like you had typed them in one-by-one, line by line. The game will issue each line command in the macro, then move to the next. They are set under "Socials" in the button banks. Right-click on any button under social you want to assign a macro to. See the eqmanualsupplement.txt for a complete listing of all commands. (I thinks that's the filename, anyway its close ;) )
    Basic macro rules:
    - 5 lines max
    - 255 characters max per line (I think, never came close)
    - 1 command per line, exception "/pause"
    One can't edit a line once it has been entered. Clicking on that line to change it, erases that entire line. But only that line, the rest of the macro stays. To edit the next line, just click on it. It doesn't seem to make any difference if you hit enter at the end of a line.
    I don't know if it's just my lag, but I am forced to use the /pause or more than one line won't work in some things. Example:
    /say Will you just stand still you annoying pile of bones!
    /pause 15
    /pet guard here
    Without the "/pause 15" my pet never gets the "/pet guard here" command. I put the "/pause" on a separate line because I have to tweak the pasue duration from time to time. The other acceptable form of my macro is:
    /pause 15, /say Will you just stand still you annoying pile of bones!
    /pet guard here
    A "/pause xx," followed by any other non-"/pause" command will pause your PC (all you can do is move I think) for 0.1 seconds per "xx" up to 60 seconds (600 as xx) AFTER it does the other command. I know this is backwards, put programers are like that some times. :) Really, it makes it easier to use, as you won't hit the 255 character limit and still need room for the "/pause". Any number higher than 600 will be treated as 600. To pause for more than 60 seconds, multiple "/pause" commands are needed. I don't know if the 60 seconds is according to your PC or the server. I think it's your PC, but I can't see how it really matters.
    If I use the "/pause xx, [some command]" version for my pet macro, then I would have to re-type the "/say" every time I needed to tweak the pause time. Remember, you can't truly edit a macro line, just replace it.
    I'm hoping to get some great additions, corrections, and/or clarifications to this from follow-up posts. I've just started really using macros. I know there a others out there that are "Macro Guru's". Macros make life much easier, and can even prevent some mistakes. For example, my favorite:
    /say Rest and heal my undead slave!
    /pause 15
    /pet sit down
    /pause 15
    /pet guard me
    The first line lets my group know my pet needs to heal and adds a rolepay element. I make sure to change it from time-to-time to keep it from getting too stale. I already explained what the 2nd and 4th line are for and why that version of "/pause". If I needed more lines, I would have ben forced to use the one line "/pause" version. The 3rd line accomplishes my goal. The 5th line prevents a mistake I almost always make. Either run off without my pet, or send it to attack something and not have to come back to me.
    With pets, as long as you don't move, once you tell them to sit, they stay. Even if you then tell them to guard you, they still stay sitting until you move or tell them to attack. Pets will revert to the last command given before the "/pet attack". If that last command was "/sit down", as soon as the MoB dies the pet will just stand right where it is. If you're an absent minded caster like me, then you forget your pet is still in the hall it chased that MoB down before it could kill the MoB. I forget until I see it's found a new wondering playmate when I see "taunting attacker Master". /em GULP! /say I hope you picked on someone our size this time Jabonner...
    I'm still a forgetful caster, but now I've got a crutch!
    [drumroll] [cymbol crash] The MACRO, Macro, macro, ma... [<-- echoing word] ;)

    Psych_ -- posted 05-15-2001 12:41 PM is there anyway for me to set a macro to target my pet automatically? then tell it to sit, guard attack or what have you?

    Ordieth117 -- posted 05-15-2001 12:56 PM /pet target
    targets your pet

    LiLOLMe -- posted 05-15-2001 12:56 PM "/pet target" will target your pet. Hitting the F1 key twice will also. You don't have to have your pet targeted to issue commands. They just need to be "within range". Seems about 'voice' distance.
    That "/pet target" was rather unused, but now that we don't see "Jabonner01" just "Jabonner" then the "%T" and it's variants will make for some nice emoted and roleplay macros.
    Look for the manual supplement file for all the "%T" type commands, I don't know them all. Or maybe a macro guru can post them here. "%T" is a variable filled with the name of your target when it is shown to everyone in the text window. So:
    /say Hey %T! Whatssssssss up!
    with Jabonner targeted would be
    Solandso says "Hey Jabonner! Whatssssssss up!"
    to everyone in hearing range.
    There are ones for the correct pronoun (he/her/it) or possessive (his/hers/its). Bunch of others too. All based on your target.

    Aanluil -- posted 05-15-2001 01:05 PM Any command that outputs to an open channel (eg say, auction, ooc, shout, etc) seems to have a built-in server-side anti-spam filter. If you have two /say commands in a macro, one after the other, you will see both. But the people on the server will only see the first one. Unless you have tested macros with a friend, this is a sneaky bug to watch out for... :(
    So, when making a macro:
    - Don't put two /say and/or /pet commands one after the other
    - Don't put two emotes one after the other (premade or custom emotes)
    - Don't put two /auctions one after the other
    - Don't put two /oocs one after the other
    - Don't put two /shouts one after the other
    (Comment: the /pet commands are actually recognized on the server as /say commands that don't get broadcast. So a /say command then a /pet command acts like two /say commands and one gets filtered out.)
    Some of the most fun macros I've made are customized macros for dealing with my pets (when I play my mage.)
    For example:
    /target pet
    /say Stop that, %T right now! Back off!!!
    This works because I have a command, then an emote, then a say.
    Why and how does this macro work?
    First, I use the /target command to target the pet. Then, I give the /glare emote with my pet as the target so it emotes "Umlarka glares icily at Jabober". Then, I talk out loud to my pet and include the pet command trigger words in the sentence so I say "Stop that, Jabober right now! Back off!!!" and then my pet will respond to the pet command with "Sorry master, calming down".
    Because this macro targets the pet and then uses the /pet trigger words "back off" it acts exactly like using the command:
    /pet back off
    but it's much more fun to emote to your pet and talk to it. Unfortunately the delays introduced by the extra commands in the macro don't make it practical or safe for use in actual combat. But it's fun for roleplaying because you talk to your pet and emote to your pet and the pet responds. :) (eg. "Sorry master, calming down")
    It's a great way to develop and express your character's personality. :)
    Try similar emote hotkeys with the other pet commands for some great roleplaying fun. You can really express the personality of your character by using a variety of emotes to talk to your pet. :)
    Other pet control commands are:
    /pet attack [%T] <-- optional target included
    /pet kill [%T] <-- optional target included
    Including the target as a name rather than the %T with the pet command changes the behaviour of the pet a little. For example, if you use '/pet kill a moss snake' then your pet will go nuts and spontaneously chase down not just one, but ALL moss snakes in the area. However, targetting a specific moss snake then using /pet attack or /pet attack %T will make it only attack that one snake. I haven't tested this in about six months though so it might have been changed.
    /pet get lost
    /pet back off
    /pet guard here
    /pet guard me
    /pet as you were
    /pet follow me
    /pet sit down
    /pet stand up
    The key words after the /pet command can be used anywhere in a sentence. As long as you have your pet targetted, it will ignore the rest of the sentence and react to the key words. eg:
    /say I always get lost around here
    This will kill your pet if you have it targetted because the key words "GET LOST" are in the sentence... So it acts like /pet get lost and makes your pet suicide. You have to be careful when making macros that target your pet. But if you are careful, you can have lots of fun. :)
    This works for necro pets, shadowknight pets, mage pets, and charmed pets (druid animal pets, enchanter charm pets, bard charm pets). Enchanter pets aren't actually pets. They are uncontrollable animations so pet commands don't work unfortunately.

    By the way, the variables are located in your EQManual_Supplement.TXT file in your Everquest directory. You can embed them into /say or /emote commands for some more customized sentences.
    %T - replaces this with your current target
    %R - replaces this with your target's race (only works for players)
    %O - replaces this with your target's objective pronoun
    %S - replaces this with your target's subjective pronoun
    %P - replaces this with your target's posessive pronoun
    Macros can be lots of fun! Experiment and find out. :)
    Aanluil Lumiaria, Erollisi Marr

    shakana -- posted 05-15-2001 01:18 PM Datay, I'm not sure what abbrevations you are talking this thread in particular or elsewhere?
    Psych_, you don't need to target your pet in order to command it to do stuff (attack, back off, etc). You do however have to be within a certain distance range of your pet, he can't hear you if you are too far away.
    The info below, is once again re-posted from the Patch Message of Sept. 28, 2000, except for %M which is fairly new.
    [Start Quote Here]
    ***Pauses in Socials***
    You may now enter pauses in social batches with the /pause command. /pause takes an argument from 1 to 600, with the value being equal to the number of tenths of seconds (i.e. /pause 100 will yield a 10 second pause).
    For example, a social consisting of:
    /sit off
    /cast 1
    /pause 100
    /sit on
    ...would cause you to stand up, cast the spell in slot 1, wait 10 seconds after you've STARTED casting the spell, and sit down.
    Furthermore, you can also use the /pause command on the same line as another social by separating the commands with a comma. Even though the pause command is specified first, it is executed AFTER the command on the same line.
    For example:
    /sit off
    /pause 100,/cast 1
    /sit on
    ...would have the same effect as the example above. It is important to note that the comma can only be used to separate a /pause command from another, and MUST be specified first on the line.
    ***Emote Codes***
    The new %-codes are:
    %T - Returns the current target.
    %S - Returns the subjective gender-specific pronoun for the target (He, She, It).
    %O - Returns the objective gender-specific pronoun for the target (Him, Her, It).
    %P - Returns the posessive gender-specific pronoun for the target (His, Her, Its).
    %R - Returns the race of the target (only works on Player characters).
    For example, if you have a target of "a gnoll", the following emote:
    /point say points at %T indicating that he is ready to kill %O.
    ...Your character will execute the "point" animation with a text output of "CharacterName points at a gnoll indicating that he is ready to kill it."
    [End Quote Here]
    %M will now return you're pets name, if you have one, and "Pet" if you don't.
    (Similar to %T returning name of target, or "Target" when there is no target.)

    Jynx_ -- posted 05-15-2001 02:35 PM 255 character limit? Don't I wish.
    I'll have to count the number of characters it allows me to type on one line, but its more like 30.
    I have often run out of room typing announcements I want to make to my guild, etc.
    /gu Hail! I wanted to tell y'all a few
    /pause 10
    /gu things that are upcoming that I need
    /pause 10
    /gu to let you know about. If you have
    *next macro*
    blah blah, whatever I'm announcing. MOTD, sure, but who wants to have 7 lines of text for the guild MOTD? No thanks.
    It may not be exactly that short, but its pretty close. Quite annoying, but I work arround it. Either way, it is very useful and very powerful tool. Now, if only I could make recursive macro calls ... hrmmm ...

    Sir_Yakk -- posted 05-15-2001 02:53 PM A few things:
    GSays don't seem to have the anti-spam filter, I think. Test it out yourself, with a friend.
    Try not using /say to order your pet, to avoid the spam-filter. Use /g or /em:
    /pet attack
    /em gestures for %M to attack %T.
    is often good enough.
    There is a min delay between macro commands - put the command that matters first. Ie, /cast and /pet commands go +first+.
    The datafile (.opt) has room for 8 character titles and 59 character lines, but the in-game editor only allows you 6 and about 30. You can see this in one of the precanned emotes - it has an 8 character title. If anyone cares, I can give you a struct (in C) that is the layout of the data in the .opt file... Not that useful unless you are a programmer, tho. :p

    Oriion -- posted 05-15-2001 03:39 PM "I could also use this macro to check people's levels and class quickly (if they don't have /anon on)."
    You can do this part with the "/whotarget" command.

    a_disgruntled_Orc03 -- posted 05-15-2001 03:50 PM Whoa, what's this? A blue name? Did I miss something?
    Great guides here on macros. Learn to love them, they make your life sooooo much easier.
    **Common uses for macros:**
    /gsay Healing %T
    /cast # (where # is the spell slot number of your heal spell)
    Useful for when you have more than one healer in the group, avoids confusion.
    /gsay Incoming %t!
    This is a vital one for pullers. Only the worst pullers don't have pulling hotkeys.
    /target maintank
    /gsay Assisting %t!
    You have to set it up exactly like this, or else you'll end up saying "Assisting a dervish cutthroat!" which is just weird. NECESSARY in high-level groups so you don't break mez.
    /gsay Look at this %t! I pity tha foo!
    Just a fun thing. I see lots of these "taunting" macros.

    Aanluil -- posted 05-15-2001 07:25 PM /doability 1/2/3/4/5/6
    Basically, this acts as if you pressed the a hotkey containing the ability. When you use ALT-M to bring up the Menu, then click on Abilities, then the abilities are listed in this order
    [1] [2]
    [3] [4]
    [5] [6]
    So if you put Sense Heading in box 1, then using the command '/doability 1' will act like pressing the Sense Heading button.
    It's most useful for classes like rogues and monks that have lots of abilities. For example to make an Evade macro, do something like this:
    /attack OFF
    /g Evading [ %T ]
    /doability 6 (or whichever ability menu slot you assigned to your Hide skill)
    /attack ON
    This macro will turn off autoattack (since you only ever use Evade while in melee with a creature), let the group know you are about to evade (clerics and wizards sometimes get hit if they have done more damage than the tanks so it's nice to warn them) and then hits the Hide ability (which acts like Evade when in combat) and then turns autoattack back on.
    Hope this helps! :)
    Aanluil Lumiaria, Erollisi Marr
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    On the old forum posts that reached 1000 replies would break the forum completely... One of the scalability issues that probably prompted SoE to move away from UBB to this forum instead.

    Could be why your post was deleted.
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    Cool, would be NICE if they have a 'game guides' section exactly for things like this. We can hope that's one of the new boards they will open in the near future.
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    Vendric-AC -- posted 05-15-2001 07:36 PM Yes, /doability works. Here's an example of some of the ones I made for my rogue:
    Note: Hide is in ability slot 1 (the first button) and Sneak is in ability slot 2 (the second button)
    /doability 1
    The above is my Evade hotkey. Turns attack off, Hides then turns attack back on.... :)
    /doability 1
    /doability 2
    /doability 1
    /doability 2
    The above is my training hotkey. I use it to train Hide and Sneak when I'm just standing around. Turns Hide on, Sneak on, Hide off, Sneak off. :)
    /doability 3
    My pickpockets hotkey. You can't pickpocket while attacking. So, with PickPockets in slot 3 I made this hotkey. :)
    /doability 4
    It's so much fun foraging food while fighting, hehe. Kind of makes more sense than pickpocketing meat off of a mob you haven't finished killing yet. Obviously Forage is in slot 4. :)
    /doability 1
    /doability 2
    The above is my "Invisibility" hotkey, hehe. Turns hide on, sneak on then makes me say "Poof!" the apostrophy is a shorter way to insert a /say command. :)
    /doability 5
    /doability 6
    Trains my sense heading and sense traps at one time. Of course you could also do this one:
    /doability 3
    /doability 5
    Which would pickpocket and sense heading in one macro. Handy for training skills while you fight. :)
    One big thing people forget is that inventory slots can be made into hotkeys. Click and hold on any inventory slot and then it appears on your cursor. Just put in on a hotkey slot and bingo, an inventory slot on your hotkey bar. So, with that said here's my hotkey bank I use when I don't want to keep a piercing weapon in my primary hand, hehe:
    Hotkey 1: Hide ability button from the abilities window
    Hotkey 2: Sneak ability button from the abilities window
    Hotkey 3: Evade macro like above
    Hotkey 4: Assist macro
    Hotkey 5: Instill Doubt combat button from the combat window
    Hotkey 6: Backstab combat button from the combat window
    Hotkey 7: Primary Weapon Inventory Slot
    Hotkey 8: General Inventory Slot 8
    Hotkey 9: PP pickpockets macro as stated above
    Hotkey 10: Food forage macro as stated above
    Here I am a rogue dual wielding Short Sword of the Yakesha's, heh. So right below my backstab hotkey I see a yakesha equipped in hotkey 7 and in slot 8 I see a harpoon of the depths.
    I'd pick up the harpoon on my mouse cursor and any time backstab refreshed I click my cursor on slot 7, dropping the harpoon into my primary weapon slot and picking up the yakesha, then I'd click the backstab button, then click back on slot 7 and drop the yakesha back in and pick up the harpoon.
    Basically I was wielding 2 slashing weapons and any time backstab refreshed I swapped out so that I had a piercing weapon in hand, backstabbed and swapped back to one hand slashing. This way I could train slashing in both hands, get great damage and still backstab. And for the most part it happened so fast that people never saw the harpoon. Way too many people asked how I was backstabbing with a slashing weapon lol. :)
    Warriors often do this with shields to bash while they dual wield...nifty trick eh?

    Vendric Ravenkrest
    55 Revenant of Hate
    Lythe Sylverthorne
    27 Rogue
    Ancient Council - Saryrn

    Snaproll -- posted 05-15-2001 07:43 PM I have a question about macros that I'm hoping someone can answer. I'll try to explain clearly, but it's a bit complicated. I have divided my spell book into seperate sections (DD,BUFF,PORT,etc.) and each section is several pages after the section before it, so there is room in each section to add more spells. To access the individual sections, I made a page of hotbuttons with commands /page 17 or whatever the first page of the section I want is. I made one hot button for each section and then put them all in the 10th set of hotbuttons that are available. What this amounts to is that when I sit down, I have to switch to the hotkey page with these commands to bring up individual sections, and after I'm done memming and stand up to fight, I have to go back to the hot button page with all of the things I need for fighting. I hope thats clear.
    So my question is this: I want to make a hotkey that is equivalent to the "Spells" hot key but that when I press it, I sit down and med and then it switches me to the page with all of my section hot buttons. I would also make a corresponding hot button that I could press to stand up and that would automatically take me back to my main page.
    This is all very confusing. I guess the real point is this: is there a command that you can type in to switch to a certain page of hot buttons, like say /hot 2 for the second page? Using this as an example my two buttons would look like this:
    name "Spells"
    /page 1 (To start medding)
    /hot 10 (for the 10th page of hot buttons where my spell sections are)
    name "Stand"
    /stand (to stand)
    /hot 1 (to switch back to the main hot button page)
    I hope that makes sense! Thanks for your help!
    Seventh Hammer

    VannA -- posted 05-15-2001 07:58 PM NO, Do not believe that there is a method of triggering hot keys with text commands.
    VI would not allow this, as it would introduce cyclic macro's
    Macro 1
    /doability 1
    /pause 600
    /hot 1
    This macro would just keep going. allowing you to train CONTINOUSLY and probably locking up any other actions.
    Arzosah Lorezhaz
    PR Manager for the Southern Legion
    30th Ranger of Tunare
    Master Fletcher (187), Master Brewer (145) Master Dier (250) - Ranger Skillz

    Vendric-AC -- posted 05-15-2001 08:00 PM /hot isn't a command, sorry. You can use SHIFT+# meaning hold shift and hit the number of hotkey bank you want to switch to. I reassigned all of my SHIFT, ALT and CONTROL combinations to also work with the number pad on my keyboard. So, it makes life pretty easy. Then I put important hotkeys in the slot corosponding to their hotkey bank number.
    For example when I have a Reaper of the Dead handy I have it in slot 6 on bank 6. Then I only need to hit "SHIFT+6, 6" on my keyboard to activate the instant effect. Makes hotkey transition really fast...

    cbbrlb -- posted 05-16-2001 01:39 AM My favorite hotkey macro is for practicing sense heading. Now you might say why bother, but it actually is useful when you've trained it enough. My sense heading is at 200 and I do use it quite often. The hotkey is set up like this:
    /pause 25, /doability 1
    /pause 25, /doability 1
    /pause 25, /doability 1
    /pause 25, /doability 1
    /pause 25, /doability 1
    I have set up sense heading as my #1 ability, but you can put in what ever number your sense ability is. Every time I sit and meditate, I start hitting my sense heading hotkey. If I am running through a zone, keep hitting my hotkey. Hit once, put in 5 practices. That adds up quite quickly. I was in my late 30's before I even began doing this with regularity. So, you can see that it adds up very quickly. Plus gives you something to do while you sit and recover mana or hp's.
    Myli Delcorazon Elders Council
    Level 51 WE Druid

    Stoutfoot -- posted 05-16-2001 02:36 AM My most important of my macros, the one I use for EVERY of my character is
    /doability 1 (with Sense Heading put on the first ability button)
    So, while I navigate through the zones by loc, I practice Sense Heading at the same time. After putting 5 practice points into Sense heading at level 3, Sense Heading goes up fast enough for my characters that way, as I use /loc quite a lot. Sense Heading skill is maxed out for all of my characters.
    Note: This is not really needed as much as it once was because all charactes start with 200 in Sense Heading. The /LOC funcation can still be useful if you need to do a CR and want to be 100% positive where your body is.

    Shihalude -- posted 05-16-2001 06:38 AM AHH, the post I have been looking for!!
    Thank you.
    I have tried to chain cast but have trouble with the med part, I have tried things like
    /cast 1 (tash)
    /pause 50
    /cast 4 (root)
    this does not work but how do I go from medding to casting back to medding, like a cleric would for healing in one macro?
    Thank you

    Marrissa I don't think "/stand" works.
    /sit off
    is the correct command to stand up.

    Shihalude Thanks again
    /sit off
    /cast 1
    this worked. I am content now :)

    Barn522 (moved closer to the original post) FYI
    Have to add.. earlier in the post someone said that the command /stand doesn't work. After the introduction of luclin the command is now active. It makes more sense that typing /sit off.

    Mazteer -- posted 05-16-2001 07:37 AM I'll answer the question on the spell book since I know what you mean...
    My enchanter has his main spells on the 1st page. these are the ones he normally used.
    However, he has most of his illusions on pages 3-6, he has utility spells (enduring breath, stamina buff, charisma buff etc) on pages 7 and 8,, etc.
    I have on hotkey page 10 the following buttons
    1)ilus (my illusion spells)
    /book 3
    (this opens my spell book right to my illusions list. does not matter if I am standing or sitting)
    2)util (utility spells)
    /book 7
    3) Buff (shield buffs like shade, resist magic etc)
    /book 11
    4) eyes (any spell icon that looks like an eyeball)
    /book 13
    That way, if I am in a fight, and my illusion drops, and I suddenly discover it is midnight... being an erudite, this could spell trouble.
    So I can hit either my ilus button, or my eyes button, and the book opens right to the page I need for a quick eyeball fixer.
    Hope this helped
    Mazteer Cazteer
    45 Erudite Enchanter

    LiLOLMe -- posted 05-16-2001 05:49 PM Snaproll,
    As someone said, you can't do that (change hot-button banks) via a macro. But! There are several gaming devices that will let you program keystrokes to buttons. Combine this with macros and you should get the effect you are looking for.
    Thanks for the anti-spam coding work-around y'all. Knowing that /em and /say are on two separate channels, and /say and /pet are the same chat channel really helps me a lot. By using the suggestions given here, I was able to remove many of the "/pause xx" lines from my macros that where making them unreliable.

    suzie -- posted 05-17-2001 08:17 AM For all you healers, put the heal first. That way if you switch targets the "/g healing %T" might say healing an orc pawn, but you still healed your target.
    For my rogue I love my MUG hot key:
    /doability 7
    /attack off
    /doability 4
    /attack on
    /doability 1
    This backstabs, stops attacking , pickpockets, attacks, then either sense heading, disarm, or anyother skill that need to be worked on.
    However now that I have gotten an FBSS it has screwed up the timing on the pickpickets and need to have a pause added to line 2. I just hate pauses because it keeps me from usiing other hotkeys in lag.

    TessaRayn -- posted 05-17-2001 08:46 AM Mmm...Macros.../drool
    I have quite a few Macros set up on my character. However, I have noticed one slight glitch -

    Whenever I have two commands on one macro, and I execute that macro, my chat screen totally freaks out - it starts jolting back and forth and I can't read a darn thing. Not a very good thing to have happen when I'm getting my butt kicked and need to read my location!
    Is this what the guy before was talking about? Should I put a /pause command between my macro lines? However, the two commands I have on one macro are not the same - for example - I have one macro set up to /yell and /loc (just in case I die while yelling for help. :p ) and the screen still flips out.
    Anyone else have issues with this??

    suzie -- posted 05-17-2001 10:52 AM You have 10 doabilties. The first 6 are in the Ablities area. Then next 4 are in the combat heading.
    It looks like this:
    [1] [2]
    [3] [4]
    [5] [6]
    [melee] [range attack]
    [7] [8]
    [9] [10]

    I have not figured out how to use range attacks in a macro.
    Hope this helps.

    Lleylia_Vazaelle -- posted 05-17-2001 11:10 AM I use a lot of macros for my rogue and druid. Here are the ones I use... though I have never noticed the anti-spam filter thing. I'll have to ask about that.
    /attack off
    /do ability # [pickpocket]
    /do ability # [hide]
    /em evades %T and disappears into the shadows.
    /attack on
    /do ability # [hide]
    /em disappears into the shadows.
    /say Might someone be kind enough to help me?
    /say %T is chasing me down!
    /gsay * * * * *
    /gsay Prepare thyselves, %T is after me!
    /gsay * * * * *
    HEAL 1:
    /cast # [healing spell slot]
    /gsay May the blessings of Tunare heal thee %T.
    /cast # [root slot]
    /gsay May vines and roots trap thee %T!
    /cast # [snare slot]
    /gsay Vines, roots! Slow down %T!

    I also make A LOT of roleplaying emotes using the various animations by customizing them for myself.

    _Vaelie -- posted 05-17-2001 11:35 AM Feign Death Hotkey
    /attack off
    /doability # ( Whatever the ability number is )
    This makes it very handy for using FD ;)

    LiLOLMe -- posted 05-17-2001 06:07 PM TessaRayn,
    Yes, my chat box freaks out too. But only in the windowed mode (default display). Full-screen doesn't do that. (HUD mode? Where most of the stuff is see-thru and you can move it around. Ah..if you have Velious.)
    The "/pause" command, or even the order of commands doesn't change that behavior. It kept me from using multi-line macros very much for a long time. I figured that it would mess something else up too. But, it never did that I could tell.

    Jaeden_Avengarious -- posted 05-18-2001 01:46 AM KeeperII:
    I'm working on a couple everquest profiles, trying to fine tune them. Here is what I do so far:
    Put my 6 most used spells/items in hot1(I use gsays so people know who is being healed/affected.)
    Slam Heal(s1)
    My DD(s2) Root(s4)
    Assist Locate
    On the First Alt key, I change hotbanks(shift + #)
    On the second I target party members.
    I don't know what I am going to do with the third yet. Might do some misc. stuff and apply hot banks 7-10.

    Codsall -- posted 05-18-2001 03:31 AM Whilst a macro that does things like :
    turning auto attack off and then feigning death
    message to group to say 'using mend' and then mend. (clerics like to know if there target is about to heal themselves)
    are both very useful. I was wondering if there is a method of 'greying' out the social button?
    I like to know when I can use either fd or mend again. There are two ways around this:
    1, to put in a pause for the length of time before the skill resets and then a little emote/message to myself so that I know the skill is useable again.
    2. to set another button on the hotkey bank to the actual skill being used. This will be greyed out when the social is used and hence I can see when it comes back.
    There are obviously bad side effects to both methods however, and the ability to do /grey the button, /pause X, /ungrey would help alot.
    So just wondering if anyone else has a method to get round this?

    popole -- posted 05-18-2001 04:36 AM Hello There,
    As i play on 2 different PCs, i wander wich file should I copy to install hotkeys on both PC.
    Is there any way we can work on hotkeys off-line?
    Panoramix 51 druid
    Druzzil Ro

    Ordieth117 -- posted 05-18-2001 05:49 AM If you use the /pause to grey out the social macro (such as "I'm mending"), then you are UNABLE to use any other macros while that one's paused. That's right, zilp, zilch, zero! You will be helpless (as far as macros go) for the duration of the /pause.
    Using /pause should really only be for seperating commands to make it so you're not spamming a channel (which is caught by the spam filter).

    LiLOLMe -- posted 05-18-2001 03:59 PM popole,
    Look in your EQ folder for a file with the PC's name you want to copy. It will have some number after it. This is Verant's server number. If there are more than one file, use the latest. Whenever Verant changes your servers number, the EQ client will generate a new file. If ever you log in and all your hot keys are gone, or are in an older configuration, then it means your server was re-numbered. (Happened to Tunare twice.)
    I think the file name format is "[pcname_servernumber].opt" so for me it's "Reptanis_47.opt".
    It is possible to edit your macros off-line, but not directly. Any hex-editing application will allow you to do this. If you've never hex-edited a file before, then experiment at your own risk. Make a copy of the "*.opt" file you want to mess with and put it in some other folder first so you have a back-up. My hex editing skills are not up to a "hex-edit 101". It's not as straight forward as editing a text file, but not as complicated as programing.
    I've seen a few posts that claimed they were working on a program to allow off-line macro editing, but have yet to see one available.
    With all that said, one really doesn't need one. There is no way one can properly test a macro off-line. And, as one can't edit a macro line (only replace it) you end up creating more work for yourself by doing it off-line.
    Nice page:
    Thanks for taking the time and the effort to share with everyone.

    sashara-vazaelle -- posted 07-02-2001 10:47 AM The files you want to copie are *.opt also the new friends lists are chrnam_server#.ini
    Note: ~Ten -- You only have to edit the chrnam_server#.ini file. You will still need to make a backup beacuse EQ does not order the lines in the .ini file. Because they are sometimes out of order you may make mistakes easier. If you know how to use the sort functon in a program like word or excel you might want to copy just the macro text to those programs to do a quick sort before you start your edit.

    WiCkEdNeSs -- posted 05-20-2001 09:07 PM Aside from the Loc/sense heading combo previously mentioned, I have a macro with
    and while in a group I throw my charm song command in with a gsay to let ppl know not waste mana on that mob (see templates above for heals and such)
  5. ARCHIVED-Braelinea Guest

    There's some good stuff in there. I wish I saw that back when my mage was RP'd as ecentric. Thanks for posting it.
  6. ARCHIVED-Tenludar Guest

    TalBhey -- posted 07-02-2001 08:41 AM Just wrote a handy one for using the "Renew Elements" line of mage pretty nice.
    Keep an eye on your pet's health status with a key containing:
    /pet report health
    Depending on what type of pet you're using, how quickly he's taking damage, and the potency of your most powerful renew spell, pick a "trigger" percentage (between 40% and 50% health is my trigger point, allowing for a fizzle) and fire off the following macro:
    /pet target ~~ targets your pet
    /cast 5 ~~ casts slot 5 where Renew Elements is
    /pause 35 ~~ 3 second cast time plus a half second to account for lag, you may have to adjust
    /assist %m ~~ retargets current mob your pet is working on so you may resume nukage. :)

    This will automatically target your pet, cast your Renew Elements, then re-target the bad guy.

    Hope this helps! Good thread! Keep it rolling!
    Talbhey :)

    Nokster -- posted 07-02-2001 10:26 AM One thing I haven't seen yet that I have a ball with and that is changing the action emotes text. Example:
    /salute say lifts his weapon and clumsily bonks himself on the head.
    This does the salute action and says "Noknok lifts his weapon ...."
    Many of the emotes are somewhat noble in nature and playing a stoopid evul trull they just don't fit so I like to customize them up a bit.
    A note, you cannot do this with a /pause on the same line.
    /pause30, /salute say .....
    Jist don't wurk!
    Also, all the action emotes I have played with require you have something targeted even if you don't use it in your emote.
    Noknok Hoodarr
    47th Trull Shammie

    zel45 -- posted 07-02-2001 12:45 PM Instead of /doability, just plain /do works.
    I have a foraging and psell practice macro I used to up my druid's spell skills while I was foraging for m.dew.
    /do 3
    /pause xx, /cast x
    /pause xx, /cast x
    /pause xx, /cast x
    /pause xx, /cast x
    So I would forage, then cast the same spell 4 times.

    Infinate_Loop_ -- posted 07-14-2001 07:47 PM One thing that I've started doing is using the alternate key binding for your keyboard to use on different hotkeys.
    While in game, in the windowed mode, click on Options. Go to Keyboard. Click on next until you see the group of options for User Defined 1 through 10. By clicking on a user-defined section with the Right mouse key, you will be able to bind a second key to that hotkey slot.
    What I've done is I've set up a hotkey for my Sense traps and sense heading.
    /doability 1 (sense traps)
    /doability 2 (sense heading)
    /pause 30, /doability 2
    /pause 30, /doability 2
    /doability 1
    I've mapped this hot key to the Num. Pad 4 key, since I use my keyboard and not my mouse for steering. Now, each time I move to the left, be it a turn or a minor adjustment, I'm using my sense traps and sense heading. I've maxed out my skills very quickly this way.
    Some other suggestions would be to bind your forward key (for me Num. Pad 8) to your hide hotkey, or what ever else you want to increase quickly.

    Cowpewter -- posted 07-15-2001 06:57 AM I've heard that there is a way to make auction macros that are longer than one line in the editor. How do you do this?
    If I'm selling multiple stuff, or want to give more info on what I'm selling, I either have to type it all everytime, use shift+up to find the last time I said it, or use a macro that splits up all the info on separate lines, ie:
    Khariana auctions, ....
    Khariana auctions, ....
    Khariana auctions, ....
    There must be a better way!

    Ordieth117 Tang & Cowpeter,
    I haven't yet found a way to have a multi-line auction without either having on seperate "so&so auctions:" or using the shift-up way. I don't believe there is one, either, which is rather unfortunate.

    Stryfe002 -- posted 07-16-2001 11:14 AM All of you say the /pause xx command is based on xx = 10 = 1 sec., xx= 20= 2sec., etc. However, i play a cleric and I have set-up macros for casting my heals, I.E.:
    /sit off
    Complete Healing -- %T --
    /cast 3
    /pause 85
    The odd thing here is, CH is a 10 second cast time, so the /pause command should be /pause 100, but i have found that /pause 85 is almost if not exactly to the millisecond when CH stops casting and I can sit. so this brings me to beleive that the /pause command may be off in some way, or I am just so l33t i can cast faster than it supposed to...*shrug* just thought this was kinda odd.
    Note: ~Ten -- Stryfe002 might have had a 15% spell haste item on and not relized it.

    Ordieth117 -- posted 07-16-2001 11:29 AM Strayfe,
    Your channel ability and wisdom can both factor in to the casting cost, also if you're specialized in alteration, that might make a difference too.

    My wife and I were making macros to practice divination while fishing. Her cleric's wisdom is higher than my enchanter's intelligence. My enchanter was higher level, and had higher capped skills already (no specialization yet), and yet her /pause could be lower than mine.

    Stryfe002 -- posted 07-16-2001 11:40 AM So channeling affects casting time? I am 99% sure that your specialization skill doesnt affect casting time because Verant has already told us that it only affects Mana cost and your chance to be interupted...
    I'm not a newbie or anything, i have a 50+ character (newbie to some I guess) but I've never done any real research or anything.
    Thx for the reply =)

    JackTheBodiless -- posted 07-17-2001 07:35 AM I have been trying to set up a Sence Head macro.
    Currently this is what I have set:
    /do 2
    /pause 20
    /do 2
    /pause 20
    /do 2
    But i thought that /pause could share a line? So I tried the following and it did not work.
    /do 2
    /pause 20, /do 2
    /pause 20, /do 2
    /pause 20, /do 2
    /pause 20, /do 2
    /do 2, /pause 20
    /do 2, /pause 20
    /do 2, /pause 20
    /do 2, /pause 20
    /do 2
    Can anyone help me with this?

    shakana -- posted 07-17-2001 07:52 AM You can use the /pause command on the same line as another social by separating the commands with a comma. Even though the pause command is specified first, it is executed AFTER the command on the same line.
    So, in your case, you might want to try:
    /pause 30,/do 2
    /pause 30,/do 2
    /pause 30,/do 2
    /pause 30,/do 2
    /pause 30,/do 2
    This will do ability 2, pause 3 seconds, do ability 2, pause 3 seconds, etc. Experiment with longer/shorter pause times.

    ille_pugil21 -- posted 07-26-2001 07:34 AM how do I map a macro to a keypress (I'm a complete newbie). I want to map sense heading to my up arrow (similar to above post), but I'm not sure how to do this. Any help will be muchly appreciated.
    Note: ~Ten -- An explinations was given using the old interface so it was removed. Now all you do is open your options menu (Ctrl-O) and click on the keyboard tab. Click on the secondary slot next to the correct hotbutton you can press the new button you want to assign an an alternate. It will turn red if you already have another function assigned to the same key. IMPORTANT! (posted by Ordieth117) This will cause you to use hotkey 1 whenever you press the up arrow, NO MATTER what hotkey page you're on (0-9). So you should have your sense headding key mapped to hotkey-1 on all 10 pages of your hotkey pages, if you're going to do this.

    Invidious -- posted 09-21-2001 05:05 AM I've been playing for 5 months and still don't know how this is done. How to you extend text in a macro to go beyond that allowed on one line? IE I see people doing /auction obviously using macros as they repeat VERY long single sentences verbatim in the /auc channel. Longer than that allowed in one of the single 5 lines of a macro. Is there some command that let's you join lines together to appear as a seamless whole?

    DireWolf19 -- posted 09-21-2001 01:20 PM shift + arrow keys cycles through statements you have already typed. It isn't a macro

    Leiah -- posted 09-25-2001 06:22 PM Okay, I have a small macro problem and I'm not sure what to do.
    Barb Rogue, I just hit level 7. Want to mess with pickpocket. Now, during battle I have a "beg" macro:
    /do 2
    So it interrupts battle for just a sec to beg - nice unobtrusive way to work on Beg. When I got pickpocket, I thought it'd be a cool idea to do
    /do 2
    /do 6 (pickpocket)
    But it freezes my game. I can move my arrow keys, and I can do autorun, but that's it. And it doesn't unfreeze. I have to press ctrl-alt-delete and close EQ like that. I tried reversing the order (I got the lines "your attempt at begging was unsuccesful" followed by "it is too soon to steal"), and instead I got "your attempt at stealing was unsuccesful" and "it is too soon to beg". And it still froze up.
    I suppose I could enter a /pause, but the whole point of having this macro is that it doesn't really interrupt the battle. Ideas? Advice? Anyone?

    Goladus -- posted 09-25-2001 07:56 PM It looks like begging and pickpocketing are linked. I would forward this question to Ester and Absor in the QA/Developers forums, or at least run a search of what they have got over there.

    Leiah -- posted 09-26-2001 02:13 AM When I was playing tonight - I hit level 8! woot! - I petitioned and explained the whole beg/pickpocket thing. One of the GMs replied and basically told me that it shouldn't do that, and that it must be some sort of error, and that I should contact tech support. I'm gonna wait and see if it's addressed in the developer's corner before I email tech support, though.
    Anyone have some first-hand experience with this that they could share?

    ajpitz -- posted 01-02-2002 02:38 PM As a cleric I often stare at my groups hp's while I heal. If you are healing in a tense situation with macros a fizzle will kill someone. I'd suggest this...
    /sit off
    /cast 1 (your healing spell)
    /gt Healing %t (heal, Gheal, Cheal, etc)
    /delay 10
    /cast 1
    this way if your spell fizzles you will automatically recast the healing spell. If it doesn't, nothing bad happens. Very handy, and your group mates will thank you.

    shakana -- posted 01-03-2002 12:58 PM /delay? I guess you mean /pause :)
    My druid has a healing macro that says:
    /g casting Greater Heal on --=[%T]=--
    /cast 1
    /cast 1
    /cast 1
    Tunare forbid it should fizzle more than 3 times in a row. ;)

    Sanduin -- posted 07-15-2003 11:22 PM (Moved closer to original post) this was prolly posted already, but i'll add it anyway. a nice macro to cast spells, especially really important ones like cheal, is
    1) /cast 1
    2) /g Cheal %T inc
    3) /cast 1
    can do that with any spell. the good thing about this is, even if you fizzle your first spell, the command in line 3 will still make you cast it.
    now if you fizzle two times, oh well, broken chain and dead MA ;p
    Note: ~Ten -- Yes it was posted before, but it shows that there are many ways to write the same type of macro.

    Sanduin -- posted 07-16-2003 04:45 AM (Moved closer to original post) i'll add another one, used to run cheal chains.
    let's assume we have two clerics, cleric A and cleric B, and they want to run a 7 second cheal chain. 7 second cheal chain means, every 7 seconds a cheal has to hit the tank.
    let's assume cheal is in spell slot1 for cleric A, his macro would look like
    1) /cast 1
    2) /rs CHealing %t, next is Cleric B in 7 seconds!
    3) /cast 1
    4) /pause 70
    5) /rs Cleric B CAST NOW
    Cleric B would have a similiar macro, only that it would say CLERIC A CAST NOW in the end.
    once the chain has started, all clerics need to do is watch for their name to pop up, and hit their macro. every 7 seconds a cheal will hit the cleric's target. makes playing a cleric in chains really easy.
    try out the actual /pause delay, tho. 70 should, but usually is not, be 7 seconds. take lag and time to react into account, and adjust the number accordingly.
    i don't play a cleric myself, so i don't know the proper /pause commands. i do know that including lag and all, a 2 or 3 second chain is the fastest you can run.
    sometimes you will get 2 fizzles in a row, and since the macro is still running due to /pause, you cannot use your spell hotkey. use the mouse then ;-)

    Aedaen_D-Terris -- posted 01-03-2002 01:17 PM Telling your group what youre doing is very effective.
    /gsay Please Assist Puller MEZZING %T
    /cast 6 (Mez spell)
    But they can also be used for fun.My personal fav
    /dance say Boogie Oogie Oggie (I get alot of laughs out of that one)
    "You Emote Boogie Oogie Oogie"
    On a side note I love the new /hotbutton command introduced in Luclin
    /hotbutton Text Commands
    Drops a hotbutton on your mouse pointer. You can do colors on the text as well, have your RGB Color Chart handy.
    Aedaen Darklaef
    48th Enchanter
    Terris Thule

    Ninea -- posted 01-12-2002 12:21 PM This is a great thread, thank you all for sharing your information.... now I have a question that I've searched all over for the answer to...and I'm beginning to think it can't be done...
    My druid friend had vambraces that have a right-click effect he uses during fights... he would like to set up a macro to use it...he currently has it put in his hot-key bank in position 6 (the slot with his vambraces)...
    He's like to set up a macro to do the following
    /target tank assist
    /right click hotkey slot 6 ~~-- this is the part we can't do
    /pause xx
    Can this be done?
    Ninea Bidness
    Enchantress and extreme Klutz
    Leader of the Platinum Circle - Fennin Ro

    labboy -- posted 01-13-2002 11:03 AM Afaik, you can't activate an item through a hotkey.
    Note: ~Ten -- What you can do is place the slot on a Hotkey so you can click it from the keyboard. Put the mouse over the item you want to click. Left click and hold the item until it attaches to the mouse. place it over the hot button you want to use and click. Now you can press the hotbutton on the keyboard and it will cause the right click effect to activate. IMPORTANT! This is a copy of the slot not the item. You will need to make sure it is equipped before you use it.

    estokes1 -- posted 01-15-2002 08:48 AM Is there a way to memorize a spell in a macro?

    Koriolin -- posted 04-19-2002 07:43 PM AFAIK there is no way to memorize spells via hotkey. would be nice, but i don't think it's possible.

    CatSlayer -- posted 04-19-2002 08:35 PM No way to memorize spells but if you make a whole bank you can set your spell book up into 10 sections that you can get to in two presses of a button. Just set your most important and usefull spells at the begining of each section and use "/book ##" to get the the requested section.
    Note: ~Ten -- With the new ability to memirize up to 10 sets of spell the spells can be quickly swapped out.

    Brodybeard -- posted 05-14-2002 08:16 AM There are a couple of fairly new emote commands that my halfling cleric likes to use:
    If you target yourself, you get the message, "Soandso flexes his muscles proudly."
    I use it when he deals the rare killing blow to a mob.
    If you target yourself, you get the message, "Soandso smacks his forehead."
    And follow it with /gsay D'oh!
    Does anyone know how to make a macro to automatically target yourself? I usually forget to target myself and it screws up the results.
    using /target your character's name results in the message, "I don't see anyone around here with that name."
    I would like a macro something like this:
    /target self
    /gsay D'oh!

    Eldarion_Legends -- posted 05-19-2002 08:47 AM I'm curious as to how you use the command, /hotbutton, to create a multi-lined hotbutton, as it keeps chopping it off. It seems the only thing its good for is to create a name for a hotbutton.

    Yirrudno -- posted 07-19-2002 04:59 PM This may seem a bit off topic now, but here is my current favorite macro I have:
    /e 's equipment looks back at %T.

    Ellanon -- posted 07-19-2002 05:05 PM Hehe, I like it.
    I add /doability 1 to all of my macros. (Sense Heading)

    Venomax -- posted 07-19-2002 05:13 PM I'm glad the macro thread came back.
    Is there something wrong with the pet/leader command? I have all my pet commands on a macro so that it looks like I am speaking & they are answering but.... the '/pet who the leader' is broken. He doesn't answer me. Have I lost control? Arghhhh
    Or was it switched to different wording? I tried /pet who is the leader, /pet leader, and a few others with no success.

    Iceblossom -- posted 07-19-2002 07:20 PM Actually, I am wondering the same thing Venomax.
    Ok, I was annoyed that my chanter pet didn't say anything, but then it doesn't have any mouth or ears.
    But I was trying to get my shaman pet ro reinforce my image and he wouldn't talk either.
    All the other pet commands seem ok. I did have to change my hot keys from /pet attack %t to just /pet attack and have the prey targeted. That was after the May 8 patch.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tenludar Guest

    The-Pied-Piper -- posted 03-17-2003 10:46 AM heh heh heh is there a way to use a command on the keyboard that triggers the same effect as hitting a certain key?? Probably there isnt cause you could make a infinite loop but maby there is. it sure would be handy :)
    Note: ~Ten -- No. If you could se up in infinent macro loop, there is to much room for abuse.

    waveman -- posted 03-17-2003 11:01 AM One of my favorite macros as an enchanter is
    /pause #, /cast # (Mezz)
    /assist (tanks name)
    /pause 5
    /g Assisting (tanks name) Killing %t
    I also have a great one for warrior but cant remember exactly how I wrote it. I will post later. But it is great for upping your bash skill and still duel wielding in battle.Involves putting your secondary hand and a regular inventory slot in your hot key area.
    Great posts keep them coming
    Thuone 42nd Warrior

    waveman -- posted 03-17-2003 11:09 AM Oh and dont waste time on a Sence of heading Macro I did this for a long time befor I realised you could tie it to a movement.For example everytime you move left it will try to practice that ability.Go in options / keyboard / movement / find left or whatever you chose to tie it to / and beside it it will ask you to press a button then you hit whatever hot key you have sence of heading on in hot keys ie.. 6
    Give it a try hope I did not confuse anyone to bad.
    Happy hunting
    Thuone 42nd Warrior

    Aelfic -- posted 03-25-2003 09:22 AM Fleeting Fury macro... use for Beastlords or Shamans with dogdog:
    /pause 2, /target Player_Name
    /pause 6, /cast 4 (fleeting fury)
    /pet target
    Requires that you auto-attack on /assist. This macro will target yourself, cast fleeting fury on you, retarget the mob and allow you to continue attacking without missing a beat.

    unique_1 -- posted 07-09-2003 10:20 AM Was wondering if anyone jas figured out how to teach languages in a macro?

    Dunsel_Eci -- posted 07-09-2003 10:33 AM For teaching languages, what I've used in the past is:
    /pause 1,/gsay a
    /pause 1,/gsay a
    /pause 1,/gsay a
    /pause 1,/gsay a
    /gsay a
    This requires all students to be grouped with you and you have to set your current language before starting.
    Note: ~Ten -- The Pauses may or may not be needed depending on your system and conection type.

    JazzDJ -- posted 08-16-2003 11:25 AM I've been looking at some of the great macro info here, thanks everyone who's contributed to this wonderful thread. My question: is there a way to substitute a spell name in the macro? For example, I want a generic "buff macro" that will announce that I'm casting whatever spell is in slot 3 on a group member. That way I can swap buffs in and out of spell slot 3 and easily let folks know what I'm throwing on them. Doesn't look like there's a way to get the spell name in a variable, but it'd be nice.
    Note: ~Ten -- There is no way to currently do this. A generic message might be the way to go. "Buffing %t, stay close." They will know what spell it is when they get it.

    Marinasss -- posted 08-18-2003 08:03 AM is there a way to make 'duck' a hot button and/or put it into a macro? Typing /duck does not interrupt casting the way 'duck' in keyboard/movement command does. If not, is there any other way to make a hot button/macro that WILL interrupt a spell being cast? thanks
    Note: ~Ten -- Pressing the letter "D" on the keyboard twice will dunck and unduck you. It really can't get much easier than that.

    KoodaKrushdancer -- posted 09-05-2003 01:27 PM Saw this on another thread where someone listed that he had hotkeys for attacking specific Mobs.
    /pet attack orc slaver
    /pet attack orc centurion
    Might be useful in a train to snag the biggest baddie if you cant target him, or just are running through an area and want to see if a specific Mob is wandering....

    Samryn -- posted 09-09-2003 05:48 PM Nice work on this thread.
    I have a question. Is there a way to make a macro destroy or drop whatever is currently in your hand?
    I have a ranger that desperatly needs to work on conjuration. The only practice spell I get is dance of the fire fly (or whatever it is called). I would like to fire it off a few times in a row with a macro. But what do I do with the summoned item? Any ideas. Thanks all.

    Iceblossom -- posted 09-17-2003 02:03 PM Samryn, when you have your first summoned globe in your hand, don't do anything else with it, just hold it.
    You can continue to cast to get the skill ups without having to drop/destroy or anything.
    There is a new command to autodrop foraged goods and such (will have to trot off to find it). But it won't quite work with the globe since you can only have one.

    Mirolas-Luclin -- posted 09-17-2003 02:06 PM the command is /autoinventory and it can be macroed (god I love this for my forage button)

    johnsl -- posted 09-04-2003 02:40 AM (copied from another thread)
    /autoinventory does exactly what I wanted.
    It drops an item you are holding on the mouse pointer into your inventory - exactly as if you had moved the mouse over the 'autoequip' area in the center of the character(inventory) window and clicked the mouse.
    It is not an on / off function - it only works once and at the time you issue it.
    So you can build a script like :
    /pause 107, /doab 2 (Fish is 2 on my setup)
    /pause 107, doab 2
    /doab 2
    Which will fish 3 times without intervention.
    in fact given that you don't catch something very often it might be better to do:
    and build a script that fishes 4 times but some might fail but it clears the mouse item if there is one at the end - so you can reissue the macro repeatedly without any other intervention - this means you just hit a key once a minute or so - this is very handy if you are standing or sitting by water and having a chat etc and want to practice fishing.

    Paean -- posted 10-13-2003 11:56 AM My pet attack hotkey is:
    /pet back off
    /pet attack
    I added the /pet back off in case I get multiple mobs on a pull.
    My paladin's stun hotkey is:
    /cast 2 (first stun)
    /cast 3 (second stun)
    /cast 4 (third stun)
    If the first stun fizzles then the second stun is attempted. If that fails I try the third stun.

    Geoffos42 -- posted 10-16-2003 03:14 AM I use autoinventory when foraging - it's much better than getting something foraged in the middle of a battle and getting something stuck on the cursor. My forage macro is bound to my 'left' cursor key. The social goes ...
    /do 3
    Works a treat! :)
  8. ARCHIVED-Yan Guest

    It would be really nice if someone would do a new macro tips and tricks post as this one is full of misinformation.
    This one may be have been all we knew in 2001 but now we're wiser, right? So perhaps it would be best to let the old post fade away.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tenludar Guest

    Yan, feel free to provide corrections. There is still a lot of good information in these posts. I make notes where I knew things had changed, but I was unwilling to 100% start over, for fear of forgetting something. I also wanted to make sure that the original posters were credited for their efforts from that original thread.
  10. ARCHIVED-GrimFuture Guest

    i dunno i like the thread...really helpful thanks for bringing it back..

  11. ARCHIVED-SCBigBill Guest

    Thanks for this! I read it but did NOT save it the first time around! :smileyvery-happy:

    I realize it has some outdated information but it's a major help.
  12. ARCHIVED-Yan Guest

    Yup, there is a lot of helpful information.
    I'll just post a correction on the misinformation regarding pet commands, as those are the errors I'm sure of.
    When making a macro that has a /say followed by a /pet command, one does not have to add emotes or pauses. If you find you need to do that, there is a problem on your end. I put each command on a separate line. If you're trying to put multiple commands on one line maybe that's what's causing the problem. Working example:
    /pet back off (clears all old attack commands from queue)
    /say Puff, put the hurt on %t.
    /pet attack
    /say Park it, Puff
    /pet guard here
    They work perfectly every single time.
  13. ARCHIVED-Tenludar Guest

    Cool Yan,
    I was not sure about the pet commands when I was making the notes. I play an enchanter so my pet is pretty much a DOT that activates when I get attacked. I don't have any practical use of the /pet commands in order to see that there was a problem.
  14. ARCHIVED-Tenil-PM Guest

    ill be honest, people who put things in say for their hotkeys, tend to annoy me, i get tired of seeing the spam over and over, of "come here ye ole bag o bones and sit and protect your master"

    it gets old.
  15. ARCHIVED-Flatley Guest

    Sterling effort! Well done Tenludar! Insta-5-star (and yes, for some reason I've not read this before).
  16. ARCHIVED-The-Pied-Piper Guest

    I skimed this, but i didnt see one very usefull one for foraging Right after you forage it puts the food you got in your invintory..... I forget the delays but you can figure those out =p
    /delay <?>,/doability 1

    Im pretty sure its /autoinv "auto invintory"... Its a variation of that.. if anyone has clearer instrustions do post them after this =p... (I cant get into EQ cause of DX9 issue, or else i'd check)
  17. ARCHIVED-Tenludar Guest

    At the very bottom of my last long post is a version on the /autoinventory for foraging. My Macro looks more like yours with a "/pause 5" to compensate for the moment of lag.
  18. ARCHIVED-MagicManUK Guest

    Just to add my 2cents worth, Hotkeys and the Macros can all now be edited in notepad.

    Look in your Everquest directory for your characters INI file (charactername_servername.ini e.g. kelitre_antonius.ini) and open it in notepad.
    Hotkeys relate to a system code of which item/button/ability/social you have chosen, like E24 or H8 or B0 (that one's attack)

    Scroll down & you'll find the macros - my heal macro is listed there as:
    Page3Button11Line1=/sit off
    Page3Button11Line2=/cast 5
    Page3Button11Line3=/gs casting GH on %t. Hope you last long enough
    Page3Button11Line4=/pause 26, /cast 5
    Page3Button11Line5=/e slaps her hand on %t's forehead "Heal thy ***!"
  19. ARCHIVED-Email Guest

    One thing lacking, unless I missed it is the info on Emote Icons. These are song notes, hearts, etc, added via unicode saving of your 'socials' file. If I had time I'd search for it and add it.
  20. ARCHIVED-xpanmanx Guest

    Is it possible to include a class ability in a social macro without memming that ability onto the combat or abilities page of the Actions window?

    My macros are almost totally useless inside monster missions because the class abilities such as bash, kick, taunt need to be memmed separately for each class - and the Actions window does not appear to be recallable, as is the Hotbutton window.

    If I could just use a line of code like /doability PAL27 (from an official list of class abilities), instead of /doability 4 (from an ability memmed to the combat or abilities page of the Actions window), it would eliminate the problem.

    Of course, I might also be complete wrong in how I create my social macros.

    Any advice?

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