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  1. Ronak Augur

    We are an end-game raiding guild on Xegony: RoF complete second game-wide. We are currently farming all of RoF teir 1 and 2, as well as SoF tier 3, in 2 short days a week. We are back on farm mode after a 90 minute content pack interlude. If you have any questions regarding Machin Shin or Recruitment please contact:

    Guild Leader: Ronak
    Senior Officers: Pridewolf, Faker
    Recruitment Team/Contacts: Brzr, Taibok, Evelyse, Ryuku, Zegzag, Rasputyn, Hahlf

    Raid Times:
    Sunday 5:45 EST - 9:45 EST
    Monday 6:45 EST - 9:45 EST
    We will raid more days when progression content goes live, then resume the normal schedule as soon as possible once it is beaten.

    Currently we are looking for
    2 Bards
    1 Shaman
    1 Enchanter
    1 Beastlord

    -Level 100
    -4000 raid-related AAs. Some classes requirement more AA.
    -We are currently looking for apps who can maintain 70% plus attendance in our raid window.
    -Knowledge of how to perform your classes functions on raids and an active ability and desire to listen, learn and, above all else, improve.
    -Ability to Fade (through AA/Skill/Spell)
    -Ability to Gate
    -Ability to Invis
    -Ability to Shrink

    Loot System:
    Machin Shin uses an open auction DKP bidding system. All member DKP totals and purchases are viewable through the website by any member or applicant.

    Application Period:
    The application period for Machin Shin lasts a minimum of 30 days with 30 being the norm for active applicants. During your application period you will gain DKP and attendance just as if you were a member but you will not be able to bid with members. The bidding hierarchy is as follows: Active Members (Over 50% 30 Day RA), Inactive Members (Under 50% 30 Day RA), Applicants, Alts.

    To apply visit or contact one of the listed recruitment folks or officers in-game for details.
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    Updated. Only 10 days until the content release, the time is now!
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    9 days! Bards? /tell me.
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    Updated again.
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    Weekly update.

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