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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Monkman, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Zaviere Augur

    No more Iksar though! We have enough smelly lizards in guild :(

    Exceptions may be made for Iksar who have an obnoxiously large stash of Vah Shir illusion potions.


    All joking aside, B U M P for a great guild that gets things done. I would personally love more BARD friends to play with~
  2. Ofearl Augur

    I just want a SK to out tank me or a druid to out dps me... Are YOU that person, prove it!
  3. Angyy New Member

    Up you go! Looking for bards, druids, caster dps.. anyone exceptional will also be considered!
  4. Monkman Augur

    Recruitment is currently open to Dru/Wiz/Shm/Sk/Bard

    Always looking for top notch players outside of those classes we will make room for exceptional players.
  5. Allayna Augur

    Add Zerker!
  6. Ofearl Augur

    Send a tell, come join the fun and exciting times!
  7. Monkman Augur

    Searching for an exceptional druid(s) wizard zerker and bard who think they can hang with the best of them
  8. Allayna Augur

    I'll take an average druid and train ya to be exceptional.
  9. Monkman Augur

    Come over and register at

    Always looking for exceptional players of ALL classes!

    Come play with the best players in norrath!
  10. Monkman Augur

    Get in while we have a few spots left... currently only actively recruiting Druids and Berserkers.

    We’re always open to exceptional players of all classes, if you’re a badass we can make room

    Haven’t you always wanted to raid two nights a week only and by the time the next expansion drops have an alt in ros raid gear?

    Come pillage with us!
  11. Allayna Augur


    Come join and defeat the expansion when it's current! Gear enough for mains and alts!
    Desire and teamwork approach to min/max!
    A guild that isn't a ghost town 5 days a those other guilds!

    Are you not one of the classes listed above but still want to be Machin Shin?! If you're exceptional at your class apply today!
  12. Monkman Augur

    Druids and wizards come check out

    #4 serverwide ROS finish .. deep farm mode atm meaning most loot is going to apps or alts or tribute

    Get in now before beta starts in the fall!

    We always are looking for exceptional applicants from all classes but if you’re not a Druid or Wizard you better be ready to impress us.
  13. Allayna Augur

    Casters welcome!
  14. Monkman Augur

    Get in before beta! Now is the time to join up while we’re in farm mode!

    Raids sun/mon

    Currently clearing expansion in one night!

    Looking for a guild that’s actually active during the week we always have plenty of folks in Mumble every day and always have active guild groups running through past content.

    Currently seeking wizards Druids and bards

    Exceptional players of all classes welcome, we will make room for solid players.
  15. Monkman Augur

    Recruitment still open for exceptional players

    Druid/Wizard/Bard spots still open but filling up fast get in now before it’s too late!

    Be part of a serverwide top 5 guild as we prepare to steamroll the next expansion!
  16. Angyy New Member

    wizards and druids WRU?! :)
  17. Monkman Augur

  18. Allayna Augur

    For a limited time only - Zerker and Shaman are welcome to apply!
  19. Brassar New Member

  20. Monkman Augur

    Seeking a few select classes as well as exceptional players of all classes to come and join the fun leading into the new expansion release!

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