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    I'm on live server and looking for a place to lvl at 66. Any help would be appreciated :)
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    ^ is a joke based on it being an old Hotzone for that level range; it is not really a good one though.
    Infected Paw (aka Splitpaw), Tower of Solusek Ro, Barindu, Wall of Slaughter, Muramite Proving Grounds, Corathus Creep, Undershore, The Steppes, and Dragonscale Hills; any of those would be good though your mileage may vary depending on class and if you are solo, molo, or grouped.
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    There are a lot of guides out there -
    And many more.

    There is also the Teek daily hot zones that will give you exp and direct you to the right zone for your level.

    Also if you bring up the map in game and look in upper right it says zone guide. Click on that and it lists all the zone and off to the right of each one is recommended level.

    Nice to see you made 14 levels in 2 weeks. Don't forget blackfeather that was mentioned last time - it should still be good. Nice aug in that zone.