Lvl 109 Hell Level

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by sdeco, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. sdeco Lorekeeper

    Any suggestions where to grind this out? I box 2 chars so have slow and cc options available, tried OT but they sure have a ton of hp there.
  2. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Get a real group and grind in sathirs tomb or howling stones. :)

    Otherwise, see if gorowyn works out for you.

    109 and 110 are indeed hell-levels, so it will take a while...
  3. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    Yea I liked Sathir's :)
  4. Metanis Bad Company

    A single Gribbles is worth about 5% of level 109 with lesson burning. Doing 6 sets of 3 will earn you 110.
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  5. noclue Elder

    This is what most in my guild much for the fiction that people will be leveling in new expac zones.
  6. Gialana Augur

    To me, 108 seemed about twice as bad as 107, and 109 seemed twice as bad 108. I haven't really paid attention to 110 since I turned most experience to AA.
  7. Stephen51 Augur

    I liked Howling Stones, I haven't tried Sathir's Tomb yet though. We tried Gorowyn and got about 3% xp using vets! Think it was because some of them were quest mobs.

    If going the HA route, you might want to check out Clayton Teek in POK. He gives out two tasks every day. These tasks run alongside HA's EXCEPT Gribbles. For xp, only go for COTF ones. The xp is given at the end of the task, so be aware how the HA ends, and pop lesson just before it does, usually but not always final step is just a hail. On win you get the HA xp, plus the bonus task xp, and this includes about half a merc AA.
  8. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Only level 109 is "hell level" - needing 5-6 RoS T2 kills per regular XP percent (perhaps even 1-2 more if you are a hybrid), level 110 only require around 3 RoS T2 kills (in the same area) per regular XP percent.

    While level 109 is SLOW, i still did it the "normal" way, only having done one CotF HA followed by a gribble run with an ALT, not the MAIN, to help guildies.

    If you want to be quick (XP over time), i'm afraid there is no way around gribbles as soon as /taskt allows it, with perhaps madaxe ones in between to reduce downtime+traveltime.

    If you want to have fun though, and perhaps even use your class, then do any RoS T2 (with a group obviously).
    Since they reduced the XP in EoK (they halved it, effectively, when measured in AAXP), RoS is basically the only viable way to level past 108 - and within RoS XP is still bad (mobs only giving less than one AA per kill, about the same as EoK non-giant mobs gave before the XP nerf) so the only viable way to actually level up in anything even remotely resembling a "speedy way" is RoS T2.

    If you insist on 2-boxing, i would most likely still stick to EoK T2 - but that will be agonizingly slow, despite the higher kill rate (dead mobs per time).
  9. heruthemonk Lorekeeper

    When did they nerf the XP in EoK ? I noticed aa/kill has been drastically reduced while helping a guildie in labs this weekend ....:

    Seems inane to me , why reduce the number of zones people can use , especially when progression and armour from that xpac are a requirement if you want to max characters and see all zones ...
  10. p2aa Augur

    Hell levels ? I think people forgot what hell levels really were.
    109 was slower than 108, and 108 was slower than 107. But very far to be "hell levels".
  11. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    With the release of RoS - as they always do to herd people into the new expansion.
    Only this time, probably because of the reported problem with the "5AA per kill problem", it's even more noticeable than ever before and XP in the new expansion isn't where it "should be" either.
    Well, at least in my opinion and then viewed with an eye on difficulty/mob-HPs and comparing that to EoK (pre-release).
  12. strongbus Augur

    4 boxing i can do all 3 gnome and all 3 of the orger ones in dh in bout 3 hours so i had maybe 10-15 downtime or none at all at 109/110
  13. Hellfyres Lorekeeper

    Is the decreased exp per kill at 110 or at 105. If there is a 110 in the group you are correct they are giving less per kill because the mobs are now lblue-blue....
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I've verified with level105's - where before with capped vitality they've hit the 5AA per kill cap (FM giants), they now get 2-3 depending on class per kill.
    Similar in FM on sarnaks, where before they've gotten somewhere between 70 to over 90% AAXP per kill, they now get 30-60.
  15. Scorrpio Augur

    I dunno, only times I recall getting 3 AA per kill on giants in Lceanium was during bonus xp times - or with lesson going.
    But that is 3-boxing with mercs.
    I personally like EoK HAs in Chardok and Lab.Mobs are scaled to yellow/white, so way better kill xp than in open zone, plus a chance at a namer who drops more useful loot than the CotF HA names.
  16. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Yetis in Lcea -
    Before RoS, level 105: 1.5 AA per, solo, no Lesson, no bonus, no vitality, no pot.
    After RoS (but now 106): ~1.35 AA per, same conditions
    Now level 107: ~1.25 AA per, same conditions

    If you look at how the XP level bonus works (mobs withing 5 levels of you give bonus XP, scaled so that 5 levels over you gives a much bigger bonus than those 5 below you, and another big step down when you lose the bonus when the mob is now 6 levels below you), the numbers I've seen are very consistent. Now, I never got EoK until November, so maybe they lowered the EoK XP earlier, but they definitely didn't lower it >when< RoS came out.

    The XP drop quoted about could totally be explained by now being a higher level, and getting much less (or no) level-related XP bonus.
  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Just wait for the next level increase expansion. They will experiment with the same thing they did for tradeskilling. Instead of grinding the same mobs over and over you must complete progression in the new expansion to get level ups. EXP can only go into AAs going forward and each death causes 1% EXP loss, you must repeat in era missions or raids to recover the EXP from deaths.

    Maybe then the first 6-12 hours of expansion launch won't be spent in a group grinding old content to max level before adventuring into new content.
  18. fransisco Augur

    They already make old content give less exp dont they?
    At 105, shards landing has an exp penalty doesn't it?
  19. Gialana Augur

    At 101 and up, RoF and lower zones give less experience. After the initial patch, they said they increased the experience for higher level characters, but they didn't say by how much. And naturally, as you level, the con of the mobs in RoF zones will lower, so you'll get less experience from that.
  20. Parker Elder

    For the heroic missions that scale. Do mob hps scale as well in terms to current xpac mob hps or if the ha is say 3 or 4 xpacs earlier...will mob hps be scale upwards but yet significantly less than current xpac hps? Or is it just the xp at the end reward and the timesink baked in making all that moot?

    Been grinding in normal Chardok as my crew still need pieces and I love the zone...but man is it slow.