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  1. Madmax1939 Lorekeeper

    Can i give pet two earrings and two rings our just one of each? Thanks for response.
  2. Madmax1939 Lorekeeper

    Been thinking of conflag myself but thats probably a few years off lol.
  3. Madmax1939 Lorekeeper

    Can a charmed pet take all this same gear also? Man what a meat grinder that would be. Might actually entice me to break out that old spell again. Once i started boxing i pretty much gave it up.
  4. Mazame Elder

    Quick Conflagrant Ring
    Fury's Conflagrant Wristguard
    Overlord's Conflagrant Breastplate
    Dread Suzerain's Conflagrant Greaves
    Overlord's Conflagrant Vambraces
    Suzerain Protector's Conflagrant Helm
    Deceiver's Conflagrant Boots
    Quick Conflagrant Earring
    Conflagrant Cloak of Security
    Fleet Conflagrant Belt
    Conflagrant Idol of Adroitness
    Forest Stalker's Conflagrant Gauntlets
    Conflagrant Amice of Security
    Guardian's Conflagrant Mask
    Conflagrant Necklace of Security
    Conflagrant Claw (life tap)
    Conflagrant Claw (life tap)

    AC = 5075
    HP = 80540
    HSta = 376
    HAgi = 374
    HDex = 365
    HStr = 351
  5. Wulfhere Augur

    Nice list focusing on AC and hDex for the most part. Funny hDex is lowest even so. Some of the choices seem odd like the boots.

    Pet's don't benefit from STA so hopefully all that hSta reaches the next tier of melee shielding.
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    I gave a pet 2 conflagrant weapons a few weeks back, for funzies.... I think the item-jinx kicked in, because I accidentally reclaimed it not too long after... sigh.

    There was no noticeable posiive effect (it was the heal targets target rods), my impression is that the loss of rageswords made it impossible to keep aggro, leading to the swarm pets tanking, which is viable of course, but was not intended in that specific situatiion.

    I honestly expected a different result, I expected iit to be a bit OP. Maybe with different items... but it opened up the thought for me that the idea of persistent gear with crafted items in a few locations is likely quite safe from being OP. I don’t know if there exist raid gear too powerful to give to pets. It is procs that I think of, mainly, if there is something that generated good AE aggro, that would be a big no-no.

    In the old days, we would give pets snare whips from gnolls... the effect was not impressive :). I guess a runner or two ran a few virtual feet shorter, but that is about it...

    As conflagrant drops in price over time, maybe it will be a solution... but it is tedious to equip non-persistent gear to a pet.

    Let us see if next expansion has any pet gear persistance. Worst case they make pets like mercs, with only a few merc specific items possible. I would not be particularily pleased with that...
  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I am Mage-ignorant.Is this setup allowed for Mage pets? Every time I try to give my pet player armor or summoned armor, it spits them back at me. I haven't tried anything from the last few expansions.

    How would this setup compare to summoned armor?
  8. IblisTheMage Augur

    It is allowed in general, but the gear poofs when pet poofs. There is plenty of gear in bazaar that gives stats to pets, but the impact on gameplay outside solo is marginal, and it costs a lot of bagspace and micro management to give pets gear every time they poof. Dimensional Soldier and the like is often available, for example. Everytime I have done it for a while, I have dropped it again, effort vs reward is not worth it...

    You need a real tank, and main pet dps is like a tenth or less to a fifth of a bit more of total dps, with nukes being main source, and swarm pets a far second.
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    So you're saying don't bother with anything but summoned gear?
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  10. IblisTheMage Augur

    Good question...

    Mage pets come with summoned gear, only swords are needed. When I am nerding around every few months, I give the pet some bazaar gear, which jinx the pet, and it is dead within a few hours, so gear lost :).

    So 95% of the time I don’t bother, no.

    My take on necro and beast pets is that if they are tanking, it helps with summoned armor, but that is not from personal experience.
  11. Nekk Elder

    As a nec I have not yet tried a full set of conflag gear but even a full set of Dimensional Soldier gear helps EM XXV tanking ability significantly. I saved this post.
    Some day I will give it full conflag, tank something and see what happens then possibly return to this post and report my findings.
  12. Feljar New Member

    I play on Test. My pet wears full conflag vis and non vis and wields the EoK chase loot war anger swords (Bloodlaced Blade). He’s a beast
  13. Mintalie Augur

    When I retired I gave my pet a full set of Regal gear. Now that I'm a newly noob and I've tried, well, let's just say it's not worth the effort at the moment, what with all the dying and such.
  14. Mintalie Augur

    I thought Race had to be listed as ALL for a pet to use?

    Class: MNK BST
  15. Leigo Augur

    also make a set of Dimensional warriors vis for it, includes haste belt
  16. Cicelee Augur

    A magician in my old guild gave pet TS arms (Cleave) and legs (Ferocity) and noticed a parable difference. To what extent I do not remember, but it was enough that he did it whenever his pet died...
  17. Yimin Augur

    Very few things a pet wont take , any two hand weapon .certain items that state NO PET on them , anything that says no trade ! I have not found an item that says attune the pet wont take ,except the two hand weapon rule . player made items are awesome for a pet by the way 43 percent haste belt is sweet ...

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  18. Mazame Elder

    The title of the post is LUXURY pet gear. so yes most the time giving your pet anything more then haste belt and weapons is not going to make or break you.

    I did a full conflag set that I had made when working on my 350 TS's that I gave to my pet and he rocked for a week. I then went to farm something in an old zone and got DT by a mob that I didn't know DT'ed so it was all lost.

    On raids I will die at least once so most pet gear won't last more then a week anyways. Point being if your able to gear your pet and stay alive then it is worth it. Would i spend 100K on the baz to do it? no..

    Is the gear better then summon gear? Yes hands down you can tell the effect between a pet with no gear / Summon gear / farmed gear / player made gear. Summon gear is T1 and Farmed / TS gear is T2 . So like with you the better your gear the better you do the same is for your pet. The hard part is the cost an when you compare the cost to how long your pet lives most the time it not worth it.

    No if they would let us keep pet gear like with the merc tab then yes getting better gear will help.

    As for what pet will / wont use the NO TRADE is the biggest flag. if it no trade then pet wont use the class / race don't matter they will use anything that not no trade. If you aug it then the will flag it as no trade and it wont use it.
    With new changes if the pet wont use he will give it back so if you want to try something out just hand it to your pet.
  19. Mintalie Augur

    Made up a bunch of Dimensional Warrior stuff--primarily waist, breastplate, arms, and legs, and made up some weapons as well (Chronomagic Axe, Touch of the something, and the Manashot Crossbow), and the improvement in my pet was noticeable. The only hard part has been finding the components to make the gear. ;) Well worth the time and investment, imho.

    Thanks for the great feedback on here, it was extremely helpful.
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  20. Tucoh Augur

    One thing I've never seen that would be really interesting is parsing of the DI distribution of pets with different armor configurations.


    Where they compared the DI distribution of a mob before and after a 190 atk debuff.


    after the 190 atk debuff

    I don't even think I've seen a good parse showing the average damage between different pet armor sets.

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