Luclin coming out soon on Mischief, Beastlord question

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  1. Machen New Member

    If you AREN'T casting fero and savagery on cooldown, it doesn't much matter what else you are doing. BL may have a lot more to it than those things, but those things are still the bare minimum requirements.
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  2. Lejaun Augur

    Sorry, I consider helping spot heal, Paragon'ing, and adding decent DPS if you know what you are doing as pretty valuable as well.

    It takes only a few seconds every few minutes to cast the spell. There is a heck of a lot else that you can do in the mean time.
  3. Lejaun Augur

    As mentioned above. An active beastlord is contributing some DPS, MGB Paragoning, dishing out some beast crack, throwing out some spot heals if short on healers, etc. It takes only seconds to Fero someone, and you have a lot of in between time.
  4. Machen New Member

    I didn't say those weren't valuable. But if you aren't using your MOST important abilities, on cooldown, it's easy to replace you with someone who will. I'd rather have the dps buffs AND that other stuff than just that other stuff.
  5. Machen New Member

    Yep, so there's really no excuse to not cast it on cooldown.
  6. Lejaun Augur

    I'd happily be replaced than have to play with someone who wants to micromanage my playing. Someone demanding I keep Fero on them at all times just means I change my target to someone else besides them.

    So many people want to take a game so seriously and consider themselves professional players. "Sorry bro for not casting Fero on you immediately. I hope you'll survive that parse."
  7. Arctodus Elder

    I use to Savage the rangers in Luclin. When someone started to get a big head on the pew pew charts, I picked a new player. I enjoy BST because they are a busy class raiding, soloing, and if the pulls are big enough grouping as well.
  8. Alnitak Augur

    A mana pool will be an issue for quite a long time if a beastlord heals the warder himself. So a mana-regen items would be helpful.
    I am not sure if primal/ancient weapons are tradeable on Mischief, those would be immensely useful with the Avatar proc for offhand at least. So, try to get one before Luclin, if available.
    Also Exquisite Velium Spear and Smoldering Brand is an excellent pair of weapons to give to a lvl 1 beastlord
  9. Lejaun Augur

    Avatar weapons are tradeable, they just aren't really usable until level 55. For twinking, you'd likely be better with a non-level restricted weapon(s). Sap-Encrusted Branch is probably one of the better ones in regards to its ratio vs plat cost to buy.
  10. taliefer Augur

    its the single most important thing you do on a raid, thats why it gets "micromanaged." if you dont keep fero on people, you are a wasted raid spot because other classes do the other things a beastlord can do, and do them all better. its the combination of Fero + the other stuff that makes beastlords valueable. but if you remove the Fero from the equation...yea. even paragon isnt as important as keeping fero up constantly.

    thats also why I wont ever raid as a beastlord, cause its super annoying.~ but it IS the most important aspect a beastlord brings to a raid.
  11. Aziuno Augur

    Every 10 Atk is ~1% dps increase.
    So Savergey adds ~10% DPS on your target you cast on, and if you keep a good rotation without leaving gaps, you can get 3 people Savagery.

    This is adding 30% DPS on your top dmg dealers, which will probably out parse your damage all together.

    Once you hit PoP, you get Ferocity on it's own timer, and its 150atk, so ~15% DPS increase.
    Along with this, the cooldown is 2mins instead of 3, meaning you can get ~4 people Fero, adding about 60% dps.

    These two buffs used on cooldown will add almost a whole additional REAL dps class to the raid.

    In Raids, Paragon is really only helpful if your guild sucks and can barely do the content you are in, or are under geared and need additional healing. Otherwise, it is just a 'nice thing'.

    Chloroblast is pretty strong in group game, and alright to spot heal a group member when you got a crappy group healer, or with a cleric in a CH Chain. Other than that, I think you may be overvaluing it.

    SD is good, but if you weren't there, they would just drink potions for slightly lower mana regen.

    The DPS a BST Throws down (especially in Luclin) is no where near the Ranger/Rogue/Monks/Wizzies.

    So Again... if you aren't casting Savagery+Fero on cooldown, they might as well have another real dps.

    This is why no body want's a Lazy Beastlord (GoodKitty). Cast your Fero+Savage on cooldown, on the top damage dealers.
  12. Lejaun Augur

    Apologies to OP for participating I the derailment of this thread. Now to actually address your original question. Here is the gear I would look at
    Ears: Hammered Hoop, Dragons Blood on the low end, Earring of Insanity and Yunbs on the higher end
    Head: Crown of Narandi
    Neck: Harla Dar for ID3 if not using Dragon Slayer Mask
    Face: Eye of Cazic for mana regen, or Mask of Dragon Slayer for ID3
    Arms: Spirit wracked cords
    Chest: Lungi of the Forsaken on high end, Phase Spider on low end
    Shoulders: 7th Coldain shawl, and get 8th when Luclin starts. Mana regen and EE focus
    Back: Haste cloak, from CoF to Firestorm. Or Frostreaver for spell haste if you have melee haste elsewhere
    Wrists: Coldain military for dot focus and ease of getting,
    Fingers: Velium HP on the low end, RoD and Crystasia on high end
    Waist: Belt of Dwarf Slayer for stats
    Legs: Ancient Wyrm Hide or Plane of Growth
    Primary: Gharns on high end, Dragonrib club in middle, Steve of Shielding on low end
    Secondary: Primal/prismatic fists
    Range: Brain of Cazic Thule for mana regen

    **Done on phone off top of my head, so will be missing some key items**
  13. Machen New Member

    That's fine, and there are guilds for players who want to be mediocre. Just not mine.
  14. Lejaun Augur

    Difference between being mediocre and not catering to micromanagers trying to play your character for you.

    If people feel a beastlord's only worth is Fero/Savagery, well, I feel bad for them. There are many aspects to the beast where they can be a valuable contribution to the raid besides that spell line. Note that I'm not saying that they shouldn't cast it, just that there is a lot more to the value they provide. If anyone tries to play my character for me, I just ignore them and buff someone else.

    **EDIT** My last response in regards to troll / insult / elitist type of responses. They aren't on target for the posts actual questions of gear choices to look out for.
  15. Machen New Member

    Literally no one in this thread has said that. Stop fighting strawmen.
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  16. Roxas MM Augur

    i actually had a lot of fun with casting fero on my dpsers. i made a set up with 5 hotkeys, with timers and all, and added some crazy tells to each hotkey. From halfling cooking recipe's, guild gossip, old song texts, whatever i came up with. Good times on Phinny.
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  17. acidic New Member

    yea seriously, we cant get past content when our BL aren't spamming those buffs on our melee dps
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  18. Zanarnar Augur

    I've always found fero/etc to be a nice carrot. Invite me to your xp groups and and I make sure you get some loving on raids. On Phinny I rolled a monk to begin with (hated it) so I always made sure my monk crew got some love.

    Its a shame group fero is sooooo far away from these TLP's as its game-changing. (as a side note, as much as you need to be casting fero/etc on your melee dps on cooldown; you need to be doing MORE then just that or your as big a fail as a BST who doesn't cast fero on anyone, or casts it on themselves.)

    I really can't wait to see how these servers play... and the timing should be pretty good as I'll have gotten Valheim out of my system again by mid october :) Too bad about them going P2W and me swearing off any Krono purchases, I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive server. I'm gonna have to farm so much plat :}
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  19. Bewts Augur

    Honestly I’d start with a bestial gear set for levels 1-40 and you’ll be fine. Toss in two weapons with ratios around .5 (in game inspection will tell you) and you’ll be fine.

    After 40, you can decide if it’s worth investing Krono into higher tier gear.

    The only must have from 1-40 (in my view) is the fungus staff for clicky HP regen as it’ll save you a boatload of downtime trying to heal yourself then medding. You’ll fast discover your down time is due to lack of mana and given you spend your active xp time standing, you aren’t regening mana like other casters. The most efficient way to offset that early is to not have to waste mana recovering after a fight from heals.
  20. Lejaun Augur

    To add on that, I found it noticeable enough to want to use it even at 60 and 65 when soloing for AAs.