Luclin Bugs/Needed fixes Thread!

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  1. Blingx Augur

    Figured It was a good idea to compile a list of bugs that we expect to happen so that they can get fixed before they happen.

    Bugs/Random things that could used fixed.

    - Zones in Luclin are currently limited to 80 something players. Don't need to go over why this is an issue it was already discussed and corrected with Kunark/Velious.

    - The Reishicyben is spawning in place of all open world raid mobs. At least we know what the Devs were on when tuning this expansion...

    - TPs to Luclin seem to be unavailable anywhere. This is causing players to amass at the spires in order to get to Luclin.

    - Spires in any pick other than base are porting people to Plane of Innovation. These characters are booted to character select and unable to login. Deleting your character and remaking seems to fix this issue.

    - Lucid Shards from different picks are able to be picked up and combined in any combination for the VT key even though they are lore.

    - Everytime a grimling in Acrylia caverns dies there is a serverwide message.

    - Any player that had auto-grant AAs enabled were given all their AAs upon zoning when Luclin opened. This did not work for players that had auto-grant AAs off but then turned them on after the opening.

    - Players that are charmed during the Cursed cycle in raid expeditions are being given GM status when the charm wears off. (This status is reverted when the player leaves the expedition.)

    - The PoK book is still visible in The Nexus.

    - Clicking the PoK book in The Nexus causes everyone in the zone to be banned.

    - SK mobs are now using DT instead of HT. (Prathun has confirmed that this is now their top priority.)

    Edit: Raid mobs were found.

    - Seru is currently spawning in The Bazaar with zonewide agro. He is also unkillable due to no combat actions working in the zone.

    - All other raid mobs are spawning during the Huge Keg of Blargrot event in Fungus Grove, replacing the original named in the cycle.

    - Mobs in VT are allegedly regenerating Max HP and Current HP instead of just Current HP. This is causing mobs to take much longer to kill the longer they are up.

    - The server has been broadcasting that it is 'coming down in 11 minutes.' for the past 2 hours.

    Edit2: PoP opened early????

    - The barrier to the PoP was opened when a player reportedly turned in 14k Spongy Fungal Fiend Flesh to Vornol Transon in Twilight Sea.

    - Players that were stuck in PoI previously(and did not delete their characters) are now able to log in.

    These seem to be the biggest issues right now. Will add more as they are thought up.
  2. yerm Augur

    This is why the server needs to STOP at velious and stay truly classic!!!!!
  3. Finchy Augur

    i laughed.

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