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  1. segap Augur

    Even on FV?
  2. McDougal Augur

    LOL I don't understand this luck thing at all. Of course no one else does either right now.
  3. Slippry Augur

    Make a new stat. Allow it to be upgraded for $2 + a copy of the same item.

    Stat gives no noticeable increase to anything, but uses a ton of dev time. Also, being able to see how much of that stat is on an item without owning the item is impossible.
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  4. Rickate Augur

    Understanding is simple, most stats do nothing, Luck becomes the most meaningful stat only trumped by specific focus effects. Outside of the tanking role the differences in gear are fairly trivial. A fully raid geared player can do more but that same player with the same weapon ratios and specific focus effects and wearing group gear in other slots will have pretty similar performance.

    Going by precedent it won't be until the 10th day of the expansion that raiding above the entry tier/raid will be possible and since you will often only need 3 of a group item to reach 5 luck (at least one of those will have 3+ luck) the "serious" players will have 5 luck in every slot that isn't trumped by a focus effect like pet focus or mana pres before taking on the 2nd (tier of) raid(s).

    Seeing as some players will make the effort to max out Spell Damage or spend hours to gain 1 or 2 hDex from a new aug, other than hCha level of benefit the Luck stat will be pursued. It will just be a question of what % of players pursue the stat. Will it only be "that player" in the guild who has +5 luck in most non-vis slots within a week of TBL launch and bursts a blood vessel when a +5 Pet Focus item drops in a raid, will it be enough benefit that many high playtime raiders are switching over to group gear or will it be enough that guild leadership pushes players to pursue the stat and the players who don't play much outside of raids lag behind on parses.

    January non-Tank Magelo rankings will let you know how Luck is tuned and which players prioritize parses and which players prioritize those Magelo rankings.
  5. Tappin Augur

    The majority of players aren’t core raiders. I fail to see a reason for the average Joe to buy into the luck stat. If they don’t get the average Joe on board, the stat will be largely irrelevant.
  6. Rickate Augur

    Why do they have to get average Joe on board? TBL group gear is better than RoS group gear in a completely unambiguous way. When SoF launches it doesn't matter if Heroic stats are any good or not, SoF group gear without Heroics is better than TBS and earlier group gear even if the SoF group gear didn't have Heroics. The same situation is happening TBL, from the group side Luck doesn't matter the gear is better without it, on the raid side it's possible that Chamberlain Access Bauble and Storeroom Access Bauble is the best pair of earrings in the game: combined 49ac, 20 hDex and 13 hAgi as opposed to two Solteris earrings which can combine for as much as 112ac. HP are pretty similar because of hSta and many stats are capped with either pair of earrings.

    Average Joe loots a +3 T2 ear and a Mhubis component and there are raiders offering a lot of plat for the Mhubis in /buyer, ;general and /auc. Do you wait until you loot a +1 Waist and upgrade that first since rerolling the Luck stat is a perk instead of a risk? Do you sell the Mhubis (component)? Do you keep camping the same open world named until you have +5 T2? +5 T3?

    The best gear you can equip without raiding is +5 T3, you can choose to make plat, play less, play alts, play on prog, play in older expansions or whatever instead of looting TBL items and looting or buying Mhubis (components) until you have +5 T3. Even wearing RoS group gear "serious" players will be able to defeat TBL group content so all the TBL gear is optional until at least March 16th, 2019 and probably until December 2019, maybe even December 2020 that groups with strong synergy, communication, skill and focus will encounter content that simply overwhelms RoS group geared players.

    On the raid side where there is an option to quickly have +5 luck at the expense of other stats and no feasible method to obtain +5 raid gear in the short term there is a genuine decision to make as soon as TBL launches. On the group side the biggest difference from other expansions is that EQ billionaires and anyone with enough disposable income for Krono will make it unfeasible for other players to purchase a Mhubis (component) and very tempting to sell it rather than upgrading your own gear, it's even possible raiders will be offering to purchase loot rights on T2 TBL gear.

    Of course this can potentially lead to a lot of angst when:
    Test Update 01/08/2019 - Patch Notes and Discussions
    - Lowered/Raised the crit values generated by the Luck stat
  7. Daedly Augur

    I cant personally attest to it and probably wont be able to until everything goes live as my goal in beta is going to be to see how far i can get in current gear.

    However, from the people i have seen and trust information from on the beta forums, it would seem that in one particular aspect of luck and dps, its effect is likely to be minimal. I think of it as one of those passive proc AA's that isnt super important, but i still buy the first rank of it because 1% chance is better than 0% chance, then move back to more important AA until those are done.

    Unless something major changes, i personally will be happy with 2 or 3 luck on an item. Besides, how would it make sense for them to make a new stat super powerful? It would leave little room to develop the stat in the future. To me it makes sense to start low.
  8. fortuneteller Augur

    I guess, this just a pure guess, that the combined effect might give you around 5-8%, when max luck. And to get that, you will have had to do something like 20-25 luck things, and you spend, this a guess, 50-100 dollars buying crystallized luck,

    Now then comes the bad thing, it is December 2019, and the next expansion comes out, guess what. I Again, gotta spend money on the crystal luck, if I dont, my dps will drop.

    This the effect directly for myself. I will very likely NOT "upgrade" items with luck, because it is extra expanses, and could I expect, double my subscription fee, and this just for 1 char, and it will reoccur again next expansion and ...

    Now for my fellow players, tradeskills, normally today I often make the conf items for them, in future, I will have to decline it, or at least give them a warning, you came to me with this rare item, I can make the combine, but I cannot guarantee that I can return the item to you, even if I have success.

    I guess the items are made through same type of TS as in RoS, which mean that there some types, where you get a gnome to make the belts.

    The problem with the TS things, could be solved with that you do not get the final version, when doing combine, but like the TS augs, you will get an item you can right click and then there it puts the luck on.

    However that is not going to solve the thing about it will be disheartering in the fact when a new expansion comes out, you gotta start all over.

    How do you solve that, a solution could have been to put the stat luck on yourself instead of on the items. Then give all players a luck stat from beginning at 1, when people kill mobs, you might get a fragment of luck (do you feel Lucky, punk), that fragment, you can then absorb into yourself, using a crystallized luck, which you get from (loyalty vendor/markedsplace, i expect it to be sold there).

    That would also solve problem with people camping certain "easy" named 24/7, since luck fragment might drop all over. However as soon you get the message about luck, you cannot get another from that particular zone until you have got a luck fragment from another TBL zone.
  9. Monkman Augur

    Remember, luck has been increased on beta to make it easier to view while testing. From what I've heard the actual "dps increase" on max luck (50) toon is ~0.1dps.
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  10. Aurastrider Augur

    So wait a second you have to spend real money to combine the items with crystalized luck in order to increase your luck stats? Is this seriously a thing or is this people just speculating? I really hope this is not the case.
  11. Monkman Augur

    Crystallized Luck is required to fuse two like items together to increase the luck on said item.

    There are two ways to obtain crystallized luck

    Loyalty (1000 crowns)
    DBC (200 on Beta currently)
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  12. Riou EQResource

    Buy them for 200k (iirc) plat each on Noble vendors
  13. snailish Augur

    Loyalty-DBC-200k plat... so luck is really a plat+ sink? Interesting. Granted that cost will be nominal to some.

    To the comment basically saying "why bother with the average Joes" --average Joes pay for a lot of subs. Average Joes and progression-only junkies are probably the reason new raid content has the development $ to exist.

    Doesn't mean average Joes should have access to best in slot everything without raiding. But it does mean being mindful of the gap is important. Big drops in population have happened in the past when an expac (or several in a row) throws little to the average Joes and/or significantly widens the gap.
  14. Arraden Augur

    I am concerned about loot bottle-necks.
    The Luck stat mechanism appears to be a bottle-neck... correct me if I'm mistaken.

    I've been looking at the implications of gearing a guild on a number of different bases:
    We currently have around 100 "active" raiders (to varying degrees), if I put that aside and suggest for a guild with 60 active raiders, the time to gear "fully" is long.

    I believe that (some) Raid gear in TBL will also have the ability to be upgraded, similar to the element of kunark in EoK... plus the luck stat?

    there are 22 pieces of gear - 60 raiders - that's 1320 pieces of gear.
    5 items possible to drop from a raid (ish some more) with 8 raid encounters - 40 per week on farm mode.
    To get the raid geared, it will take 33 weeks. With currency, some will do it quicker and of course, some drops will rot. Add on top, the need to get double items for luck stat, plus the TS upgrade.
    We're looking at a run rate of 7 months before a raid guild of 60 is fully geared.

    If that all sounds accurate / sensible... my big question is, why do we keep getting item bottle-necks?
    Luck stat just sounds like a great concept that will be something else for people to not bother or being able to max.
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  15. kizant Augur

    Look on the bright side. If it takes an extra 6 months to farm everyone gear for maximum luck then they can release a new expansion every 1.5 years instead of every 1 year.
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  16. Tappin Augur

    Everyone seems to be missing the point. This is supposedly a new stat, but really isn’t until the players adopt it as such. I really don’t see the average joe intentionally camping multiples of same drop for the luck stat. The intended audience appears to be core raiders, not the average Joe. If I am correct, this stat is just another gimmick.
  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It should also be noted that we don't yet know how much of an impact that luck is going to have on play and parsing and that maxing it may not provide a major benefit.
  18. Tucoh Augur

    Its funny, about a year ago in a thread about economy and how much plat is in the game i said the best way to remove the plat is to add a way to combine items via a huge plat expenditure. In other games ex archeage, black desert online, this is common and the combines can even fail and destroy the item. In those games earning currency is thr whole point and the haves are way beyond the have not much more than raiders vs non raiders.

    I dont know how itll all turn out, but itll be interesting to see if the value of platinum explodes over the next year.
  19. kizant Augur

    What they have on beta right now doesn't have much of a benefit for increased nuke crit damage. And what they have on beta is super inflated for testing. So, at least in this one case, we have a fairly good idea that it won't do much.
  20. segap Augur

    It's much more feasible for group players to max it than raiders. Group gear is not on lockouts with 50+ people all competingt for it.
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