Fixed Internally LS Neck - Effect: Ancestral Memories III

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Falconz, Feb 9, 2024.

  1. Falconz Journeyman

    Is anything supposed to happen when I right click the Laurion Song progression neck neck?

    I see it casting when I click it - "You begin casting Ancestral Memories III"

    However, I don't get a buff effect nor any Item Effect points in my Special AA Window. Even if something else Superseeded Ancestral Memories III, usually would get a "permanent effect" buff like the other armor/jewelry clickies.


    Just did some extensive testing.

    On my main, clicking the Ancestral Memories III from my NoS Raid neck gives me buff effect: "Shadow of Memories: Permanent"

    On my alt (who has no raid gear), Clicking Ancestral Memories III from my LS Progression Neck does not give me any buff or Special stat upgrade. Stuck at Ancient Power 3/8. Ancestral Memories III is supposed to upgrade to Ancient Flames 7/8
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  2. Knifen Augur

    Do you have something like AA Ancient Flames that effect might be higher 17% Haste and 18 Regen vs attk speed 16 and regen 16 . To my poor knowledge i think that effect on the neck is the same rank for several expansions so its probably not actually upgrading anything.

    I dont know thats the issue, just looking for things that might block it.
  3. Falconz Journeyman

    I was checking my characters with the Neck.

    One has Ancient Flames 7/8 - which is 16% overhaste and 16 health regen points.

    Two others have Ancient Power 3/8 - which is 8% overhaste and 8 health regen points

    Would think Ancestral Memories III should upgrade my characters with Ancient Power 3/8
  4. Knifen Augur

    Only thing I know to get you to 8/8 of Ancient Flames is Ancient Cloak of Flames.

    Perhaps its not a stacking issue with those, but that neck effect is the same since at least CoV with 0 upgrades on focus.
  5. Knifen Augur

    There is also Form of Rejuvination 6/6 with 24 hp regen and Tiring Breath 4/5 (casters can get 5/5) that is 70 regen and -14 mana and end regen.
  6. Falconz Journeyman

    Thanks for looking.. Yeah, My alts don't have either of those. I also don't recall clicking any necks from CoV onward as I leveled them up pretty quickly. Clicking the Neck should at least give a Permanent Buff effect, or overwrite an existing one.

    It would be logical (by clicking the neck) to upgrade my Ancient Power 3/8 (with 8% Overhaste and 8 HP Regen) to Ancient Flames 7/8 (16% overhaste 16 health regen)

    Going to chalk this up as a bug. Hopefully the devs can fix.

    Edit: Found the information

    Earlier names of this AA are
    Hidden Power (1) -- 3%
    Primal Guard (2) -- 5%
    Taelosian Guard (3) -- 8%
    Ancient Power (4) -- 10%
    Ancestral Memories I (5) -- 12%
    Ancestral Memories II (6) -- 14%
    Ancestral Memories III (7) -- 16%
    Ancient Flames (8) -- 17%

    Clicking Ancestral Memories III on my Evolving Neck for Legacies of Lost is not upgrading me to Rank 7
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  7. Soulbanshee Augur

    Buff locked, click off the crap you don't need.
  8. Knifen Augur

    Its not about too many buffs and not being able to load this one, it doesnt do anything and/or its not giving a conflict message if you have a higher rank such as Ancient Flames 8/8. This same lvl focus has been around since CoV or ToL and I dont think its ever given me a fake buff or any type of stat, I am just guessing its cause i have the focus on the ancient cloak of flames.

    ** I stand corrected like Falcon said above, if you click the neck from the prior expansion with the same stat on it, that ones does give the shadow buff, this one does not.

    Which is probably why its not actually upgrading their alts with the lower stats, if the buff isnt actually working
  9. Falconz Journeyman

    Yep. If you have Ancient CoF this post is irrelevant. That does indeed bring it to 8/8
  10. Gialana Augur

    Just checking that the alts which only have Ancient Power 3/8 have evolved their necks enough that it has Ancestral Memories III. The earlier version of the LS evolving neck only have Taelosian Guard (8% v3 haste and 8 hp regen). However, even if they click that, and as long as they don't already have the shadow buff in their effects window, I'd expect them to receive the shadow buff. Or can it be blocked?
  11. Falconz Journeyman

    Both alts up to Sparkling Harassers Collar (the one right before the raid neck)

    Not blocked. It does say Ancestral Memories III
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  12. Fanra

    The Ancestral Memories III effect gives my character this Special AA: Item: Ancient Flames 7/8.
  13. Falconz Journeyman

    Did you previously have 7/8 from a previous Neck raid item?

    On my main, have no problem clicking my NoS raid neck with Ancestral Memories III. That works fine

    On my alts, I have a problem currently sitting at 3/8 and clicking the LS Neck. I don’t even get the perma buff on any of my chars.
  14. Gruxella New Member

    Right clicking Spectral Luclinite Necklace of Security:

    Effect: Ancestral Memories III

    This gives a buff (useless buff but still a buff) Shadow of Memories. It also grants numerous AAs. (well it did the first time i clicked it)

    Right clicking Sparkling Harasser's Collar of Legacies Lost:
    Effect: Ancestral Memories III

    This says you are casting Ancestral Memories III but gives no buff and presumably no AA.

    I would say this is in fact a bug.
    Two items with the same right click effect - with different outcomes.
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  15. Soulbanshee Augur

    The shadows script isn't attached, this has happened fairly recently (yr to 2) with another item that I can't remember what now. Same happens with Taelosian Guard, you can see in the casting message it's casting the inactive spell its supposed to be casting the shadow.
  16. Cerryn Journeyman

    This is happening to me and several friends. I'm not finding any information that it's been picked up for fixing.

    None of these characters ever had the Ancient Cloak of Flames. All are at 3/8 or 4/8 - and clicking the neck does cast the spell, but no bump.

    Am I missing where a bug was filed on this?
  17. Knifen Augur

    TBH this many expansions later the newest Neck should Ancestral Memories IV and be 9/9. The Ancient CoF was how many years ago?
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  18. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Or just giving the same buff as the Ancient CoF so we don't have to go back to that every time.
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  19. Shea Lorekeeper

    Just checked, on a character with:
    Item: Ancient Power 3/8 on the "Special" tab of AA abilities window.

    Click "Gleaming Convoker's Collar of Legacies Lost" with the "Ancestral Memories III" effect, described as having an increase in attack speed of 16% and regen of 16.

    It casts "Ancestral Memories III" on click but gives no buff, and no update to Ancient Power 3/8

    This done with 0 buffs/songs active.

    definitely a bug.
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  20. Hekaton Augur

    TBH the final 2 ranks should have the ancient cloak of flames click on them. to have one of the best items in game with a click thats overclassed by a group content item is kinda odd
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