Love 'em or Hate 'em, <Triality> retired from EQ

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by FatbukSlapmeat, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. FatbukSlapmeat Augur

    Like the title says, Love 'em or Hate 'em, Triality has retired from raiding and recruiting in EverQuest. If you were a fan or not, no one can claim that Triality didn't make it's mark on the game. After a bold, 11 year history, a lot of current EQ mechanics can and should be attributed to the gameplay that Triality brought to EQ. Go back to the DPS checks in The Buried Sea to proving the rounding errors for low delay weapons to the parses showing data for the Aria/Flurry issues to current CRTs helping individual classes, Traility has had a proud heritage of giving back to the EverQuest community. Feel free to check out Quarken's post at
  2. Rogue Augur

    Never heard of him
  3. Caudyr Augur

    You sure they just aren't reforming under new leadership under a new name like Shahrazad did?

    I'll believe they just all decided to up and retire at once when I see it. :p

    Good luck to those that did retire, though.
  4. Daislet Augur

    Are they removing the /tar corpse command from the game, now that you are retiring?
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  5. FatbukSlapmeat Augur

    Some have moved on to other guilds, others have moved on to other games. Triality as a guild still exists in EQ, but it's just as a home for people to log in to.
  6. Insaneox Augur

    Sucks seeing a top end guild faulter but times are harder in the world of eq.
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  7. Recnarp Augur

    Yep, that sucks. I don't blame them though tbh.

    Good luck to everyone in Triality whether its here in EQ or elsewhere.
  8. Risiko Augur

    If I remember correctly, that was the home of Techno Destructo, the first person to solo Nagafen. I have many memories of the old Vazalle server.
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  9. Starla Elder

    Always sad to see a top guild dissolve like that but glad the folks who want to continue to play are finding new homes. Good luck to those who retired...hope they still log in from time to time. I am sure there will folks who will be glad to see them in game when they do. :)
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  10. Xirtket Augur

    I blame Kela!!

    Triality has been around since I can remember, sorry to see them go, best of luck for everyone involved.
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  11. krozman Augur

    When Fires of Heaven disbanded I made the mistake of going with them to WoW. I'm sure 80% of their core will be around, just in different forms. If you're looking to raid euro times, send me a tell.
  12. FVRules Journeyman

    I blame the current dev team. The direction they are taking EQ is way beyond the original vision, way too fast. EQ is dying.

    I was about to delete the above, but really, that is what I think. It may seem harsh but Im not the only one who's expressed this opinion.
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  13. Trajet D'Or Augur
  14. Insaneox Augur

    Same deal with RF if need homes and can make euro times. I'm American in euro guild we raid noon-3 maybe 4 and Sunday, Monday plus Wednesday for naggy.
  15. Recnarp Augur

    I like the additional content we get every 3-4 months. It keeps things interesting. However, I am against the idea of staggering out the entirety of the expansion. (CotF) No, I do not want to pay $40 for 4 zones and maybe more will come along. Where does it even say what we'll be getting in the upcoming months besides, "and more." ie:

    If I had to place a bet, I would say it's the lack of information on things to come in the future. If they would have put, "Expect x content in November, February, May, etc." Then I may buy it cause I know what I'll be getting. I don't want to hijack Triality's thread, but I felt I needed to vent a little because I know how others are feeling atm.
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  16. Imrahil Augur

    Always sad when a long standing and proud guild falls. Triality may not have been "the nice guys" as a guild, but I have met tons of really cool people from their roster over the years in Vegas, so I really hope all who want to continue with EQ find a new home and all the others enjoy other things.

    Yes, Triality did leave their mark in EQ's history, no matter what.
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  17. Piestro Augur

    /Salute Triality.
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  18. Obiziana Augur

    Sad day, though I do believe we must all move on at some time or another.
  19. Shanaie Lorekeeper

    Was wondering when this post would go up. I was shocked (shocked, I tell you! And I'm not being facetious) when I saw Abazz's sig with an RoI tag. I figured something big had happened. Was this an implosion or just the clichéd burning out and fading away? I know of many guilds that disbanded when it became obvious that they wouldn't be able to perform to the standard they set (internally) for themselves. What may be a bit of double jeopardy is, it would seem that there aren't many places for Triality's stalwarts to go without taking serious steps back. Always sad to see this happen because for many, it might seem a better idea to move on to another game rather than possibly take that step back in EQ (and that's never a good thing for EQ since it's a loss of numbers but more importantly, a loss of community wisdom).
  20. Calirian Journeyman

    Quite a few of us have moved on to other games. Playing with friends and old guild members that moved on to funner times. Triality was THE best guild I've ever been in, and I have been in many since 04. Like Buk said, love us or hate us, it sucks to see a long standing guild leave the game and that sentiment has been said to us numerous times since people heard we were closing our doors. I'm not going to really get into the reasons why, I think that'd be better left up to Quarken or Dalnoth, however I will say that the game just became way less fun for many. Those that still hold a torch for Everquest still play, and I wish them the best.

    My favorite EQ memories were made in Triality, with the various people I've met and played with over the years that would have never been possible without the guild. I never thought I'd shed a tear over a video game, but those of you who have been in one place for an extended amount of time know that you log in now for the people, not the content. It's the friendships you make and the memories you have with your friends that share your guild tag that keep you logging in. From the outside, some people thought we were mean, rude and arrogant. From the inside, it was completely different..our members were like family. I really couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to play the game with, and those of you that made it extra fun, you know who you are.

    Thanks to the developers over the years who made for me a fun pass time. I appreciate all your hard work and I hope newer devs keep working to fill your shoes, for some of you they'll be mighty big shoes to fill. /salute

    PS - Thanks Axxius, I know you meant that in the "kindest" way possible :)
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