Lost but Not Forgotten

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  1. Wolbert New Member

    We (Ranger, Ench, Paladin group geared + mercs) just did this mission and we were not able to handle the last part Harris + 4 adds. We wiped 4-5 times and decided to quit after 4 1/2 hours into the mission.

    Before patch we also wiped to Harris + 4 adds, but at least you could finish Harris solo once pulled out of his room. Really disappointed....

    Any hints how to manage the last part are welcome.
  2. Ofearl Augur


    Between shield flash, deflection, ae agro, devout, etc you have lots of minuets to take damage with huge mitigation. Ranger with auspice and chettah running this should be an easy fight.
  3. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Since they are agro-linked now, discing (both for the PAL as well as the DPS burning) is a must there imo - i take it for granted that you do (and even stack what you can stack). Since the tank is in group gear, your margin of error is smaller; you might perhaps want to take a live healer in, in place of a merc - i take it you are already running two healer mercs at least for this stage, since i reckon PAL self-heals can't cope?
    The adds should be CC'able somehow, though i cannot play WAR+ENC at the same time nor do i play with a ranger nor did i use the SHM box lately, so i can not comment on that from personal experience (i simply powered through this).

    I also take for granted that you have cleared all the way to the south before doing the Sila part, so you do not have to cope with the 4skellies in the corners along with named+ghouls.
  4. Eckish Lorekeeper

    The 4 adds linked to Harris are rootable. We rooted 3 adds and tanked an add plus Harris. If you can root them out of line of sight, you'll have less dots to deal with. The adds also don't respawn on a wipe. So as long as you can kill 1 add per attempt, you'll make progress. Harris also doesn't wander home on a wipe, so be careful on recovering. Harris does not see invis.
  5. Wolbert New Member

    Yes, we used 2 healer mercs on reactive. The fight with 5 mobs on PAL was not so spiky, it seemed that at some point mercs stopped healing. Do they try to cure the dots maybe?? I have to go through the logs and check. What spells have lvl 110 healer mercs in their repertoire?
  6. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    this. I root the adds into the room where mayong originally spawns, then we tank harris around the corner so as to not have to deal with dots. break root 1 at a time and kill as you offtank harris. adds aren't terribly resistant so if you can get the initial root on you're good to go.
  7. Prathun Developer

    Don't forget that Lost but Not Forgotten is a 2 group mission. You can bring more people / mercs. :)
  8. Yinla Augur

    I thought Dreadspire was the 2 group mission (till it got changed in last patch) and this was 1 group

    The Dreadspire mission was always harder until recent changes, less mobs, not hitting as hard etc.
  9. Prathun Developer

    Lost but Not Forgotten has always been a 2 group mission. There doesn't appear to be a place in the UI where we can display the minimum or maximum number of PCs allowed, but I did try to incorporate it into the mission-giver's texts. Highlighted the relevant bit:

    Edit: Talked to Ngreth. There was a bug in A Formal Dinner Party where the task allowed up to 6 players but the dynamic zone def allowed for 54, which allowed for bringing in as many mercenaries as your group had players. You couldn't bring in 2 groups of PCs, however. This was fixed in a recent update.
  10. segap Augur

    What's the point in this being a two group mission? There's only a reward for one person, the cotf HA style exp reward at the end is a pittance for the time spent and the currency has no use. Other than possibly the change in the last patch to the final fight, nothing in this comes close to requiring even a full group to get through. It just makes no sense...
  11. Rickate Augur

    Here are three possible places.

    Find Window
    19th Anniversary Level 70+ Mission (6-12 players) Dismas Kaneriti
    19th Anniversary Level 70+ Mission (1-6 players) a Dreadspire servant

    seek out, click accept
    You can not be assigned this shared task because your party does not contain the minimum required number of players.
    You can not be assigned this shared task because your party does not contain from six to twelve players.

    Dismas Kaneriti - 100%
    (19th Anniversary Multi-Group Mission)
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  12. Rorce Augur

    Great suggestions, but I'd rather this nor future missions that allow up to two groups not be required to have 1 group just to get the task. This makes it difficult for casuals in low population guilds or guildless from being able to even request the mission. Those in higher population guilds will simply invite AFK bodies for the count, that will never enter the instance.
  13. Brohg Augur

    I disagree on the currency not having use, and in fact I feel like that portion of the reward is pretty anemic. Boosting that would incentivize helpers considerably
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  14. Allayna Augur

    Alt Z
  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    OMG! I totally missed this.
    But wow, now i wonder...
    Why is the - at release - easy mission for two groups and the hard one (well, at release) a one-group one?
    Has there been a mix-up or something? (besides the Dreadspire one being based on the wrong (i.e. raid) version of the zone)
    Just wondering, because i've always boxed this mission easily while i struggled with some full groups on the Dreadspire one, yet this one "has always been" a 2-group one?

    Also, when does this task lock now, anyone know?
    A write-up suggests it locks on request and that's what i thought too, but i just tried and could TA another.
    With the recent changes to the last step, it would of course be helpful if it wouldn't lock until after the kill Harris step (the only step some people might/should have issues with and therefore might need help they did not know about before) - but since that is the last step that's rather unlikely ofc. So when does it lock?
  16. Qbert Augur

    Two healer mercenaries on reactive is just redundant/sub-optimal (everywhere, not just in this mission). Put one on balanced and you'll have better results.
  17. Bigstomp Augur

    It disagree with you on which one is more difficult.
    But at least they let you do the 2nd with a single group even tough the text said no you can't.
  18. svann Augur

    Why do you say that? Ive tried both ways and both reactive actually seemed to work better.
  19. Qbert Augur

    Because 9 times out of 10 they will attempt to cast the same spells at the same time, and you have a lot of over-healing. Whereas with mercenaries on two different settings, you get one casting fast heals and the other filling in with slower ones/promised/HoT, etc.
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  20. svann Augur

    This seems correct theoretically, but I havent noticed mixed states actually working better. In fact, what I noticed is the tank dying right after someone said change one of the mercs to balanced. Ill give it another try but so far Im not impressed with the theory in practice.
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