Info Needed Losing mouse, repeatable

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Koryu, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Ratalthor Developer

  2. Hythloth New Member

    Had this happen to me, I did notice that while I can't click anything with my mouse, or scroll, or anything like that. When I DO click mouse mouse, I see one of my hot buttons get depressed on the hotbar(even when my mouse is not hovering over said button)
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I really only see this happening on raids, happened again tonight but mid-raid.

    I haven't got a dump to be able to send just because it's the last thing on my mind when I am focusing on the raid, I imagine that keeping it in mind is pretty difficult, or at least it is for me.
  4. Caterwail New Member

    Still happening. 26 Sept 2021 after SK Tank got purple clubbed.
    Alt+Enter did not fix it.
    /Reload ui worked though.
  5. Nerple New Member

    This has happened to me often on my ranger but no other character. I've yet to find out what triggers it though. I usually fix it by camping to character select and back in. I also make heavy use of the right mouse button. I have to play one-handed after several strokes, so I've remapped all of my keys to the right half of the keyboard, namely the numberpad and arrow keys.
  6. Nerple New Member

    1 monitor, windowed mode.
  7. Duder Augur

    What's the status on this? This bug is terribly game breaking and really should be top of the priority list. Any tank or healer who encounters this faces raid-wipe scenerios based soley on this bug.
  8. Duder Augur

    This happens most often during raids. Performing a dump is highly unrealistic. I believe with more effort your testers should be able to experience this. Please devote more time to this. The fact that this bug has gone unresolved for 2 years (or more but became much more common within the past 2 years), is unacceptable. A truly game breaking bug just left to fester.
  9. Kaeladar Journeyman

    this happens quite often to me in raids, like 1/2 of my incoming rez get stuck and i have to wait the respawn timer to be released and then get rezed again.
    This is a big pain as i'm playing healer for a caster group and whenever this happens my whole group ends up dying usually.

    The only thing that makes it less bad, is that sometimes mass-clicking the rez window everywhere will unstuck it if I hit the proper input collider hidden on some pixel, so it's possible to get unstuck and makes the actual "fully bugged" rate about 1 out of 3 rez. But it still ruins raid attempts every time it happens and i'm not the only one suffering from it in guild.

    I'm guessing this won't get fixed until the UI rework at this point, but I don't know if I will wait that long it's making raiding a lot more painful than it should be and my patience is running out.
  10. Klomck New Member

    It happened a few times over the past 2 years, but since T1 ToL raids, it's happening almost every time.
    * I am tanking the main boss
    * DI fires or I go purple and stand back up
    * I am staring straight up at the sky, no mouse input is recognized at all. If I die, I cannot take a rez.
    * If I live, I have to use the pgdn/pgup and arrow keys to move. I have a cursor but I cannot click anything in EQ.
    * It fixes when I zone, or after about 4 or 5 minutes.
    If it helps at all, I use mouselook to move, I am scrolled all the way out in chase cam/3rd person. It's likely I'm holding the right mouse button when the event happens. I play in a maximized window.

    If anyone has any advice for regaining mouse control, please respond. I see someone suggests going to full screen and back again may help. I'll try that next time.
  11. Midasa Elder

    This has happened to me twice in the last week, after "purpling" on raids.
    In the past, I was able to "fix" this by pressing the Windows key and then back to EQ, or alt tabbing out, then back into EQ, but that no longer seems to work.
    I can still use the keyboard to press control keys for combat abilities and numbers for hotkeys in Bar 1, and type in chat. But no mouse usage at all.
    I did see the same symptom someone else mentioned about a different hotkey appeared to be highlighted when i pressed the mouse on a hotkey.
    I was able to get mouse usage back after /camp to character select, then enter game again.
    I did not think to try /loadskin, will do that next time.
  12. Neolore New Member

    I’ve had this happen to me twice now. Both times in Windowed mode of dual monitors. First time issue resolved after zoning. Second time, issue resolved after logging to character select and back. Both time, alt-R, escape key, alt keys, control keys, did not work. Did not try F12 nor reload ui options.
  13. Roxas MM Augur

    this happens to me at times as well. i use the standard ui, i play in 3rd person view, windowed mode, when i get purpled and then healed, i sometimes switch to first person view and then cannot use my mouse on anything.
  14. klanderso Developer

    Is there a chance anyone has video of this happening? Or maybe logs (including the knockout and conscious messages) and a server/character name?

    It's tough to nail down without knowing exactly what's being done.
  15. Silvena *poke*

    Some snipping of other folks dmg was done. But this is definitely when I mouselocked during Zel last week. Finished the fight by typing out abilities that weren't just able to be hit via a keyboard button press. Post fight, camped out and back in to fix it.

    /disc Executioner etc etc

    edit to add: Char is Silvena on Tunare server

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  16. FranktheBank Augur

    I dont have a video, but I can write out the steps.

    1) I mouse click an ability on my hotbar, lets say Gift of Life, and it fires.
    2) At the moment I click, I am knocked unconscious and get back up.
    3) My mouse is now stuck in the in the 'clicking Gift of Life' state. My mouse is no longer visible on the screen and if I try to click anywhere, I can see the Gift of Life button attempting to my clicking again.
    4) There are multiple workarounds, usually zoning/dying. You can also pick up the Gift of Life button off your bar and right click so it disappears and it will fix.
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  17. klanderso Developer

    Alright, those of you who encounter this problem, can you send me the dbg.txt file from the Logs folder for your client? I added some extra logging with the July update that should help narrow down where in the code this is happening.
  18. Jedis Arch Mage

    Somewhat related, if you fall unconscious and are saved by a heal, accepting a resurrection does not always reset the camera angle; it leaves it at the overhead view. You need to hit F9 a few times to get the camera angle back to where it was previously.
  19. Shredd Augur

    I see this a few times a month. . locks all my hotkeys. Just have to wait until I die . . a few times I have to reset the game.