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    Raid Time & Days:
    Sat/Mon/Wed. Start times @ 18:30 GMT / 19:30 CET / 13:30 EST.
    We also operate Batphones.

    Loot Policy:
    We use a Loot Council system to distribute loot for many reasons. The server rule set allows for anyone to trade/sell their loot; therefore, we want to reward players who show up (alts included), contribute to the guild and most importantly who will stick around. We have seen in other guilds where players are showing up in Raw Hide winning loot then selling it immediately on EC tunnel. This is not healthy for a guild, and we do not encourage it.

    Our Guild:
    We also operate a no-drama policy. More notably, our guild leader, Mafaka (and resident Camel) will never sell loots. He has led one of the top Europe raiding guilds (Fallen Council) on various TLPs. Our number one priority is to raid and complete content together as a guild and not filling the guild bank with Krono.

    We Offer:
    We provide our members the experience of all in-era end raid content each expansion has to offer. Our leadership has many years of experience in progressing through TLP servers and are very well prepared for how to best deal with all coming expansions. We have consistent raid leadership who are very well versed on how to make the best use of our raid force as well as the raid time.
    1. Must NOT be a member of another guild
    2. Must own a headset AND a working microphone
    3. Must have a sick sense of humour
    4. Know your class, we don't want to see you being outhealed by alts etc! we're not here to carry you. We work as a team!
    If you believe that you meet ALL of the above requirements, feel free to join our discord and interview with an officer.

    How to Apply:
    Join Discord! Navigate to the Recruitment channel and type %apply the bot will send you a DM with some questions to fill out!

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    We are still recruiting all Classes lvl 55 or higher. Special Needs for (Main) Clerics and Necros.
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    Bump! Getting lots of loot!
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    New Raid Day Added!
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    !! bump!!
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    Some good brothers in this one, makes me consider server changing just to join them!