Loot Pinata vs RMTers

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  1. nagash101 Augur

    There are some high end raid items that are still rare and tradeable. Still something to chase and still a need to farm rares for the other few extra rare itmes.
  2. ntellect Augur

    How do you know what is going to happen on a random loot TLP if this is the very first time they did it? That changes a lot of things and just going by many of the forum posts people are absolutely LOVING it over standard TLPs. And thats not including the random people I play with every night in groups (that are by the way easier to get on this server).

    I thoroughly enjoy Everquest, and I have never raided in this game ever. So your idea that people who don't raid will get bored and quit isn't accurate. There are many ways to enjoy this game outside of raiding. That is one of its draws.

    The reason why I and my friends don't stay on standard TLPs is the lack of catch up. Once you miss the rush and fall behind there isn't much you can do except try to grind it out. Low level areas start to dry up which means no groups which means you can do many of the dungeons and EQ isn't a solo type of game.

    But whats different on Mischief right now is one people are everywhere not just in the specific zones that give the best dungeon loot. So I am grouping more often (like every single night) and its quick. Many people are already 50 but the starter zones still have people. Second due to the fact that gear is plentiful its distributed more freely. I'm wearing gear I never saw on the other TLPs which makes the content a bit easier to deal adding to the fun. The side effect of this is plat. I now have more plat than I ever had on a TLP due to selling the loot I am recieving and that is allowing me to buy useful gear for the first time.

    All of this adds to the experience and fun factor on THIS TLP that I didnt experience on all the other TLPs. I never hit 50 on the other TLPs either usually getting fed up around the early 30s. I'm already 42 and might even be 50 in classic which is another incentive to keep playing.

    If there is any server where I would play past PoP and potentially not raid and still have fun it will be this server. And trust I am not the only single person who sees this server that way.

    But like I originally said only time will tell if people will continue through all the expansions, or how many that will be. I'm betting they will.
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  3. Komodon Elder

    Because just like death and taxes, some things are just an absolutely certainty in life you don't need a crystal ball to predict. Whether or not the very top heavy and "hardcore" crowd still playing this game will be pouncing all over any chance they get to fully exploit and/or try to self benefit from any extreme game variable being presented to them to it's absolute fullest extent being one of those things.

    You again just need even the smallest familiarity with the who and what their driving playstyle mindset is surrounding the people that are going to end up accounting for over half the server toon population latter once the Classic prep stage (that you are placing way too much short sample size emphasis value in regards to any "how things are going to be latter" surface evaluation btw) has long passed.

    Which, and I mean this with no disrespect...you clearly don't have. And that's ok. Especially if a server aimed at catering first and foremost to pure krono farming/RMT driven play and the personalized appeal pros that can come out of that is what you are really after there all along with or without even realizing it. If not...well then 6 or so months down the road you can look back, take note of the fact that the biggest zerg guild ever wasn't actually keeping any of their raid loot scores in house from the start, and then be able to think to yourself "gee, next time I'll definitely see the shaping of that type of molded game world and the amplification values that came out of it coming".
  4. Kahna Augur

    Except that the server is the least Krono-farmy server to date. The up side of gear raining from heaven is that most people with a halfway decent guild aren't going to need to buy anything from anyone. Heck, my guild is 10 people, we can field 3 groups between us. Killed Yael the other day and got 12 different dragon loots. Why would anyone RMT anything for crazy money? We can literally farm almost everything we need with 10 people, and equip ourselves far faster than the zerg guild folks can. Which means we will have surplus loot that we can sell to the few folks who got unlucky with drops and buy the few things that we can't farm ourselves.

    Will that change? Sure, but it also starts to change right around the time when loot actually starts to matter for progression, so the zerg guild isn't going to be selling nearly as much loot because they will need it to get things dead. And honestly, who cares if they sell loot, isn't the free flowing of money and items what makes the economy tick? With so much loot dropping, everything is affordable. I have a feeling the "krono farmers" are going to ditch this server faster than most. It is entirely possible for even a casual player to be economically successful on this server without ever buying a single krono with real world money.

    Random loot pinata has made classic fun again. I can't wait to see what it does for the rest of the game.
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  5. ntellect Augur

    This has nothing to do with death and taxes, but you claiming to know whats going to happen to a server in the future that is using a ruleset that has never been done before. On top of that more people are enjoying outside of your factual claims.

    Bottom line is you cannot predict the future and I don't agree with your opinion, which does not make me wrong. You simply don't know what a free trade TLP is going to play like in the future you can only guess based on your specific and rather narrow experience.

    Second most of the factors you are talking about to justify your position I don't care about - read others I play with don't care about meaning its not going to affect me as much as it does you or whomever subjective cut of the player base you are speaking to.

    I don't care about RMT farmers and I don't care about zerg guilds. They never affected what me and people I play with do in the game (which by the way is having FUN instead of meta-thinking what a group of other random players will do and affect the server). But with that said, RMT farmers are going to have and are having a harder time on this server. Based on the simple fact I am buying items on Mischief that were astronomically priced on other TLPs. Again this didn't affect my gaming as I still played not having that item. But Mischief improves that experience by making those items more affordable adding to the appeal of the game.

    Third fact - I've seen more people express enjoyment on this server in game, in person, and on this very forum than any other TLP released in the last five years. I don't see that just disappearing because you say so.

    And finally whatever your experience is with TLPs or Everquest is specific to you and can't be defined for all players. Meaning just because you think this server will fail (my overall interpretation of what you are saying) doesn't mean it will. That is to say people are still going to enjoy and continue to play on Mischief regardless if you believe that's not the case.

    Your logic is subjective at best, and narrow at worst. That's far from being an empirical fact that cannot be argued.
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  6. Cainen Augur

    This server is the opposite of a server catered at krono farmers. To sell items you want a HIGH demand and a LOW supply.

    On this server, everything lasts forever, gear never gets "lost" by being no drop. On top of that the supply of almost all items is HIGHER due to the randomization(even the minis and gods can drop multiple bosses worth of loot per kill). SO the supply of items is HIGH, which means prices will get lower and lower since more people have the same items to sell.

    Next the demand of items will also drop due to items being tradeable. If i go to hate and get a warrior bp on my pally, on a normal server I could try and sell that and if I didn't then and there it was gone, on THIS server I can either sell it later or give it to a guildie/alt/friend. With so many options and left over "old" gear laying around the demand for items will drop, especially as the server goes forward and more "old" gear is laying around. rolling a new warrior in Luclin, here have a full set of growth gear, now that warrior is raid ready same day it was made. SO demand for the highest end of high end gear will be there, but everything else(where most smaller krono farmers live) will be useless.

    Unless you're able to farms raids for krono this server is defiantly NOT your you. And if you are able to farm raids for krono, you'd be doing that regardless of the ruleset.

    This server has been the absolute easiest to gear out on, full planer near all BIS without ever joining a guild or spending krono. It'll get even better and easier as the expansions introduce more content. I cant wait.
  7. Komodon Elder

    The fact you and the few others posting similar above you keep buying in to that strictly paper logic fueled assumption as in-game fact, while choosing to continually shift your focus away from the actual surrounding elephant factor which did indeed thrive and is still building itself up in the back round, just plays into the reason why such a large % of this server's population is essentially making the polar opposite all-in approach bet they are. No shortage of which who's entire core interest in playing on the server 100% revolves around that bet playing out to be a winner.

    By and large the overall total sum krono dump has been there to help back that bet too. Maybe even at an all time monthly high for any recent TLP as well when taking into account the typical early cheap krono grab appeal/opportunity that was certainly still there among the "play more and be first" crowd, and given the large amount of absolutely monsterous comparative gains I've seen generated out of the always under-estimated amount of trigger happy players popping in with the willingness to pay a live-in-the-moment premium to have certain things in the timeframe they'd ideally want them most (which of course now includes items they've never been able to buy before on a new shiny *it* server). Which obviously could/would have been better overall without a certain table crapping up the larger scale raid farming efforts, but that aspect can always (and will) be tweaked going forward to better accommodate the driving appeal going in to those efforts. Since again unlike previous TLPs the overall % of the total server population with an invested interest in such will be infinitely higher, and as such it should end up being a fairly safe bet that the need to keep them engaged and playing in mass will always draw the priority placement card over any random or smaller scale interests poking their head into the boards to make a few posts expressing their praises/complaints with how certain specific aspects of the server are playing out for them.

    Or basically...the Krono Farming/RMT game has evolved and vastly expanded out of it's more typically isolated environment with this specific rule set. Your own perception on the how and where that game is getting played out here now apparently just hasn't evolved or expanded out with it. Yet. Depending on how certain aspects of Kunark are implanted, and in the event they go the general way pretty much everybody in a few of those large discord chats full of hundreds of individual players are hoping (none of which are seeing much of anybody sitting around getting too caught up in classic era opportunity values and/or complaining they are "SEVERELY disappointed" that their new priority systems are not pumping out a ton of total krono sales btw)....that overall perception shift should catch itself up soon enough.
  8. DruidStorm69 New Member

    Komodon... Bro...
    Stop trying to appear intelligent. Just a simple tip from someone who learned long ago not to do that. It doesn't work. You end up misusing words and constructing very hard to read sentences with little point. The best sign of intelligence is someone who can convey their complex thoughts easily to others. Using big words strung together like a poor man's Russel Brand will not serve you as well as you hope. Peace and love.

    Also your clearly wrong about the tlp man, you aren't reading the cards right.

  9. Komodon Elder

    Yeah, here's the thing with that. The last post needed to explain something that really couldn't be adequately broken down in 2 quick sentences. One that apparently required a thorough explanation given the completely misdirected counter claim logic I keep seeing people grasp at, and one I essentially don't see any real point in simplifying or dumbing down just for the sake of trying not to give you or anybody else that "TLDR" opening to latch on to as a deflective attack point (as opposed to, ya know... you attacking any of that claim head on and putting yourself in the position to have to explain in any real detail to anybody here why it's wrong).

    None of that also boils down to a matter of my "trying to appear intelligent" either btw. But I guess if you are the type that doesn't play the actual game or within it's subject matter settings enough that you'd need to form your "reads" based on the total sum of what people are posting here, that again typically has to go through both the troll and self interest only based filters before reaching you then...*shrug*. No shocker my more intimate explanation approach on an existing server variable you don't like isn't something you'd find appealing or much less readily accept.

    But on that last note, feel free to come back latter and reflect back again on my last post you quoted the next time you find yourself looking to start another thread here complaining that a change was made on the new server/s that ends up benefitting that large % of the server population driving the Krono Sales/RMT market a lot more so then those ideal values you rolled on this server for. Especially when it ends up being something that doesn't get reversed ;)
  10. Kahna Augur

    I am going to make a point of coming back here and letting you know how much fun we are having on this server with every new expansion. And how much we haven't spent on getting gear upgrades.
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  11. Stymie Pendragon

    That run-on sentence has 91 words if I counted correctly. I believe that was what was being mentioned. Think of periods as taking a breathe during a conversation. For me it's not so much a TLDR situation as being able to keep up with your talking points.
  12. Komodon Elder

    How many expansions ahead are we talking there? Because if you are expecting those claims to stretch into 3 or more, I'm guessing a large part of that will be directly due to a server pop that stayed thriving long enough to hold your typically always related casual/and or smaller scale play interest. And for that to happen, a lot of the credit there will then likely be due to the fact this server did indeed go on to reach that record level of Krono/RMT farming those people were projecting would come out of free trade raid loot while spending all those years hoping this golden goose TLP opportunity got pushed into existence.

    But to note, I never claimed anywhere there wouldn't be anybody left gearing up their toons on the cheap. As I already stated 2 posts back there will be plenty of people doing that on the backend and/or after the larger scale Farming/RMT efforts make the upfront window killing they are focusing in on. I just been pointing out that the only people claiming that Mischief *isn't* already and going to be the most RMT friendly and driven TLP server to date are people who seemingly lack any real perception understanding on where/how the RMT was always going to shift/happen/thrive under this rule set in the first place.
  13. Kahna Augur

    I plan on taking this server to live.

    I'm not gearing "on the back end after everyone else takes loot to make money". I'm gearing on raids that I am going on. In a small guild. So small that we use a loot council and every member of the guild is on it. I have dragon loot, and god loot, and I have spent a whopping 350 plat on gear, which was player made jewelry, for my alt.
  14. bardybard Augur

  15. Kahna Augur

    Considering the individual I was responding to is positive the only way you will see loot in a timely manner on this server is to RMT, yes?
  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    He's giving Herman Melville a run for his money!
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