Loot Pinata vs RMTers

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  1. ntellect Augur

    How does character progression suck on Mischief server?
  2. Bullsnooze Augur

    What I've learned from this thread so far,
    • With loot in abundance, krono farmers can't pay their bills (and they are angry)
    • If you raid in a DZ, you're a casual player.
    • World of Warcraft wasn't successful
    • Ice cream and cake is only good if someone else feeds it to me (or you)?
    • If someone disagrees with me, I'm 100% in the right.
    Did I miss anything?
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  3. ntellect Augur

    You made some good points but disagree with your P2W comment. I always thought that term was stupid in an MMO context because what exactly are you winning?

    In terms of gear I'm having a different experience. I'm getting gear faster on this server than standard TLP. I have a higher probability of getting the items the racers are hoarding on this server than anywhere else. But that brings in the concept of caring to have these high end items. While they are nice to have and I'd keep them if I got them, not having doesn't really affect my game to the point where it would make me quit. I'm not trying to rush to max level, I'm trying to adventure and enjoy my play time. That enjoyment requires gear to do harder content. Gear requires Plat and I can make more Plat on this server selling random loot I don't want or trading it. So I don't get how you feel it takes longer on this server.

    Case in point. On aradune my level 28 paladin has the magic hammer I can summon, some leather armor, and about 34pp.

    On Mischief my 28 paladin has a magic 2H (which I traded with rare loot I didnt want), several plate pieces and almost 200pp (from selling rare gear I normally wouldn't have access to on standard TLP).

    I am having infinitely more fun on this TLP than any other I played on that include Ragefire, Phinny, Coirnav, Mangler, and Aradune.

    You are making the assumption that all casuals care about what someone does, and basing your logic off that. There are others who feel the same way I do so parts of your logic is flawed.
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  4. Bullsnooze Augur

    P2W in gaming is just that regardless of genre. If you pay real money to meet *any* goal (aka a win), then you have paid to win.

    In a First-person shooter? You pay for a gun unlock that has a higher rate of fire or special bullets giving you or your team the edge.
    In a MMO? You pay real money in order to buy an advantage of any kind. (At the extreme - levels or raid loot).
    In a mobile game like clash of clans? You pay real money to upgrade your base or units faster for an advantage over other clans.

    These are all versions of buying or paying for that 'win'.

    And, really this all just falls under the microtransactions plague model.
  5. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Nah this is just straight up nonsense. You can easily get "relevant" gear with a group in classic and the next few expansions, even if you are in complete rags. The fact is you don't WANT to go and camp the places that will drop "relevant" gear.

    I agree that it is easier to get loot, not sure who disagreed with that.

    "On a standard TLP we aren't catching up".. What do you even mean by that? You just said you guys get 1 max level character per expansion. You don't NEED gear to get gear, that is such a backwards way to look at things. If everybody NEEDED the gear before they could take on the camps that dropped the gear, nobody would ever get geared?
  6. ntellect Augur

    Whomever has paid to win on any TLP server never affected my game or the fun I had on it. It doesn't matter. I dont care if you level faster than me or have more elite gear than me..

    You aren't "winning" anything. You are paying for convenience and thats each users choice.
  7. ntellect Augur

    Doing anything in a game is a choice. Nothing you said changes the fact of how I play on the server, so I'm not sure what you are trying argue.

    This is a better server experience than standard TLP.
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  8. Gheed Is not reading your response

    It is pretty obvious what I am trying to argue.

    Of course doing anything is a choice and you choose how you want to play the game. However, in your post you literally said that you have "0 option besides paying krono or plat for relevant gear". I pointed out exactly how that isn't true and you DO have an option to obtain the gear; which is to camp it or camp other relevant gear to sell/trade for it. You do not to be geared in order to kill the mobs to acquire said gear.

    You also said "On a standard TLP you cannot catch up because you don't have the gear or groups to continue". I again pointed out how that is not true. Having good gear is not a requirement for group content for quite a while.

    I have nothing wrong with you having a better experience on this ruleset, that is great. I have the problem with you acting like it is impossible to get gear or keep a character up to date without "paying tons of krono or plat". It just isn't true.
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  9. Machen New Member

    No, it doesn't. Definitely not in classic. There's really no point before underfoot or so where gear is required to enjoy harder content.

    No, it doesn't. The vast, vast majority of gear comes through time spent in raids or at group camps. Plat is a distant second if you don't have time, and krono is a distant third if you don't have time or plat.
  10. Lejaun Augur

    You'll notice that some (note some, not all) of the people who throw up the most complaints about the loot on the new servers are the very same who are actually RMTers and realized its going to be more difficult to exploit players for money through the lifespan of each expansion.

    It gets harder and harder to try to make lots of krono off of things when there is a loot pinata that everyone benefits from. RMTers don't like that. As such, they will be the very first ones to scream exploit or voice their complaints about what and how much loot is dropping.

    Meanwhile, the server has been a breath of fresh air to many. Maybe some will get tired of it soon. Maybe some will quit. But for now, its been one of the most fun TLPs released.
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  11. Bullsnooze Augur

    This is all beyond the point and irrelevant.

    The advantage of P2W on a new TLP (with instances) isn't the same as like Battlefront 2 (2017) where microtransactions gave players an unfair advantage until it was patched out. Thankfully Dark Paw's only paid advantage on TLPs is the XP potion and those are readily available if you save your monthly allotment of coins.

    Saying you've been affected? Probably a far-stretch. You probably have and are just unaware of it. I can think of quiet a few scenarios where someone may have paid real money an impact on your gameplay. And, that impact could have been positive.

    That's incorrect.

    Firstly, the term 'win' in the model is subjective. The 'win' based on the game is however the person paying perceives it. In some games you can actually pay to beat the game or gain unreal advantages.

    Thankfully, EQ isn't one of them.
  12. plowers Journeyman

    Define RMT. You seem to bring this up with every thread.
  13. Lineater Augur

    Ding ding ding! People acting like it’s so terrible that you can buy an AC ring for 400plat right now instead of paying a farmer 1+ krono. OMG this is BS, server is going down the tubes!

    EQ’s loot system is antiquated, overly stingy, and too easily controlled by farmers. This system feels fresher, spreads players out, and makes xp grinds feel more rewarding. It’s nice to be able to earn loot by just playing instead of having to go camp something.

    Long term appeal is TBD, but I don’t see cheaper and more plentiful loot driving players away any time soon. There are so many positive trade offs for upgrades feeling somewhat less meaningful. And cheaper jboots don’t make you run any slower. I think people will really enjoy a server where:

    -gearing isn’t so arduous, time consuming, and/or expensive. Your plat goes further.
    -you don’t necessarily have to raid 3 nights/12 hours a week for months on end to gradually acquire endgame loot (which no doubt causes burnout & player attrition).
    -you can acquire items you might otherwise never see, some of which can totally change the way a class performs/plays.
    -you can catch up easier gear-wise if you fall behind or take a break.
    -you can twink the ever loving bleep out of alts and boxes.

    it’s a more modernized ruleset that favors the average player. I think Mischief & Thornblade will do well.
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  14. Nyvlag Elder

    Someone else said it earlier in the thread, but I think it bears repeating.

    Just because the price of goods is lower than other servers does not mean "there is no market."

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

    You guys and girls who are trying to use EQ to pay rent -- there are still avenues for you. Powerleveling. Raw PP farming. I'm sure you can come up with some new ways to exploit the playerbase, although your market is now a bit smaller.
  15. Lineater Augur

    Wow. Your definition of "easy" varies wildly from mine. Let's take FBSS for example. An average player, paying for 1 subscription, is leveling a monk in classic. He's lvl 39. His options for acquiring an FBSS:

    1. Hope he gets lucky and gets an invite to a frenzy group, an FBSS drops while he is there, and he wins the roll (16.7% chance). Not sure what the spawn rate is on the frenzied ghoul, but per Magelo, FBSS has about a 15% chance of dropping. Extremely low odds of this plan ever coming to fruition.

    2. Form his own PUG, get extremely lucky and find an open frenzy camp, or try to bully his way into a camp by out-DPS'ing a group or the lvl 50 double necro farmer who has it on lockdown using 3rd party software. Also see #1.

    3. Be lucky enough to form a group with friends who will spend hours camping with him and give him the FBSS if it drops. Also hope he doesn't get bullied out of the camp, also see #2 and #1.

    4. Gradually farm up a krono worth plat and buy one from a seller in CL, which could take weeks depending on play time, RNG luck on drops and rolls, etc.

    Which one of these options do you consider "easy?" I duo'ed ENC/CLR on Aradune, played a lot, and never sniffed a pair of GEB's in classic because there were two necros camping Efreeti in every pick 24/7, and I didn't want them badly enough to pay a krono for them. The one time I found an open Efreeti camp, two necros showed up to dps race me before the first repop. That is what has sucked about previous TLP's - big money camps are on lockdown 24/7. It is not "easy" to obtain these items via camping them.
  16. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Everquest is a social game. Attempting to do something like farming one of the most sought after items in classic by yourself will obviously not be easy. If you are able to make friends or are in a guild, suddenly you are able to accomplish much more!

    The guy my post was replying too said he played with a full group of friends. So yes, acquiring a FBSS with a full group of friends that you know is "easy".

    Crazy you didn't even take the time to read before typing all this.
  17. Lineater Augur

    But it's not.
  18. Gheed Is not reading your response

    I guess that is where we disagree then.
  19. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Nobody really knows how it will shake out yet. I'm casual, I played a good amount (for me) since the launch and I'm level 11, haven't seen a single rare mob yet. If I didn't know this was a free-trade or random loot server, it wouldn't have been obvious yet. I'm in Qeynos, only see items for sale in the General channel, which I tend to leave pretty quick because people are jackarses.

    Let's see what the price of a Cloak of Flames is by the end of Kunark, and the price of a Krono in pp. As a casual I'm waiting for the raiders to get into their second or third set of armor before I start eyeing their first set. If the second and third hand stuff is overpriced then that will be bad for casuals.

    I'm not buying any Krono, and can only farm limited amounts of plat. Depending how fast I level I may farm some classic items in the mid-level ranges and get by with that until late Kunark or Velious when more good stuff shakes down to the lower pricing tiers.
  20. Captain Video Augur

    Yes you have. If it's part of a hunter's achievement, or if it is part of a quest and has one or more placeholders to spawn, then it's a safe bet it's flagged as rare. In the Catacombs, these mobs are rare and will drop random loot: Nesting Rat, Shady Mercenary, Drosco the Zombie, Undead Knight. Cuburt should be rare but isn't dropping anything random, not sure why. The "randomized loot" is going to be low-level stuff, but at least it's working as devs have described. The Crookstinger poison sword is useful for a level 5-15 if you get that to drop. Other starter areas will be much the same situation.