Loot Pinata vs RMTers

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Surebuddy, May 29, 2021.

  1. Larsen Lorekeeper

    Did they change something? Yesterday I was getting up to 5 random drops on rares. Today I'm getting one item from the mob's own traditional loot table and one random drop.
  2. Tweakfour17 Augur

    You kind of did say that in a roundabout way. If Casuals aren't the ones buying Krono and since you're disputing his point you feel hardcore arent either...then who is? I tend to agree with Xyroff on this one, people with lower play time (casuals) buy the krono and trade them to people with more play time (let's call them hardcore, you can be hardcore and not bat phone OW or raid 5 times a week). Eventually they get used as game time by these people to avoid paying to play. Or someone is sitting on a massive stash and doing nothing with them, but no one buys a krono from DBG to pay their own sub since it costs more than just buying a sub.
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  3. Kumiko_Lockjaw Elder

    You can have many krono without being RMTer or having them bought. There are many players from LJ/RF, who sold their loot from aow and st in the bazaar and got wealthy.

    First I thought, I would have to throw in Kronos to get good items, but now, watching prices drop so quickly, I even doubt a cof would be going for 5 kr.

    I think, when Velious hits, then it's time for the RMT to sell quest runes from ToV. And before that, maybe some epic 1.0 drops are sellable, but nothing else.

    BTW, wtb Head of Stanos 1kr :)
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  4. Captain Video Augur

    I never said hardcore players don't buy Kronos. I've had variations of this same discussion in other TLP cycles. Some forum regulars jump to the conclusion that everyone who wants to play on a TLP is going to buy stuff to compete, and I keep saying that isn't true, it has never been true, and I am one of many examples to the contrary. I have never once purchased or used a Krono. And yet I have played the TLP cycle from Classic through PoP twice before, and I've rolled and scouted on other TLP servers. Last year, Skuz was adamant that TLPs were designed for raiders only, and those who didn't have interest in raiding were so few as not to matter to anyone. It's what got me the quote of honor in his .sig. :)

    All of the posturing about what the economy is going to be like on these new servers is speculation. My own theories are speculation. None of us have sat in developer meetings, and none of us has the faintest idea of what the devs expect to happen. I do know this one thing already: there is a >LOT< more cheating going on than was ever the case on previous TLP servers. Every single rare mob in the game is now a candidate for warping behavior, and I have seen it first-hand in the lowest-level zones where it was never worth the trouble before. That in itself might be enough to bring about server fail.
  5. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Fair enough I suppose. Defining a "casual" player is a subjective thing. For me it's much more about hours spent playing and how those hours are spent than it is money spent on the game. Particularly in EQ with an older player base, a huge amount of players have disposable income. If a guy drops 100 bucks on a few kronos to give him a head start on a fresh TLP server, but he only plays an hour a week and he's level 9 at the end of classic, I'd think of that as a very casual player. I'd think most folks would, but if you disagree that's cool.
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  6. Sycopata Elder

    I normaly lose all the random on drops, maybe now i can get some gear. And love the idea of solo low lvl rares to twink alters, sorry if trash loot are now trash loot. Go to more end game items to make your krono. The tank is out of fishes. Is time to venture in the sea.
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  7. Bardy McFly Augur

    Casuals will have their fair share of the raining loot. They won't need to worry about scrounging up coppers or buying Kronos to save up for that one bracer or set of boots that they want (they can still buy Krono to accelerate purchases if they truly wish). They'll find a group and get a few items of actual value that they can then trade for the many pieces of gear that they want.

    If anything, these will be casual-friendly servers for years to come and you may find more casuals on these TLPs than any other.

    I also predict it will be the most dead elitist raiding in the history of TLPs. But that's fine. There are plenty of other servers for that. Casuals finally got a server to call home.
  8. a_librarian Augur

    Until they quit in PoP because that's when the game starts leaving casual players behind in a serious way.
  9. Sycopata Elder

    People quit in pop, why is wen new servers arrive. And people love early expansions. The explossion of Word of Warcraft was in GoD and alot people swiched, and not so much people have nostalgia on post PoP expansions, also a big problem on everquest era modern expansions, are all loot sems the same, infinite stats on all equipment. You miss the point of find especifit item for slot, for your class.
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  10. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I honestly don't understand the "only hardcore krono lords care about the drop rate" argument.

    If a healthy economy and character progression are at all important to you, then this server sucks. I am the definition of casual but those are probably the two most important aspects on an MMO to me.

    So ya... I don't see Mischief lasting (for me).
  11. Kahna Augur

    I actually see this server as having a better economy, even when prices have fallen. People are still going to need to do a lot of trading. On a normal server, I would have my Jboots by now, as my group would have found ourselves a camp and farmed them until we were all outfitted. Right now my group has 1 pair of jboots. We did, however, get a ton of other loot that we have sold already, and I will be purchasing my jboots from some random person who got more than they needed. I need to interact with that other person, because I can't just go camp the item myself, not reliably.

    Typically, I do not participate in the EQ economy prior to Luclin because I despise tunnel selling with all my heart. I have camped every single item I wore on the past 3 TLPs I was on. This server forces me to be a part of the economy because I can't just go out and camp everything I want. The economy is plenty healthy, and will stay that way, because peeps are still going to need to trade for the things that didn't drop for them. People are going to be happier to equip multiple alts with this new system, where as before I would have had 1 main and maaaaybe 1 alt now I have plans for several, all of them will need gear.

    Just because things are less expensive doesn't mean their isn't an economy.
  12. Pikallo Augur

    Noticed a similar thing for me for the last day or so. Not so much that I'm getting an item from the traditional loot table, but I'm pretty consistently only getting 2 items from group content named. Definitely not complaining(in fact I like it better), but it seems anecdotally like there was a stealth tweak.
  13. Demetri Augur

    The game hardly leaves them - there's plenty of casual friendly xpacs in the sequence - yes, PoP and GoD are rough for casuals.... and then that's about it until PoR.
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  14. Lineater Augur

    I got 4-5 drops off some named in Sol A yesterday. It’s just RNG most likely.
  15. Kylo Classic Augur

    They are going to tone it down. Exploit early, exploit often.
  16. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Where you been?

    That's been the tag line since 1999
  17. ntellect Augur

    From my perspective what this server does is give players an option of getting the loot. The whole concept of chase loot or "I have something other random players can't have" is silly especially for a 20 year old game.

    I dont think this server is going to die, I actually believe it will be one of the most popular. The ones who will leave will be the continual TLP restarters and those whom you described in your post.

    The rest of us are going to continue to enjoy this new and different ride. Besides. If you dont like it there umpteen other TLPs to play on and probably a new one next year.

    Just take your pick
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  18. ntellect Augur

    I'm a casual and thats not how I or other casuals I play with play at all. We enjoy the life of the server playing with and around other players deciding what we will do each play session. Our goal is to get to max level on at least one character before the next expansion.

    What we hate is the normal TLP where we have pretty much 0 option of getting any relevant gear without using krono or paying more Plat than we would ever make.

    This server has been infinitely more fun from the start. I've already recieved loot I have never had before just by leveling and farming Lockjaw in a cool casual group. And its not just the loot you are awarded. Even in the same group trades have been happening like crazy to help other players advance so we can move on.

    We don't care so much about the catch as we do having means to do so after most players are in the next expansion. On a standard TLP we aren't catching up. We don't have the gear or the groups to continue. On this server it's not going to matter as much as we will be able to get gear to make us stronger to play at our own speed. The ruleset I believe will attract players to play with. But that aspect remains to be seen
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  19. ntellect Augur

    Horrible analogy for EQ considering that people are not going to be bored in a month because there is more loot. Actually it makes sense the opposite will happen and people will be excited because they have valid options to get the loot they couldn't get before.
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  20. ntellect Augur

    I really don't understand what you are talking about? Not everyone cares about gear they way you are saying it. I'm not going to get bored of receiving random loot in any expansion. Two the gear isn't given to me I was in a group fighting a mob like everyone else. I just have a better chance of getting something I normally wouldn't have time to get.

    If other players have less or more rare gear than me I could care less. I'm not competing with these people. I'm playing my own game having fun grouping with the shared goal of additional loot.
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