Loot Pinata vs RMTers

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Surebuddy, May 29, 2021.

  1. Surebuddy New Member

    I notice a big pushback from notable RMTers over the overabundance of loot dropping. Comical, I know. I think it's okay to let people enjoy the game and gear their toons and alts like they've never been able to before. I personally think it's a breath of fresh air rather than deal with the same people perma camping/training every highly sought after rare just so they can sell their kronos for cash.

    Why are people offended that others are getting lots of gear? If it bothers you guys so much, why not just go play elsewhere where loot isn't like this? I'd be willing to bet the majority are loving every minute of it. As far as I'm concerned, RMTers can take the backseat on these new TLPs.
  2. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Nobody is offended. It wasn't what the devs planned for the server, so it was fixed. Crazy concept, I know.

    Also that whole thread was addressing trash mobs dropping raid loot. Haven't seen a single person complaining about named mobs dropping lots of items.
  3. Magician9001 Augur

    The overabundance of group loot is cool.
    The overabundance of raid loot dropping from group content isn't.
    If group content is gonna drop a bunch of raid loot people aren't gonna wanna raid and do endgame content.
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  4. Surebuddy New Member

    When was it fixed? Fear loot looked absurd earlier today when Terror dropped 28 pieces of loot
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  5. Gheed Is not reading your response

    I was referring the hate trash dropping dragon loot being fixed. No idea about terror dropping a bunch of loot.
  6. Tweakfour17 Augur

  7. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Meh, I watched Terror drop 20 pieces of dragon loot today. So like 6 raid mobs worth of items on a fear golem. Seems like it is intentional because group rares also drop absurd amounts of stuff. Sounds as if people like it so whatever but its pretty stupid to me.

    There will be no chase loot. There will be no point to farm any rare. There will be no point to raid because after 2 weeks in Velious you'll have 1500 raid items that have dropped. There will be no value for practically any item. There will be no meaningful progression of your character because you will buy all your BiS loot for 1000 plat a slot. The dopamine levels are high right now for a lot of people seeing all the loot and I don't want to pull a "you think you do but you don't".. but yeah, should be interesting.

    Really doesn't seem good for long term retention but maybe I am wrong. Well see
  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    On the plus side Classic is only a month so they have time to see what works and what doesn't and hopefully tweak Kunark+ to meet their vision (tm).
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  9. a_librarian Augur

    Long term retention on a TLP means from now until next March-May where people get sold on a fresh start. The fast progression of this server is going to keep people hooked in enough even if the economy is exploded from their implementation of random loot.

    What Daybreak needs to worry about is how to sell the next server after they've given people this taste of novelty.
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  10. Gheed Is not reading your response

    I guess. However, almost every server past your "golden era" still has hundreds of active subs that play which would indicate long term retention. The previous rulesets have already proven that players will continue logging in even after some leave for the new fresh start.

    Guess it doesn't really matter though if they can get people to keep restarting year after year.
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  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Maybe the amount of loot dropping was on purpose due to the Classic window only being a month, Kunark might be a slightly less-stuffed Pinata or it might be the same.

    An over-abundance of loot helps keep prices low for casuals.
  12. Aegir Augur

    I'm enjoying this fresh new world.

    RMT'ers will just shift their focus to Plevel and selling Accounts.
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  13. plowers Journeyman

    Everyone is going to be so decked out. Everything will be even more trivial in these earlier expansions and there's really no reason to push for harder fights but we knew that going into the server. I do feel bad for these hardcore's who think their clearing content amounts to anything special on this server.
  14. Sycopata Elder

    I have 4 kronos and still cant affort a cloack of flames, then not sems trivial gear up, in eq 99% of lot become trash in each new expansion and classic is going out in 3 weeks. If you prefer overpriced and durable items go to p99 and farm months to buy a fungy tunic to a big fish who camps it 24/7. Or rememer old TLP release and pay a krono to loot a Mask of DE ilusion why a lvl 50 army is holding all the picks. This server is breaking the meta, Aradune are active for classic TLP, and p99 is free to play for true EQ experience.
  15. plowers Journeyman

    You still can't afford a cloak of flames within the first 7 days of the server? Damn
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  16. Surebuddy New Member

    If we want to be realistic, classic and early expansions are trivial. People have been clearing all raid content in the first week of release for several years on TLPs. Character progression in terms of hunting specific drops wasn't a huge factor anyway. We see people in mediocre gear clear raids with ease. Whether things are cleared in 2 hours or 5..it all goes down and goes on lockout. You still have to farm to get your loot and/or plat. Not everyone buys/sells kronos to obtain gear and farming thousands of plat per slot isn't necessarily easy for people who have jobs and family. I feel like it levels the playing field and gives casuals an opportunity to join in on the fun and not always be behind the curve
  17. plowers Journeyman

    Point is that the shear volume of loot dropping off easier targets doesnt require anyone to spend krono play or time
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  18. Larsen Lorekeeper

    They kind of messed the server up with the absurd abundance of loot. Regular rares drop up to five items at a time (and spawn more often) and raid bosses apparently drop 20+. A streamer also got dragon loot off of a random spite golem, but that was quickly hotfixed, so it appears to have been a bug. The fact that they haven't hotfixed the 5 items from rares and 20+ from raid bosses tells me it's intended and staying. In that light, the server has no real future as it will be so saturated with gear that it'll be a joke. You'll clear NToV twice and get full BIS for the whole guild. It's a joke server already.
  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Why does an over-abundance of gear upset you?
    • No crumbs to flick off from the table to the waiting peasants?
    • How do I feel uber if everyone is uber, I need undergeared scrubs in order to have someone to feel better than?
    • What's the point of EQ if I don't get to feel better than anyone else?
    • Wahhhh my Krono farming game has been destroyed?
    If an overabundance of gear is a problem for you then that's a YOU problem. You are not being harmed by being on a level playing field with everyone else, you are in fact being helped.
    Your groups will be stronger
    Your raids will be stronger
    Your group mates & raid mates will be encouraged to stay rather than feeling like they are getting left behind
    A healthy casual population is essential to any server & this rule set is absolutely going to make life as a casual more interesting
    Gaining platinum on a TLP which has a "speed of travel through expansions" that is 4 to 5 times faster than live servers yet does not have 12 months per expansion to build up plat like a live server does is absolutely going to be harder. Cheap items from more drops entering the world makes this TLP a little easier on the pocket.
    This complaint about an over abundance is short-sighted at best.
    It is supposed to be a new server things being very different to past TLP is kind of the whole point.
    For the past past 5 years one of the largest criticisms has been "oh joy let's have another Phinny-clone, why can't they do something different" - well, here it is.

    What if this much gear dropping is completely intentional to try and foster an active casual player-base that helps the server to feel "alive" for a lot longer than the typical Classic to PoP life-cycle of a server that many players wrongly assume is all TLP are good for?

    Raid guilds will be selling loot from their raids soon, and that's a big part of life on FV, who cares if they get "too much" all that means is casuals will get access to raid gear in the bazaar, again kinda a key feature of the free trade ruleset.
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  20. Zugare New Member

    Who could have guessed the random loot free trade server wouldnt be a hardcore raiding server where loot is hard to get?