Info Needed Loot dropping off wrong mob, please fix!

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by AZerker, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. AZerker New Member

    To raise faction with "Castle Tamrel", you can do four things:

    4) Loot "Tallon Captain Insignia" from Tallon Zek's forces in the Field of Strife (reportedly no drops in the castle) and turn them in to First Lieutenant Ess Pekky (click for map image) in Castle Tamrel for the following faction hit (results in +10 faction point gain):
    + Castle Tamrel

    NOTE: This Insignia turn-in requires indifferent faction.

    Note that "Tallon Captain Insignia" seems to drop from from the wrong mobs. (They currently drop from "a Gindan _____" when Tallon Zek's forces are actually the Hendin mobs on the opposite side.)

    It would be nice if we could have the loot drop off the right mob. Anychance this is a quick fix?
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  2. Ratalthor Developer

    Is there any quest description or dialogue that tells you that the Tallon Captain Insignia should drop from those mobs? If so, who gives that info?
  3. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    Looking into it, the OP is correct. Lore wise you are doing work for First Lieutenant Ess Pekky to raise faction with Castle Tamrel, Vallon's forces. You can kill Rulnavian or Hendin for +1 faction per kill. You can loot Tallon Soldier Insignia from those same mobs for +10 faction each. You can turn in Tallon Captain Insignia for +10 each, but those drop from Gindan mobs, but the Gindan ARE Vallon's forces, so they shouldn't be dropping Tallon Captain Insignias.
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