Loot Cards for Drakkinshard LON

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Randragon, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Randragon Augur

    Simply horrible. Nothing new and inventive. Just changed graphics around and the same old same old.
    Not even worth buying IMHO. Just my 2cps.
  2. oogolx Elder


    If your an illusion ***** such as myself you'll be trying to get that

    The merc looks kind of cool too. But I'm pretty partial to my hadal templar
  3. Amnerys Augur

    If you have ideas for future loot sets, please feel free to share them. :) The LON team doesn't always know what's most appealing to the MMO players, and likewise, the EQ team is usually so busy with updates and expansions that they just toss out what ideas come to mind when the LON team asks for new loot, but I don't think by any means there are hours of concentrated meetings where they toil and debate over what will be sought-after. (Oh, if only there was time for that!) We'd love to hear your feedback.
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  4. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Elder

    I have to say, this is probably one of the most professionally productive responses I have heard in a while.

    Nicely done, Amerys!
  5. Tegila Augur

    personally i love the loots this set jsut wish they were a little more common and varied in what you get, have gotten the same thing 3 times another 2 times and thats it
  6. Sancho Elder

    I like the loot cards. Keep on going with ambiguous 1h weapon ornaments, they rock.

    I'd love to see some more old illusions like efreeti (tazgar, not atiki), sphinx, sonic wolves from old school katta. Maybe mess with rarity a bit. Switch it up some. Make illusions more common, mounts more rare for a change. Make some cool weapon ornaments rare, like Brell's Hammer one. Maybe a super rare Ping's potion that is actually worth attaining. I dunno but it doesn't always have to follow the same rarity pattern of illusions at the top and Ping at the bottom.
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  7. Artemis-Entreri Augur

    I love mercenary options, and thought it was such a great idea when you released the tournament packs that had the gargoyle, and werewolf mercenaries. Wish you guys would do more of that. Or just give us the option to buy various mercenaries from the marketplace alone.

    Mercs!, Mercs!, an Moar Mercs! Please!!
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  8. Braveheart Augur

    Bazu Illusion
    Kyv Illusion
    Kyv Merc
    Dragon Mounts (Replica's of the Dragons in FoScale)
    Demi/Soltaris Shield Ornament (Note my previous requests)
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  9. Tulisin_Dragonflame Augur

    I'd definitely like to see more Metamorph stuff, I'll be pursuing the ant for sure. The "collect the set" cards were also great chase items.

    Edit: I'd pretty much spend all my monthly station cash on booster packs if there was a drake pet illusion. Or maybe just convert some of the older familiars into metamorphs?
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  10. darkenkal Journeyman

    Would it kill SOE to put a 24 slot bag in for a loot card?
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  11. Cakvala Augur

    To address this, they pulled the Dragon illusion you suggested due to the very high poly-count on the model. It causes large amounts of lag more then anything else in game. (As far as I know, this was address back when they first allowed that illusion in game, or I may be completely wrong.)

    On requests for ideas, can you all setup a general email we can send ideas to? LONrequests@soe.com or something similar, setup a form that we fill out.

    For ideas, here are mine that I think is a good breakdown of what people want.

    Housing Items:
    Common – Paintings
    Rare – Furniture
    Ultra Rare – Tribute Trophies

    Rare - 24 slot
    Ultra Rare – 32 slot

    Rare – Fast
    Ultra Rare – Super Fast

    Common – Provide a non-visible T3/T4 stat Item with a clickie.
    Common – 24 Slot Bag
    Rare – 32 Slot Bag
    Ultra Rare - 7 Day Cycle Reuse, Experience %10 clickie.

    Mercenary Contracts:
    Common – Current Zone model
    Rare – First five expansions model to use.

    Can we please give two options for casters besides a small dagger or hammer? Such as…
    1HS – Axe / Sword
    1HB – Hammer / Rod, Scepter Etc.

    Common – Current expansion model Illusion.
    Ultra Rare – First five expansions model to use.
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  12. Gladare Augur

    The biggest problem with the aspect of the brood isn't lag. It's not being able to use it in SO MANY random areas. This can include specific parts of a zone. The guild lobby for instance has areas where it can and can not be used.
  13. Vouivre Augur

    Since LoN and the Marketplace seem to like giving out Nightmare mounts so much which were SK mounts only at first and at higher versions look little like Nightmares now could you start making some Unicorn mounts now?
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  14. Reprisal Augur

    I really don't buy the cards these days so probably not the target audience, but :p
    Illusions are nice, and the weapon ornaments are great mostly because they fit any weapon type. Couldn't care less about housing stuff, but I do throw the paintings up when I get them.

    My main issue with mounts is that they don't stack with shaman/beastlord Pact spells. This could be fixed by splitting the mount buff and the stat buff into 2, which would make the mounts much more appealing for those 2 classes. And if you do that, start with the flying carpet that's rotting in my bank, please. I'd rock the surfboard rug in a moment.
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  15. Rylaar2000 Elder

    I would love to see 2 mercs and 2 illusions per set. I would also like to see a 32+ slot bag.

    How about a low innate chance to receive a loot card from a previous set?
  16. Pouncequick Journeyman

    1) Aspect of the Brood was pulled? It is still on the official loot list for Stormbreak on SoE's LoN page...

    2) Never had it drop based on where I've been. It can't be triggered many places simply because it is a larger illusion and needs space to 'form.' I like to think of it as the dragon needing a runway for takeoff :p
  17. EQbud Augur

    That's what The Loremaster system is.

    Choose-a-loot cards would be the ultimate pulls.
  18. Gladare Augur

    1) No idea
    2) That's not an issue 99% of the time I can't use it. Including the guild lobby example.
  19. Pouncequick Journeyman

    You sure? Remember, it is EQ's idea of 'enough space', not yours.... I just notice where I can't use it, space is an issue compared to where I can.
  20. Gladare Augur

    Yes, I'm pretty sure a wide open field is not considered too small. Or a passageway 4-5 times the size of the dragon. In zones where the illusion does work, you can use it in tight areas. So yes I have an accurate idea of the space needed. l'll log in tomorrow for more examples of zones.

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