Fixed Loot bonus causes Mercenaries to malfunction

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by MachoSod, Nov 8, 2022.

  1. Ashreign123 New Member

    Can you please fix this externally either through a hotfix or take the servers down and fix this. Its literally game breaking for many of us.
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  2. SteamFox Augur

    I agree, game breaking for anyone who relies on a merc. Please take the servers down and patch it if it can't be done as a hotfix. Waiting for next patch cycle is waaaay too long regardless of the bonuses currently on going.
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  3. FatmantheBst New Member

    Says fixed but not working. Many on Rathe not happy at 9pm PST here. Please check it out again. Thanks.
  4. MisterBait New Member

    Be nice if we can get an update for a live fix. Those of us that rely on mercs to play are not able to take advantage of this exp bonus right now.
  5. Deniedx New Member

    Agreed, there will be a lot of players completely unable to make use of the in-game bonuses due to this.
  6. Jaybird08 New Member

    Doesn't look good for DB.
    Here's a great bonus week for you.. look at all these perks!! Great!
    Oh... but, all the mercs are bugged for now, well, have fun anyway!
    I would hope they extend the bonus time for the duration the mercs are broke. As lots have mentioned they rely on mercs to play.:(
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  7. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Too much spaghetti not enough sauce.
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  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Considering that next week is the monthly patch (and they've already had the monthly patch for Test), I bet they just wait until then to fix it.

    "To heck with everyone not being able to use healer mercs for a week during bonuses...we must stick to our schedule!"
  9. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Fixed internally, not pushed live.
  10. Conq Augur

    In case anyone missed it. Merc's are the Devil.
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  11. Astefin Journeyman

    I agree. Bring the servers down to fix mercenaries. There are too many people that cannot do anything without mercs or are forced to play alts that are lower level not needing mercs or alts that can work around limited capacity.
    I saw guildies last night unable to do anything due to bad mercenaries and I had to use two healer mercs to heal me when 1 of those spots would go to a guild member.
    Please, push the fix and extend the bonus the 2 days so far it has been messed up. This bonus was supposed to be a thank you all for your support. Now it is a haha, should be boxing a healer!
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  12. blayds New Member

    Category: Mercenaries
    Date/Time: Thu Nov 10 16:31:53 2022

    Character: Level 110 Rogue (Main)
    Zone: The Plane of Knowledge
    Location: 421.31, 542.89, -121.98, 26.88

    Description: Mercenaries are not responding as they have in recent past. Healers hardly heal themselves or individuals no matter setting, Tanks fight as if not armored and go down in 15 seconds on 1-2 light blue mobs even with heals being chain cast. This seems to be a problem since last patch, and for those of us who have to rely on them to even play the game since u cant find groups makes for a not very fun time!!!
  13. Meeko Developer(Code)

    This issue was hotfixed today and the mercenary should get the proper focus equipment when you enter a zone that has been restarted. You can use /uptime to see if the zone has already been restarted. It'll take a couple hours for them all to restart.

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  14. Sappas Journeyman

    Oh, so some zones will still have the issue and some won't depending on if the hotfix has restarted that zone yet or not? Is that how it works?

    I know it wasn't fixed yet in Stratos just now... i'll have to run back and see what the /uptime says. Thanks.

    EDIT: I checked. Yep, not reset yet. World and zone time still the same at about 13:00:00:00 give or take. Thanks again for info.
  15. MachoSod Journeyman

    Awesome! We all assumed that might have been what the zone resets were about.
  16. Tatanka Augur

    Thank you for getting this fixed quickly, with plenty of the bonus XP time still to come :)