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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Calastern, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Calastern New Member

    Is there a way to look up old characters still. I quit playing my account in 99 and when I checked in 09 it was still there but I have forgot how to check.
  2. NickDanger Elder

    It's not so much that you forgot as it is that they removed that capability. At this point, your only real hope is to call customer service. The character is likely still there and they may be able to find it - but they are going to ask you for a bunch of information that you probably no longer have (e.g. codes from the original CDs, number of the credit card you used 13 years ago, etc - if you're lucky, they may let you off with your exact billing address from 1999).
  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    To be perfectly honest, if you can log into your account, it is going to be easiest to just log onto each of the servers and check that way.
  4. NickDanger Elder

    Yeah, I guess I was assuming that he couldn't log into the account. Have you tried that?
  5. Calastern New Member

    No such luck. I will trying calling them tomorrow if they're open. I can imgine that obtaining level 44 is easy now, but back in 99 I was the highest level eurdite paladin (out of total of three on the server) on my server and almost band a few times by GM who though I was a wizard wearing plate. So the memories are strong enough to go through this hassel.
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  6. Mellifleur Augur

    I feel your pain brother. I just got finished with a fight to get my old name restored on a server I had a lower level toon on back in 99.
    That account was long since dead and it took me some serious wrangling to get the name back that has such a long history in Norrath.

    I wish you luck.
  7. Calastern New Member

    When I played you got Ghoulbane by bringing your level 50 monk friend to lower guk and having him disarm the frolok and then fd and you run in and pick the sword and run for it. I gave all my gear away to include ghoulbane when I quit however, so I am wondering how hard will it be to start 44 naked and pennyless?
  8. Sebbina Augur

    Let me see, played only during part of 99, that would mean little veteran accumulated time, but could play F2P as a silver at least. Starting a brand new account now, hiring a merc tank, would probably pass the 44 level in fairly short time, especially if you managed to get buffed with good newbie buffs, and let the merc carry you ( they auto gear and skill up with levels). You might consider a new F2P account even a Bronze with an Apprentice 2 merc tank would do well, for 50 -60 levels, while you decide if you want to put in the efforts to go high end and the $ to go gold and get the current Expansion-ROF, all expansions to level 90- House of Thule are included in F2P. If you do go bronze characters have a 100pp per level limit so storing gems could be handy. Still since you logged into forums I expect you have your account name and password, and checking each server would find your old characters, 10 and up, lower ones were deleted during mergers.
  9. Borek-VS Augur

    Nostalgia/sentiment is a fair reason to want to recover your account. I assume that is the problem, rather than a deleted character, and that your forum account is a special one made just to post.

    Make a list of what you can remember - account name/password, date first/last played, any character names on the account, how it was paid; and call CS. Assuming that you didn't give away the account or delete all the characters, and you can remember enough to persuade them that it really is you, there's a fair chance you can get it back.
  10. Calastern New Member

    Keep your fingers crossed guys and gals I need all the help I can get. And perhaps I will find it here. The current situation is my account is so old there so no qualifying question, no billing information, all they have is a CD key and my 13 year old aol email. They need one of the two for me to win back my account but I do not have either atm. I am coming home from college tomorrow and will pray I still have the CD, if not I have written Mr. Tuttle an e-mail hoping he will heed my plea. My name was on the account and I could provide other information but it was not enough in its current state. This is my other SOE account which atm when I logged on was at silver status (what ever that intells.)
  11. NickDanger Elder

    Good luck! I didn't have a lot of the information either. They eventually reinstated the account when I could tell them the names of the toons and tell them my last billing address.
  12. Calastern New Member

    It took awhile but with the help of Mr. Tuttle I should have the account back on tomorrow. I have no clue what to do with a naked 44 Eurdite Pally but I can summon thoes hammers and go from there trying to do armor quest or something. Very happy to have the account back, and I cannot wait to see all my old toons.
  13. NickDanger Elder

    Sweet!! You should have a /claim item that has the word Legacy in it (I think it is a Legacy Satchel). Once you claim the satchel, it will contain a few pieces of Defiant armor appropriate for the character that claimed it - I think it will also have an appropriate Defiant weapon, as well. This can only be claimed once per account, so think carefully about which character you wish to claim it for...

    It will be well worth your time to read the links in Borek's signature.

    Almar's Everquest leveling guides (google it) may also be very helpful.

    If you are level 44 - first thing to do is to get a merc, then go to see Franklin Teek to get the daily quests for some non-visible equipment upgrades (choices of belt, neck, shoulders, and back). The level 35 and level 40 quests both have the same level equipment (/say level nn, where nn is the level of the quest you want - must be divisible by 5 - request 2 or 3 of these quests before turning any in or you will be locked out for the day after turning in the first one). Another nice thing about the Franklin Teek quests is that they will take you to level appropriate "Hot Zones" - zones that have an additional exp multiplier. Usually Hot Zones are decent places to level, because it is easier to find groups. However, if you are soloing with your merc, exp might be better in some of the old world zones you probably remember (albeit vaguely) because those mobs have fewer hit points.

    Talk to Boawb in Crescent Reach for a quest line that will give you a decent face piece with a poison resist clicky. Even though it is a level 5 face piece, it is easy to get (and not to mention, it will have better stats than any face piece your character might already have) and I found that I continued to use the click effect until I maxed out my resists.
  14. Borek-VS Augur

    "Gift of Legacies Lost".

    You'll need some quick cash to hire the merc, buy some potions and may be some extra Defiant gear, so head to Blightfire Moors (from Plane of Knowledge, take the Crescent Reach stone), and kill random things - some of which will give you some experience and contribute to a hot zone quest if you visit Franklin Teek in PoK first - the drops sell for good prices to merchants in the zone.
  15. Calastern New Member

    The first thing I did was spend over an hour trying to figure out how to get out of Freeport. Then I went to Qeynos and farmed wisps for their greater lightstones to sell to a vendor so I could buy food and drink lol. Thanks for the tip I have all kinds of claim items I have no clue what they are, but the bundle gave me a nice 1h hammer and a helm, arms and boots. I was using my summoned hammer to kill the wisp and this is so much better.
  16. Borek-VS Augur

    Some of the /claim items have 999 listed against them, and mostly are mounts; exactly what you have depends possibly on what expansions you bought and when, as well as some other factors. It can't hurt to claim some of the multiple items - especially the bags and mounts, if you have them.
  17. Calastern New Member

    I did the one gear quest last night in PoK. It sent me to kill 5 snakes in the Mesa area and I did just fine solo (I doubt I can afford a merc yet nor do I want to figure out how to use them so soon) and I am waiting to do it again in 4 hours for another piece. I have been collecting other pieces of the defiant gear and wow how gear has changed since 99. I have 255 and every stat! Also, that mace I received from the claim is better than Ghoulbane was! I am currently in Eurdin skilling up my conjuration skill I neglected while waiting to do the daily again. I am going to go over all my claims tonight and figure out what they do. I am on the Povar server feel free to look me up. - Calastren

  18. Borek-VS Augur

    You can do the lower level hot zone quest as well, just to collect the three armor slots - or spread them out over three days in the one zone, it's up to you.
  19. Geroblue Augur

    Mercs are free below about 6th level. Then it costs to rent one and costs per 15 minutes to use them.
  20. Cloudia Augur

    If you played old DnD think of a merc as a henchman, loyal sidekick that expects to be paid but takes care of their own gear and training. Other than setting level of agressivness there isn't much to to it. They follow and assist you as they "think" is best rather than being a pet that you command.
    Sometimes they do some daffy stuff or get lost in zone pathing but for the most part they look after themselves to keep up with you. As a pally you would probably want a healer merc along so you can tank mobs. Might also go with either a dps melee or a tank and then you would be responsable for keeping them and yourself healed.
    Mercs are not as good as grouping with another live player but they do give you the flexability to get stuff done when nobody else is available or you need the added healing/firepower.

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