Looking to farm quite a number of older monster missions. Need counsel, please!

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  1. Agrippa Augur

    Good day! I've been struggling to obtain some of the less common twink items for a wide assortment of characters that I have. Imbued War Staff of the Emperor, Decorated Plate Arms/Gloves/Boots, etc. Then, too, I'd like to collect a variety of the 60th level augmentations that can drop in the Brains! mission.

    I have 70+ level characters available on multiple accounts, but I have no real talent for boxing. With that said, I've learned that journeyman mercenaries can be used in most, if not all, of them. Though a bit of inventory management would be required to benefit from the mercenaries, my guess is that any mix of three of them (even at 70th level) would be fairly overpowering for the content. I might be mistaken there, but it's my guess that they'd, at least, outshine any of the player templates that are available for most, if not all, of these sorts of missions. Might anyone here actually have any experience with this sort of thing?

    I'm also rather at a loss how any of the actual twink gear drops. The better artifacts, which look to be the common drop, but scale down in a terrible manner, all look to come from the 70th level versions for these missions. The same looks to be true for the better 60th level augmentations that come from the Brains! mission. Does the normal twink gear that is actually pretty solid at lower levels come from the 70th level versions, too?

    I play almost exclusively on the Firiona Vie server, but, even offering Krono or several millions of platinum per item, have come away empty-handed in normal shopping attempts. People just have no interest in this sort of thing, if they ever did. There's far more lucrative profit being easily made in other places. I was referred to try Mischief, then transferring over to Firiona Vie from there, but almost none of the items have ever been seen there. Any suggestions for going about obtaining any of these items on my own would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    Perhaps you could list the actual items you are interested in getting. Your post seemed too general for me to even guess what your problem is. Listing your primary (most powerful) characters (classes, levels) would be helpful.

    Your post is a great story, well written. However, a more pithy statement of what you want and what you have to work with, with detail, might work better.
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  4. Agrippa Augur

    There's really quite a variety of items. Just as example, the bard has Decorated Plate Arms, Decorated Plate Boots, and Decorated Plate Gloves that look to come from three different monster missions. The Dark Whisperer 1hs (also usable by the bard) was one of the few that I've discovered any information about. If what I gather about the Dark Whisperer is correct, it comes after obtaining the Shortsword of Woe from 61-70 version of Queen Nok Nok's Tomb. Do all of the other twink items transform from the artifact versions from missions for those levels? Each class, though, looks to have three to four items, at least, that can come from these missions.
  5. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    This stuff is usable at level one, don't think he's interested in level 65 gear.

    I did the 70.x arc monster mission quite a few times when it was current content. All I remember is that it was one of the few times I tried three boxing and it was rather unpleasant (farming a staff for a 60zerk). More recently I did it (just once) to complete some Den Lord skulls for personas.

    Two boxed it, using the bayle mark method to pay for mercs:
    War Template (AA's spent on tanking) with a cleric merc.
    War Template (AA's spent on dps) with a rogue merc.

    I had one double-pull which was really sketchy, but the rest came single, with a little patience. If I were to do it again I'd drop the rogue merc for another cleric (this is one of those missions where the templates are significantly more powerful than a merc of the same level).

    As far as I recall, the artifacts scale to your level when you deshroud after mission completion. The have different names for each level version (i think?).