Looking in RoS raids halfway into expansion year

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    As the person who posted the 40k number, I've posted that the problem isn't the content and in no way asked for nerfs. Thanks for insinuating such.

    It was merely an example showing what we deal with and still get wins. When the alternative is not having that 40k dps, I will be happy to take 40k if they don't fail mechanics. I sure would prefer taking another at 300k though. While we hadn't beaten ST2 prior to the nerf, we sure did try. I'm confident we would have eventually gotten past it as we have the harder events in past expansions while current.
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  2. Lianeb Augur

    It is a small factor. Raid and Group gear is alot closer than most think.
    I play a tank (arguably the most gear dependent in EQ)
    I played a whole night in Howling Stones in Conflagrant Armor (Swapped out all my augs)
    Then played in Full RoS raid armor.
    The difference is numbers (HEM/AC) while significant, did not equate to easier tanking ability. In fact for the whole time my difference in average hit was just over 700 Hp. That is NOT significant
    I will not argue the extra HP and Focuses on the raid Gear might make somethings easier (like tanking multiple mobs) that doesn't mean i still couldn't tank 3-4 in group gear and live.

    Disclaimer: These parses were done in a live group so there are many variables. That does not discount the accuracy completely though.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Many guilds, not just 1 or 2 are suffering from a lack of members with no player base to recruit from. We already have at least 1 server without a raid guild in current content. I'd hate to see this number increase further.

    Discussing making raids for lower numbers is a good thing if it in the long run it saves EQ raid game and stops guilds going by the wayside.

    IMHO the way things are going it is looking like most servers will only have 1 raid guild by the end of the year.
  4. Belkar_OotS Augur

    I am in both a top 10 guild and a struggling mid tier guild. We could make a thesis about all of the differences between the two groups. Different primary and secondary motivators (social bonds, effectiveness, recreation), skill, willingness to learn, skill among coaches, leaderships ability and desire to implement proper penalties, willingness to do independent research etc.

    The issue to me, among everything else that I agree with on both sides of the debate, is that each expansion should have some extremely low threshold for completion raid content that caters to those players who are on the bottom half of the spectrum for whatever reason.

    The plane of hate and fear, and the Temple of Veeshan raids were hugely popular on my server and helped kick start some low end family raiding guilds and pick up raids, and gave some easy targets for mid tier guilds to farm.

    I personally would be all for having the entry zone group named be normal npc with a special capitalized name, then having a "raid instance" trash and all with those same named beefed up for 125% the group mobs damage and 10 times the hp of what the normal encounter would have been under a current model. Use the production time on actual easy raids instead of making every named an interesting scripted event for every level of the expansion. Make the gear the same hme as group gear with a current raid focus and let the low end people have their barely better but worth obtaining gear for low effort.

    Sure highly effective raiders could go through and stomp the content with just a couple groups (if that in some cases), but maybe it will help people stay interested gearing up their alts once the main progression is completed.

    An issue with doing old raids is they are built around having more competent players and have way more than elaborate tank and spank mechanics which is a skill check for those bottom half of players.
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