Looking for some help on Post-Patch Crusaders Mission

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Morigaine, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. Morigaine Elder

    First, let me start by saying this isn't intended as a complaint due to difficulty thread. That being said, I am finding this mission to be way more difficult after the patch and would like some guidance. Prior to the patch, my standard group was beating this mission fairly consistently and now its usually a failure.

    Group - SK, Mage, BL, Cleric, Shaman, Bard

    Current Method - that fails consistently.
    1) Start on Northwest dragon (mainly because we found that to be effective prior to the patch)
    2) Burn on engage
    3) Move to Southwest dragon
    4) Leftover and secondary burns
    [NOTE: at this point with dps, we have NOT gotten any adds yet]
    5) Move to Southeast dragon
    6) Get annihilated by zonewide AE despite the shaman having AE heals going, Cleric AE healing. The tank is the only one taking frontal breath attacks and he actually isn't the one who dies. We do typically get an add on dragon 3 and whether we switch to him doesn't seem to matter because we do get the AE blast.

    A couple of other notes
    Both Intruder's curse and Roar of Sleet show as irresistible in their description. Wasn't the last patch supposed to change these to be resisted? Was the damage increased and the devs failed to change the resists or did I misunderstand and only dragon breaths are changed.

    The cube is not playing into the success at all and is not part of our issues.

    So any help or guidance players can give would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately either this mission is way harder than it used to be or there is something our team is missing that can be avoided.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Maedhros High King

    Whichever Dragon you kill first has their ability added to all the subsequent dragons.
    So if you're killing Susarrak first that has the biggest DD, and then blowing up at Grendish that has the biggest dot, I think that answers the question.
    Try starting at Jortreva and going counter clockwise.
    Your group does not include anyone who would feel the sting of the endurance drain so Jortreva should be an easy first choice.

    Susarrak was supposed to be nerfed but maybe that didnt happen.
  3. Biltene Kingslayer

    First dragon is easiest, due to the mechanics mentioned by Maedhros, so start burns on second dragon or later, so you are doing more damage faster when the event is hardest.
  4. Morigaine Elder

    So we followed both pieces of advice. We started at Jortreva, went counter-clockwise, and didn't burn until the second dragon and did beat it. It was still edge of the seat healing. We got adds on mobs 3 and 4. So thank you both for these tips.

    I am pretty sure that something was done incorrectly in the patch though. The indication was they were going to reduce the difficulty of this one slightly and I'm pretty sure damage was increased and several AE are still unresistable. I'm curious if other groups have struggled more now than before the patch as well. In any event, we have a strategy that works and I appreciate all the info.

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  5. Maedhros High King

    - The Crusaders (Mission) - Many of the spells used by the NPCs in this event now have a chance to be resisted. Those spells have had their damage slightly increased. Dramatically reduced the damage on Dismal Fury of the Shrine (Sussarak's breath weapon). Reduced the damage on the spell cast by the foyer guardians

    The damage output on some spells has in fact gone up.
    The thing that hit the hardest was the ae from the Foyer Guardians. I forget the spell name... something Lightning. Max AA mercs with full set of vigilant defenders gear and full raid buffs died instantly to that before the patch.
    Prior to this patch you probably needed to kill Foyer Guardians, but I've always just tanked any other additional adds and continued to focus damage on the dragons. Have not done any missions other than Zlandi since the patch so I don't even know why I continue to respond to this. :p