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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Korin, May 28, 2021.

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    Hello, in recovering my old account it was shown that i have 5 usernames associated with my email. I recovered 2 so far, one i used for EQ2 and one which I think was my original 1999 account. Neither one has my EQ 1 characters on them, although my original has a lvl 3 cat i think my wife played for 10 min years 6-7 years ago (would my other characters have been deleted?. I am having issues accessing the other 3 accounts as my secret answers dont seem to be the same (they should be). Is there a way to look at my email or account names to see under which one i have my characters so i can focus on restoring that one?
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    Server Mergers have frequently deleted characters under level 10.
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    I got into a third account which had my characters. I do have one more question though, Are DB coins transferable across accounts registered to the same email? I have 1000 on my EQ2 account and would transfer it to the EQ 1 account if i decide to sub for a TLP server.
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    DBC is account bound, so can use on any server but are not transferrable between accounts.
    Not sure on how it works between games on the same account, but from the DBC webpage it should be useable on any game on the same account.


    Krono are fully tradeable.