Looking for gear tips on early TLP

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  1. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Haste is honestly over rated these days until the haste cap goes away. You're capped at 10% item haste until after level 35 or whatever. Its great if you snag something, but wouldn't mortgage your krono for them until getting higher.
  2. Smak Augur

    Get big bags, loot as many items as you can using greed rolls, and befriend an ec tunnel vendor to consign/sell your items with.

    When you have a decent savings buy some items just before kunark starts. Market should be more saturated by then of classic gear and will give you a leg up on kunark farming.

    If you are talking vaniki then work it out yourself as the key will be getting items that are required or recommended around level 50.
  3. Ponter Elder

    I meant more like... the meta has just probably changed dramatically for what is considered "good" anymore since it's been 23 years.
  4. lumdaen New Member

    ssoy or venomous axe of velium brood for early game
  5. Ponter Elder

    I think OP is looking for something a bit sooner? Those are both late game and later expansion drops.

    OP I did some slight looking around, and depending on what class and race you start as it looks like there's some options. If you're an ogre or ogre friendly there's some lizard meat turn in quests that can get you a rusty two handed sword or axe depending on who you hand the meat over to. That will at least get you started with a good two hander at lower levels instead of waiting on blind luck to stumble into one. Not sure if I can link on these forums without the post getting removed, but google Kogna Lizard Meat quest.

    Dragoon dirk and screaming mace can both be attained in Crushbone around level 20.

    Polished Granite Tomahawk from Gnolls in Highpass used to be a thing, not sure if anyone ever does it on TLPs though. Every time I've been to highpass it's been a ghost town.

    As to armor people usually push banded pretty quick so it should be available to buy relatively quickly. If you're a small race, crushbone belts will get you a full set of leather really fast. Kaladim also has the old scarab armor quests for dwarf/gnome/halflings, which just require different types of scarab carapaces, some scarab legs, and some gold. Differs per piece.

    P99's wiki is a good resource for some of the early expansion stuff. You can search their databass by class and for certain slots, and find a list of all the items and what zones they drop in, to get a good idea of what level things may be available to you.

    Hope that helps.
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  6. TheDohn Augur

    If you set your filters to greed, you'll literally never loot anything. TLPs are need all, always.
  7. Ponter Elder

  8. Fangster Journeyman

    It helped, thanks!
  9. Branntick Augur

    Was definitely the case on Phinny. It's the fairest way to distribute loot with randoms because it removes all ambiguity. Set filters to need and never think about it again.

    If something can be sold, it is equally valuable to all parties.
  10. Ponter Elder

    Oh yeah I guess with named loot drops, that's usually the case, but o guess I meant for trash drops. Like needing all the silk was considered poor taste for instance, in most of the groups I was ever in. But still, always worth asking your groups. Like savants cap in unrest... never had a group with a problem letting someone who would wear it get it. After all potential wearers had one, then anyone could roll.
  11. TheDohn Augur

    The only people using greed filters for anything haven't played in a decade. Need everything. If something is an upgrade, speak up and most winners will hand it over. But still set all your filters to need all or you will literally loot nothing.
  12. Lejaun Augur

    I think it is a matter of semantics. The option is "Greed" or "Need", but really how it works out to in most groups I've seen is the "greedy" players click need because they want to roll on everything. If you don't click need, you get nothing ever unless it is a trash drop.

    If an item drops that you want, then you just tell the group. Usually if its an upgrade a good group will hand it over if you aren't claiming you need it in group chat everytime an item drops. However, for bigger items expect most people to want it regardless of class. Yeah, those Golden Efreeti Boots are best for Int/Wis characters, but that warrior can trade it for his Yaks or whatever.
  13. Ponter Elder

    Yeah, I can see that. There's was always one person in groups looting more than their share. I always loved being the looter during LDoN when that became a *thing* because then everyone just got their split at the end and there was no thought in it. I can see how just needing everything mostly accomplishes the same.