Looking for gear tips on early TLP

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  1. Fangster Journeyman

    I am thinking about starting a toon with the upcoming servers.

    I would like to play a melee (I know, sub-optimal), but I am unsure what weapons to go for early.
    On a server that lived for a bit, it is easy to buy cheap weapons nobody want that are dropped in 40+ zones (ie: silver 2hs or woodman's staff for a ranger).
    But what do you aim for on a TLP where everybody starts level 1?
    Rusty/bronze/fine steel drops? Other unique named drops accessible on level?
    Any early quest weapons?
    Any magic weapon so you can hit wisps and hunt in Unrest?

    Any other piece of gear besides whatever will fill a slot?

    Or is it just excruciatingly bad that you are better off starting with a caster and twinking your melee?
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  2. Midnitewolf Augur

    I haven't started in classic in a TLP but from what I remember of the gear available in classic, most of it is pretty crap. Kunark is where the drops started getting interesting and most of it dropped off level 40+ and higher.

    Myself I am just expecting to have crap gear for all or most of Classic. I am not too worried about it because everyone is going to have the same crap gear. Once Kunark is out for a while, I will probably just drop some cash on Krono and buy myself a decent set of gear.

    Oh and as far as class, yeah a something like a Mage or Necro would have an easier time with bad gear but unless your planning on trying to solo, as long as you manage to get a solid group, it really doesn't matter what class you play, your still going to advance just fine.
  3. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    re: Wisps

    The April 22 patch removed the magic / yes / no flag.

  4. Strikker New Member

    If you start on Vaniki, I think the tutorial zone will be open at launch. It will be a zoo for a while, but good easy armor. Not sure if they will nerf it for TLP or not? Includes decent starter weapon. Remember to /pick if you see a swarm of swords blending up every rat that spawns! I can't help you on the other server, I'm new to TLP.
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  6. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

  7. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

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  9. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Ive always found it to be easier to level up a caster in the intitial rush then do some minor twinking on the melee. In past TLPs I've been able to box do that was partially why also, because I could PL if lfg was slow.

    It's really just whatever you prefer doing, really. It's certainly easier being able to do some twinking and or PLing but there's also something to be said about sticking to one single character and eeking it out.

    There's going to be no shortage of groups in places where you are going to have opportunities to get decent mundane armor or plat to buy banded. Most melee classes have temple quests for class gear you'll be able to do at mid-level or slightly beyond. And hopefully you'll make friends along the way to do stuff like this with. Really wouldn't worry about it, honestly. The challenge on these servers is always being able to actually camp key high ticket items when you get to those levels. Being solo of a given class might make that a challenge or impossible as may Krono farmers, sadly.
  10. Chris_p_W Lorekeeper

    For the real low levels I think the forged weapons from crafting would be cheap-good enough till the higher level stuff is available. Forged longsword,spear or halberd for best ratio. now that you don't have to worry about magic that should help.
  11. Chris_p_W Lorekeeper

    And just remembered the tailor made whip. 7/33 is not terrible when you could be using rusty weapons:)
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  12. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    If it's really an issue, there's always the option of buying combine weapons from Shady Swashbuckler or Gypsy camps. If memory serves, ratio is comparable to bronze but magic flagged. Also, if memory serves, it's like store bought armor in classic in that it's a bit on the pricey side at low levels but you get most of your money back on resale. So it's like renting gear, basically. Leather is really good for this to hold you over till you can find someone selling banded.
  13. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Scepter of Rahotep from Nro is a pretty good option for all melee (except rogue MH) if you can snag one while leveling up.
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  14. Aenoan Augur

    Generally, I've just used my starter weapon till I found bronze or finesteel later after that I start looking for quest weapons. The Orc Impaler and Morin's Sword etc. Those are bit higher level examples though. Hitting lower level zones kinda help fill the gear gaps.
  15. MMOer Augur

  16. MMOer Augur

    Not with that change... there are better non magic options now.
  17. Ponter Elder

    This likely doesn't translate to the TLPs but I distinctly remember minotaur battle axes being THE hot ticket item when I was bebopping around at level 15 outside Freeport in 1999.
  18. Pizzanomicon Apparently from Grobb

    I mean depends if you get involved with a guild and try to form a static group with a schedule or not. If you do, you can pretty much play whatever you want. If you're planning just to wing it you got a couple of viable options.

    Monks don't really need gear early on.

    Other melee weapons can be hit or miss the first few days, again...depends.

    Starting a caster is generally the best option because they need 0 gear. Completely naked is fine xD.
  19. Mattling Elder

    Minimum gear requirements:

    Int caster = no gear
    Wis caster = no gear for group content
    Bard = drum
    Monk = haste
    Ranger/Rogue = ratio weapon + haste
    Tanks = all gear slots needed

    Outside of tanks, gearing is relatively easy. Maximize priority stat when possible. The exception being Bards who should prioritize resists.
  20. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    At no point do the actual game files differ between TLP and Live, all server geometry, mechanics and so on are time locked and not different file sets. If "Magic item" yes/no is removed, it is gone systemwide.

    Live and TLP use the same code.
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