Looking For a Mana/Dps Efficient DPS @ 105+

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by IRKodama, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. IRKodama New Member

    I have a base team of a Bard (30-60K depends on crits), Enchanter (20k with debuffing and mezzes), Mage(50k) and I tried to add a Cleric, Shadow Knight (35k) and Beastlord (19K), based on efficientcy killing mobs non-stop for exp.

    At level 105 with EoK Group tier 1 gear, the Beastlord is terribly mana inefficient and averages significently less dps than the SK tank, even with his many +dps% modifier buffs.

    So what is the best DPS that I can add to a 105+ 6 man team? I've tried a zerker and beastlord, and they have both been less dps then my bard with ~105 gear.

    And no I don't know how to perfect each class's dps. I box the bard and use macros to trigger each classes spell/action routines.
  2. IRKodama New Member

    Oh by mana efficient, I mean between the bard and enchanter, I don't have to ever sit to maintain mana and/or keep dps going at a constant rate.
  3. IRKodama New Member

    All are paid max auto-AA+ accounts.
  4. Lubianx Augur

    I am not going to go into the under-utilizing the classes you have, I know someone else probably will.

    If you are using macros only for the alts I would probably suggest another mage or a wizard. Just make sure that the enchanter casts it's Dicho spell whenever it's up and Mindsunder a part of the enchanters weave if you are max AA for 105. Dicho will help with DPS and mana and Mindsunder will help DPS across the board.

    Also don't forget to play the correct songs for your group set up.

    I know this is a simplistic view but something this simple may help
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  5. segap Augur

    If you're just tapping a macro and tabbing away, stacking mages is likely your best bet. Still won't be anywhere near potential though.

    If you're using dots on the Beast, that will eat mana much faster than using nukes. Beasts can do pretty good dps, but you need to keep up with paragon, focused paragon and cani to sustain it. You also need to make sure it's positioned for melee.

    The zerker would be efficient and beat them all. But it requires you hit a dozen different buttons. Not easy to do with one macro.

    If you're relying on macros and alt-tabbing, you have diminishing returns adding more beyond 3 to your team. You just can't make efficient use of the extras if you're not able to actively command them. You either need multiple computers where you can physically mash multiple keyboards, use a gaming mouse/keyboard with repeating keys (on each computer) or key broadcasting (single or multiple computers).
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  6. Maedhros High King

    With rangers being so ridiculous in group content, thats a pretty solid choice. As long as its blue a ranger box can autofire and burn zero mana or if youre feeling frisky just use the 3 main arrow nukes.
    Headshot will do most of the work.
  7. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    As a bst raid main, I'll say straight up, just remove it from your team. Not saying your bad at it, all I'm saying is a bst is by far one of the best sustained dps out of most classes and can push over 100k in just normal fights.

    As for the bard your dps isn't that bad, just be sure you're using your boast full Bellow and insults for the synergy effect as well as dichos..yes these will drain Mana and end pretty quick but they are great dps.

    For the chanter if your looking for just straight damage outside of debuffing/mezing I personally have a macro set for mindslash, stangulate, mindslash, strangulate and just keep hitting this key.

    Mage, not so sure mines only 101 and I don't play him much.

    For the SK like the bst can pump out some high damage even when tanking 3taps disease nuke, hp/Mana nuke and the Regen dot, plus other AA/discs.

    Now if you wanted to use a zerker as said before, require a mtric butt load of button mashing.

    So in conclusion in order to maximize your dps your gonna have to make ALOT of macros for these guys. But also pick at least ONE of them to be more consistent on.
  8. Bigfan Augur

    Beastlord needs attention to manage mana, but in terms of efficiency they are the best..always focused paragon yourself when up.

    Bard, play pulse and mana aura.
    Use aria, mightful caretaker, Warmarch, song of suffering, amplification, arcane, and whatever.

    Bard does do well on dps if you can manage it. Boastful bellow / vainglorious shout alternate is a good option for keeping the proc on a named type if you don't flatten it quick.
  9. S33k3r Augur

    I would be tempted to add a :-

    1) Wizard - Ports + DPS + Synergy
    2) Druid - Ports + some DPS + Black Wolf + Aura (this is my preference but I'm biased)

    These 2 classes makes it easier to move your team around and you can setup a macro to cast the required spells.

    When I'm in the mood I run SK, Druid, Enchanter, Mage & Beastlord. I rely on macros as well and what works for me is to set a similar set of macros for all toons.

    My Macros consist of :-

    1) Assist - Will assist my SK, send pet in (if there is one), trigger key instant cast AAs
    2) Fight - Cast up to 5 spells
    3) Burn - Activate Burn AAs
    4) DPS - Cast up to 5 spells
    5) Regen - Cast AAs/Spells that regen mana and /useitem modrod
    6) Buff - Cast Buffs

    So when mob arrives in camp I will cycle through each toon and press 1 then 2. The fight macro takes 15-20 secs to complete (depends on class) and normally the mob will be dead or close to it when macro has completed.

    If it's a name I will cycle through each toon press 3 and then 4, this will activate burn AAs like ITC, Haze etc and then casts up to 5 spells. After 20-30 secs I will cycle through mobs and then press 2 to cast the usual spells again and then repeat every 20 secs til name is dead.

    To keep mana up I hit the regen macro every 5-10 mins which will use modrod (if available), paragon, any harvest type AAs etc.

    Every 5-10 mins I will hit the Buff button which will cast any Buffs I want to maintain.

    Usually this allows me to spend 80% of my time on SK while the other toons are nuking away in the background. The regen macro allows me to keep mana up so team can fight for longer.

    I also have gina triggers setup to alert when key buffs drop or when I can recast certain buffs.
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  10. Aurastrider Augur

    I agree with Segap. I would run 3 mages in the group with alliance rotations. This could easily be done with a macro rotation and combined with both mod rods plus your mana spell and AA mages are not nearly as bad as I remember them in terms of mana usage. I will typically burn both mod rods and rotate my AA and spell between clears and I am usually at or close to 100% mana on respawns. This would obviously require you to drop either your bard or chanter from the mix or keep them if you are feeling extra frisky and 7 box with your cleric providing out of group heals. If you are only looking to drop the sixth toon and replace them a wizard might be a viable option. They have utility your group does not already have in terms of ports and evac plus they are easy to macro in and have good mana recovery tools from what I remember stacked with the mod rod. Its been a while so I don't know what kind of numbers they are putting up currently but wizards use to be a decent box choice or at least I always enjoyed having mine in the mix.
  11. IblisTheMage Augur

    I would like to gently point towards that your team does the dps of 2 toons played to 75% of potential or less. You add up to about 165k dps.

    Have you considered IS Boxer to get more out of your team?

    Also, maybe you are not getting toons started up at the same time, they should all be dpsing from the start.

    You should study Tucos’ posts, he is likely the best boxer, he can break into the millions of dps.

    I ran (ocassionally run) a box with some similarities to yours, by no means expertly, but I have some videos on my channel showing some of it, shamelessly plugging one below. Note that you can do much better than I do...

    If you are doing constant xping, Alliances will be dificult, because mobs die so fast...

    There are some ISB videos there as well...
  12. Tucoh Augur

    sk/enc/brd/mag is a decent base team. I'd recommend going sk/brd/mag, focus on tanking with the SK, DPSing with the mage, using three healer mercs and go from there.

    At 105 with group gear, the important AAs and playing them moderately well you should be getting some 100k on your SK, 100k on your mage and 40k with your bard. Once you get that base team working decently, then add more DPS or your cleric.
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  13. Cicelee Augur

    I wept tears away from my cheeks when you started your bard is doing more DPS potentially than your magician.

    In that setup, the bard should be nothing more than /melody, auto attack, and a FE short burn hotkey and a longer refresh burn hotkey. More time should be spent on the magician compared to the bard...
  14. IblisTheMage Augur

    And swarm pets
  15. Mintalie Augur

    With a chanter running TC + MR auras, and with a mage using Chaotic as often as it refreshes, your mage DPS should be really good. With these things, I get some sort of twincast (I believe sometimes it's from the MR proc?) I'd say at least 75% of the time. I have an AT and it goes of a ton. Obviously using spell Twincast and AA Twincast increases this further.
  16. Nekk Elder

    I find it both funny and odd that no one has mentioned a nec. Well, maybe not odd because we still haven't gotten dot revamps, but we really aren't that bad off. Just some "minor" imbalances as usual. But, we excel in the raid game and solo game which is what we were made for, so who's to complain?
  17. Bigfan Augur

    Cause in my case..when you kill mobs in 8 seconds, necro does not get a spot.
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  18. Nekk Elder

    Good point, however even in a top 20 guild this isn't happening in most of the groups formed in ST that we do. Although usually some of those spots are mercs and alts. Even in a full group of 6 mains this is hard to do most of the time.
  19. ForumBoss Augur

    I am pretty happy with my monks dps as a low effort box, hes at about 90-120k dps grinding without his burn discs. People hype up ber, but I'm not impressed by mine at all. My sk and bard frequently out dps him when not burning.

    I don't claim to know berserkers that well, but I spamming a dozen or do abilities with multibind and a wireless numpad. For what it's worth, the ber has a better weapon than the monk.
  20. TheTone Elder

    I agree with Iblis - you can easily double or triple your DPS using IS Boxer (wow - they bleep out this software too?). I mean, just watch his video - he kills most mobs faster than you can tab thru 3 accounts and hit a macro.


    That being said - if you want a "lazy" 3-box, get a wizard in your group and use the alliance with (2) DPS wizard mercs.

    I'll run a SK / BRD / WIZ w/ 2 DPS Casters and a cleric.

    I get the mob situated with aggro on the SK, tab over to the wizard and pop the macro that casts alliance and a couple of nukes. The bard just sits there with a melody. If I'm fighting a golem, or something with at least 15M HP, I'll toss out bellow. Rarely do I bother moving him into melee range.

    I can usually sustain about 300k DPS with my team using this method - takes usually 15-20s to kill any one regular EoK mob. It's not that high by any means, but it's very lazy. Do keep in mind the cooldown timer of the alliance though.