Looking for a guild merger on AGNARR!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Phendra Darkheart, Dec 7, 2017 at 8:44 AM.

  1. Phendra Darkheart New Member

    Hello! I'm searching for a smaller guild that wants to raid but is having difficulties like we are having. I have a guild of about 20 core raiders (and probably 20-30 hit or miss) who are getting frustrated with the lack of participation from the rest of our guild/lack of recruitment. Things we are looking for with the merger:

    -The interested guild must use DKP or be interested in using DKP!
    -We're looking for a small guild that has not already cleared most/all content. We want to accomplish first kills as a whole guild, not just for us!
    -Raid 3 days a week min.
    -Some kind of times that work well with EST evenings!
    - I want my consistant raiders taken care of! I will come up with an exact list of people for that, but I want to be ensured that they will be getting first opportunities at loot with your core raiders (by ranking, DKP, w/e)

    I would prefer to just merge into a brand new guild, however I am open to an absorption of some sort (either us absorb or you absorb). The main thing I am MOST concerned about is getting my raiders taken care of! These guys have hung around with us since classic and deserve nothing but the best for the patience they've shown throughout the past 6 months!

    If anyone has any leads for me, I would greatly appreciate it!! The sooner we can make this happen the better!! I will be watching this thread and checking my inbox for any interest! Hope to here from you soon :)
  2. SithWizard Elder

    All I can say is stay away from Zurdula, their leadership leaves much to be desired. (Former member).
  3. Razzle Augur

    Just because you had an issue with one of the management doesnt mean everyone will. We haven't had issues with any guild merger so far. Besides the OP was looking for a newer guild that hasn't done most of the content, that isn't Zurdula.

    People come and go in guilds for many reasons, disagreement is just one of those reasons. That doesn't mean it's a cool thing to rag on a guild you left, kinda makes you look like a whiner and the new guild you join may wonder just who they invited into their guild.

    I was disappointed that you posted this, I aways thought of you as a cool person even when you left.
  4. Gordlad New Member

    Phendra please contact me ingame or one of our officers.

  5. Fullheala New Member

  6. Bandzamakeherdance Journeyman

    Says the former guild leader who got ousted by Boshe ( gogo cleric strike at VS raid ) and stopped playing. How's that merger going that nobody was asked about? How are the members that carried zurdula through classic and kunark only to be bumped down the list for ST keys by the merger folks. Members didn't even know the name of the guild that was taken in by Zurdula. They probably still don't.

    Stop posting razzle. You look like the fool you are.

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